jika rig

This is a new rig I discovered around May of this year, and I’ve been super stoked on it! I “kraked” a couple really nice toads on this thing. I don’t exactly know why it work so well. I have a few theories on the topic, but bottom line is it catches bass! Here is how to rig up, use, and my thoughts about the Jika Rig to release the “Kraken” on those elusive bass!

How it works:

Caught this toad on the jika rig!

I really don’t know how to pronounce the word “jika,” but I read this rig was started in Japan. Maybe that’s why I can’t pronounce it right. Over in Japan they’ve had success on heavily pressured fisheries with this bait. What I  like about the rig is it drops down fast to the bottom, and you can leave it in a single place, almost like a drop-shot. You can also hop it, or leave it fluttering an inch or less off the bottom. The other thing that triggers the fish with this rig is the weight dangling off the eye of the hook. When rigged up properly,the weight acts like a crayfish tail folding in and out.  Bottom line, it is different, and this can make all the difference in triggering a strike.

I was sold on this bait when I used it fishing in the back of the boat behind my dad. There were a couple times where I would throw this bait in the exact same spot as he had, letting it sit and flutter. Then after a couple seconds I would get ripped! When you throw directly behind someone and they haven’t had any luck, but you crush it, you know you’ve got a good bait on your hands.

What you need:

Here are all the items you need to get yourself set up with a Jika Rig.

  • 3/0 or 4/0 Worm Hook– I like to use the gamakatsu hooks, The size of the bait I want to rig up determines the size of the hook I use. In my mind, bigger bait equals bigger hook.
  • Split Ring– Your going to want to grab a pile of these to make a few of these rigs. I generally use a size 2 split ring. Seems to work well.
  • Drop Shot Weights– I like to use drop-shot thin style weights. I feel like they help keep the rig from snagging up. I typically use either a 3/16 oz or a 1/4 oz drop-shot weight.
  • Soft Plastic Bait– My bait of choice for this rig is the Berkeley havoc pit boss. I like the summer crawdad color. Feel free to use what you want. I generally stick to crayfish imitations on this set up.

(Special Note: I highly recommend making your own with a snap swivel, so you can switch out weights easy if you want to change things up. Although, if your lazy you can purchase rigs already made up: Jika Rig Hooks)

How to get set up:

Here are the steps you take to make yourself a Jika Rig. I suggest you make a few of them before you head out on the lake. That way if you have to to rig another one up while on the water, it doesn’t take away from your time fishing.

  1. Attach the split ring to the eye of your hook (Absolutely the hardest part. I hate trying to attach split rings.)
  2. Attach the snap swivel to the split ring
  3. Attatch your weight to the snap swivel
  4. Texas rig your soft plastic lure weedless on the hook
  5. Get stoked to see the “kraken” released on some bass!

jika rig labeled


When to use it:

jika rig largemouth bass
Another stud caught on the rig. Gotta love catching bass Jika Rig style!

Anytime you know fish are on the bottom, and they aren’t super aggressive, it’s time to bust out the Jika. This is also a great bait for fishing spawning beds. You can leave it in place and just lightly pull the bait off the bottom, and then let it fall back down again keeping the weight on the bottom. I also use it anywhere I know fish are feeding on crayfish. It’s an amazing representation of them. Fish it around brush, rock piles, and under docks. Anywhere you think those bass may be. You’ll be impressed with your results.

How to use it:

I fish it as if it were a super small drop-shot rig. When you pull your line tight, but still have the bait on the bottom it makes the soft plastic move up a little bit, and then you let it fall back down. Let it dangle in those holes you think bass may be in. The other way I like to fish it is to drag it slowly along the bottom, imitating a crayfish just creeping along down there. When you feel the nimble don’t be afraid to set that hook. I’ve found setting the hook on this rig is no different than if you were fishing any other type of Texas rigged bait. Give it to em!

Here is a quick video I put together on you tube demonstrating rigging, and fishing the Jika Rig. Hope this helps you to release the “Kraken” on those bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. This really is a great rig. It’s pronounced “Ze Cah”, at least that’s how the Japanese pronounce it. Originally it is set up with 2 split rings together with the hook on one and the weight on the other, but the swivel is nice so you can quickly change your weight choice.

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