Shore Fishing Sand Hollow

Shore fishing Sand Hollow was pretty good over the Thanksgiving weekend. I slipped out for a couple of hours a midst the holiday bustle, and caught a couple good bass. Here are the logistics of what I used, where I went, and the conditions I faced to get “Kraken” bass!

Shore Fishing Sand Hollow



While shore fishing Sand Hollow, here is what the conditions were on Saturday, November 29th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.

Weather:      Air Temp 68 Degrees, Bright & Sunny
Wind:      O mph. Flat Calm
Water Temperature:      52 Degrees
Water Clarity:      Clear, Visibility 14 feet.


Shore Fishing Spot:

Here is where I went shore fishing Sand Hollow.
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What I Used:

I  only had a few hours, so I was only able to try three things. I used a float n fly, a jig, and a drop shot rig. Once I finally tied the drop shot rig on, is when I started catching bass. Here is what my set up consisted of, and the bait that caught my fish.

Drop Shot Rig Set up: I used a 1/4 oz drop shot weight, with a 1/0 gamakatsu split shot hook. I tried a few different colored finesse worms, but the one that caught every fish was an Aarons Morning Dawn 4.5″ straight tail Roboworm. I put the hook in the center of the bait in the traditional wacky style. The key was to make sure you bait was right on the bottom. I didn’t hop or shake the bait at all. A slow crawl of the reel with a long pause seemed to be the ticket. Really letting the bait soak produced fish.

shore fishing sand hollow

How shore fishing went:

It was a fun trip. With only a few hours of fishing, I was pretty stoked to figure out a good pattern to catch them. Both my fish hit within 10 minutes of each other. I spent a lot of time trying some new techniques, but found  the old tried and true methods worked best.

When I first arrived I walked down to the where the Damn makes a subtle turn, and chucked my jig out. Hoping it would bring a strike. I got about 10 casts in, and hung it up in the rocks. I broke it off, and then tied on a float n fly.

I fished the float n fly for an hour and a half with a grey ghost Spro Phat Fly. I was pretty stoked that it would catch something. Until I talked to some guys in a boat who said all the fish they caught were between 30 – 40 feet deep. The float n fly doesn’t get that deep, so I packed up my stuff and busted out my tried and true drop shot rig.

I got to where the damn curved a little bit near the east shore, and through out a a green pumpkin finesse worm. After hanging that up, I re-tied, and hooked on a pink roboworm. On the second cast I felt my line get heavy, and set the hook on a nice bass. I hung up my bait again after a couple more casts and broke it off. I was out of time. I decided to re-tie one more time and make one last cast. My heart jumped when halfway through my retrieve my line got thumped, and I hooked another nice fish. It was a good note to end on.
shore fishing sand hollow 2
Both my fish were caught right on the edge of where the rip rap from the damn and the flat bottom of the lake met. They were really deep. It’s amazing how if you keep at it eventually you can clue in on little patterns to catch fish.

I hope this Sand Hollow trip report can help you catch bass on this lake even in cold water conditions. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great trip reports like this to keep you in the loop of where to get “Kraken” bass! Also, leave a comment with your thoughts. Your comments help give me good direction to keep posts coming on what you are most interested in hearing about.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!



Gear Used:

Spinning Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Convergence 7’2″ Medium Heavy Spinning Worm Rod
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Terminal Tackle:
Drop Shot Weight 1/4 oz.     
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black, 2)

Morning Dawn Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm Bait 6 inch
Grey Ghost Spro Phat Fly

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