Top 5 Sand Hollow Baits

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Sand Hollow bass fishing, and I’ve caught bass on a lot of different baits. To help you with your next trip at Sand Hollow here are my 5 top sand hollow baits to get you “Kraken” bass. These are definite staples to have in your arsenal on this lake. These baits will keep your line tight and your face stoked!

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Top 5 Sand Hollow Baits

Sand Hollow is a fun place to go bass fishing. There are a lot of bass in the lake, and the scenery is pretty awesome with the red rock and the mountains. A lot of different baits have produced for me on this body of water, but these top 5 sand hollow baits are consistent producers every time I hit Sand Hollow.

Jackall Cross Tail Shad:

cold water bass fishing

The Jackall Cross Tail Shad has never let me down on Sand Hollow. The majority of the bass are found deeper in this lake, so using this bait on a drop shot is the only way to go. My two favorite colors to use are ayu, and green pumpkin pepper. Both of these colors work well. I typically will use a 1/4 oz drop shot weight with a Gamakatsu 1/0 Drop Shot Hook for the cross tail shad, and it seems to get the job done.


Strike King Football Jig:

cold water bass fishing

A 1/2 oz. Strike King Football Jig has landed me a lot of bass on Sand Hollow Reservoir. I’ve found this bait works great in deep water structure, and other cover found on the lake. My favorite color is summer craw, and I’ll usually match it with a summer craw pit chunk trailer. I’ve found a hop and stop style retrieve draws a lot of strikes with this bait.


Top Prey 100

Summer Sand Hollow Bass

Once the water hits 64 degress or higher at Sand Hollow the Top Prey 100 topwater in blue back shad can’t be beat. I’ve caught some big bass on this bait in the summer months with it. I’ve also found the faster you walk this bait on the surface the better. The hooks on this bait are incredibly sharp. It will hook up bass even if they just breath on it.


Havoc Pitboss

essential tackle

The Havoc Pitboss is an awesome soft plastic craw imitation for this lake. I’ve found it works great texas rigged, carolina rigged, or even on a jika rig. The best color for me has been summer craw. Throw this bait out and crawl it back along the bottom. It will produce some nice bass.


Jackall Flick Shake Worm

sand hollow largemouth bass

The Jackall Flick Shake Worm has been deadly for me on Sand Hollow. I rig it up on 1/8 oz tungsten wacky rig hook, and bomb it out there. I’ve fished it deep, and shallow and have had great success. Let the flick shake sink to the bottom, and shake the rod tip to make the worm flick around. Hence the name “the flick shake worm”. My favorite flick shake colors for Sand hollow are green pumpkin pepper, and watermelon.

Next time you are at Sand Hollow make sure you have at least one of these baits tied on. They’ve produced for me consistently throughout the year. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for tips on good baits to use on different lakes. Plus, leave a comment below about your favorite bait to throw at Sand Hollow.

Another resource to help you on the lake is my Sand Hollow Bass Fishing Guide eBook. It will help you identify where you can locate the bass on Sand Hollow during each season, and it provides several baits, and techniques to use at those times for getting bass to bite. Click on the image below to learn more about what’s inside to help you catch fish on this lake if your interested.

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Hopefully, this will give you some good ammo of baits to throw when you are on Sand Hollow bass fishing. All the above photo’s are some of the nice bass caught on each of these baits. I believe sharing honestly about what works makes those precious times we have outside with our families more memorable. Fishing with my dad and brothers has been one of the best things to bring us closer as a family. Take this info and go fishing with your family. You will created some memories that will last a lifetime.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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    1. I’ve literally caught bass at Sand Hollow all year long. My favorite time is April through May. I’ve had some awesome days on the water during these months.

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