5 Best Lake Powell Bass Lures

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Occasionally, I get a few questions about fishing Lake Powell for largemouth and smallmouth bass. This post is aimed to help out my fellow anglers who are heading out there. Here are my best 5 best Lake Powell bass lures. Use these and you will definitely start “Kraken” some bass at this awesome lake!

5 Best Lake Powell Bass Lures

Lake Powell is an awesome place to fish. I love how you can go in the backs of the canyons and find spots where you are all by yourself. What’s even better about Lake Powell,  is how good the largemouth and smalllmouth bass fishing can be. Here are my best bass lures for Lake Powell to help you catch a few of these fish. Plus, some tips on when, how, and where to use them to “Krak” some bass!

Yamamoto Senko

The Yamamoto Senko seems to always catch fish at Lake Powell. Senko’s rigged on a shaky head, texas rigged weightless, or wacky rigged produce some solid bass. I’ll use them on a shaky head if the fish are holding deeper. The wacky rig is great if they are cruising around in the backs of coves. In additon, I’ll bust out the weightless texas rigged senko when pitching into heavy cover. I’ve caught a lot of bass on Senko’s at Powell. Good colors to use at Powell are natural shad, watermelon red flake, and green pumpkin. This is definitely one of my best Lake Powell bass lures.

best bait lake powell

Yamamoto Hula Grub

The Yamamoto Hula Grub is a perfect craw fish imitation for Lake Powell. I typicallly texas rig a 5 inch hula grub, and add a 1/4 oz bullet weight onto the line above the bait. A good way to fish a hula grub is to slowly crawl it along the bottom, or pitch it into flooded brush or timber. This bait, even though it is small, can produce some big bass. Great colors to use at Powell are green pumpkin with black flake, smoke, and watermelon red flake.

best bass lures lake powell


The chatterbait is a great search bait in the spring. It can help you locate shorelines where bass are staging at Lake Powell. It has a natural swimming action which mimics a lot of the bait fish found in the lake. I like to throw a 3/8 oz green pumpkin chatterbait with a Zoom baby bass fluke as a trailer. I don’t know what it is about this bait and trailer combo, but the bass seem to crush it at Powell. Tie one on you won’t be disappointed.

chatterbait lake powell


A classic jig is awesome for fishing around heavy cover at Lake Powell. Pitching and flipping a jig around timber, flooded brush, and boulders can produce some great fish. My favorite jig combo for Powell is a green pumpkin jig with a bama craw havoc pit chunk trailer. There is something about the green and red combination of this bait. It really gets those Lake Powell bass stoked into biting. I’ve found the 3/8 oz size or lighter jigs are the best at Powell to keep you from hanging to much in the rocks. The jig is a must for your best Lake Powell bass lures arsenal.

powell bass fishing

Topwater Popper

In the late spring, summer, and fall a good topwater popper produces some awesome fish at Lake Powell. It’s the perfect imitation of a dying baitfish flopping on the water. My favorite popper is the Megabass POPX. It is incredibly natural which is perfect for the crystal clear waters of Powell. Throw one out there during low light conditions such as dawn or dusk. Fish it around rock piles or brush and hold on! There is nothing better than a topwater bite at Lake Powell.

topwater lake powell

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great information on Lake Powell bass fishing. I hope my best bass lures for Lake Powell will get you crushing more fish. Leave your comments below as well. It would be fun to hear about your favorite bait  for fishing Lake Powell that didn’t make the list. I can’t wait to get out there again, and start “Kraken” some bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. Great tip on Powell. I have fished there in the past, but have pretty much written it off as a destination due to the zebra-mussel contamination. I live in Idaho, and bringing those damnable creatures into my state would cause an economic disaster for our agricultural industry by destroying irrigation diversions. I am not willing to take the risk. I also fish other Utah lakes, often with a small boat that would be difficult to decontaminate. What do you think about this?

    1. Those mussel’s are a bad deal, but they have power washers and Powell to hopefully prevent spreading. I think the most important thing is you are out “Kraken” bass no matter where you go! Stay Stoked brother!

  2. I’ll be going to Powell for my first time in April. Hoping to hit it at the right time for some steady action. Just wondering which of these baits and techniques you’d most recommend for the end of April/beginning of May. Thanks for the great blog! I look forward to any upcoming posts.

    1. I’ve caught bass on all the top 4 during that time of year. You can’t beat senko’s, hula grubs, jigs, and a chatterbait! You will catch a few for sure. If I were to pick two it would be the senko and hula grub.

  3. Used the top three lures at Powell June 2016, pulled in 15 large mouth in three days of fishing. I ran out out of Senkos or we would have caught twice that. Thanks for the advice – JB from Colorado.

    1. I’m not a striper guy, but I catch a lot of them while fishing for bass on umbrella rigs, and jerkbaits. My understanding is most people like to use anchovies.

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