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I had an awesome weekend with my father out bass fishing Lake Mohave. I learned a lot about locating the bass in this lake, and we caught some giants. Here are the logistics of our trip including what we used, where we went, and how things went “Kraken” bass at Lake Mohave.

Bass Fishing Lake Mohave

Lake Mohave is a beautiful clear water lake on the colorado river drainage system. It sits just below Lake Mead, and has some giant smallmouth bass lurking it’s waters. Here is the breakdown of my fishing report of what baits we used, a map of some good areas to fish, and the conditions we faced to catch us some solid smallmouth bass.

Conditions on Lake Mohave:

Here are the conditions we faced over three days of fishing on Lake Mohave on March 5th – 7th 2015.

Wind:   5-15 mph every day.
Water Temperature:       55 – 57 degrees
Water Clarity:     Crystal Clear visibility 22 ft.
Weather:     Bright & Sunny, Air Temp around 65 – 70.


What Baits we Used:

We threw a lot of stuff trying to figure out some solid techniques to catch them. We also caught fish on a variety of baits, but here were some of our best Lake Mohave bass baits for this trip.

1. Jackall Crosstail Shad: This bait caught 75% of our fish on the trip. We fished the ayu color Jackall cross tail shad on a spinning rod and reel  set up on a drop shot rig with a 1/4 oz weight. The key to getting bites was to keep it subtle. We would lightly move the rod, and slowly crawl the bait along the bottom to trigger strikes.

2. Tube: We caught a couple good fish on a green pumpkin 3.5 inch strike king tube. I threw it on a spinning rod and reel with light 6 lbs. fluorocarbon line. A couple little tricks I did was rigging it stupid style to help fish it around cover, and inserting a small rattle inside the tube to draw the fish out to eat it. I would let the tube soak, and barely move it along the bottom imitating a small crawdad crawling along.

3. Spinnerbait: When the wind was howling the tried and true spinnerbait hooked us up a few bass. We used an ayu color spinnerbait with a small red trailer hook. The trailer hook really added to the color of the bait, and it helped us land an extra bass!

spinnerbait bass fishing

Where we fished:

We found bass in two places during this trip. We found some moving in shallow to the backs of coves getting ready to spawn, but we found the majority of our fish out on points along the main part of the lake. Here is a map of some of the areas of the lake we fished.

[optinlock id=”1″]


 Lake Mohave Bass Fishing Report

We had a great time on the lake, and caught some big smallmouth bass. We didn’t catch a ton of fish, but we managed to put some in the boat everyday. The bass were in a classic pre-spawn mode. They were moving from the main lake into the backs of the coves to get ready to spawn. We gradually saw more and more bass moving in shallow to spawn everyday. It was hard finding them when they were on the move, but we “Kraked” a few toads in key staging spots.

The first day we spent the majority of our time trying to find bass shallow. We threw a lot of baits, but nothing came out to strike until we moved out onto the main lake points. As soon as we moved out on the main lake, I caught my first bass of the trip on a small soft plastic swimbait. Around the corner on another point I busted the biggest smallmouth bass of my life.  It was a 19 inch stud. He slurped up my cross tail shad on the drop shot rig. I was pretty stoked. Here is a picture of  those first two bass of the trip. I think it was my lucky orange castbach hat that enabled be to get the big one.

bass fishing lake mohave

lake mohave smallmouth bass

The second day we tripled our quota and put about 12 in the boat. We focused on the main lake points, and found one spot holding a flurry of bass. We put 6 in the boat in about 20 minutes off of one point. One key we found was to position the boat in shallow and cast out deep. It seemed to keep our baits in the right zone, and enabled us to catch some more bass. Here is one of the good ones we caught on the second day.

bass lake mohave

The last day of the trip there was a big bass tournament on the water. It seemed like there was a bass boat on every corner. Our pattern from the day before wasn’t working, so we abandoned it late in the day. We went to a wind blown point, and my dad started hucking a spinnerbait. On the first cast he hooked up! After that our momentum turned, and we started putting some bass in the boat. Right when we had something dialed on the spinnerbait pattern, we were pulled over and checked by the fish and game. We ended up having to come in because we left one of our licenses in the truck. Always carry your license, and make sure you have one. It’s not worth the drama. Anyway, here is one of the nice spinnerbait bass my dad caught.

smallmouth bass fishing lake mohave

I hope this bass fishing Lake Mohave report will give you some ammo for the next time you go out on this lake. It is a great trophy smallmouth lake. Lake Mohave can be challenging, but so rewarding when you start “Kraken” them. Feel free to leave your questions about bass fishing Lake Mohave in the comments below. In addition, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to stay on top of more stellar trip reports.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Gear Used:

Here are links to gear that helped us, and can help you on your trip for bass fishing Lake Mohave.

Jackall Cross Tail Shad (Ayu)
Strike King 3.5 inch Cofee Tube (Green Pumpkin)
Ayu Rippin Lips Spinnerbait
Keitech 3.8 Ayu Swiimbait

Terminal Tackle:
1/4 Finesse Lead Drop Shot Weights Hand Poured (10 per pack)
Gamakatsu Trailer SP Hook-4 Per Pack (Red, 1/0)
Stupid Rig Tube Jig Head
Tube Rattles

Rod & Reel:
Shimano Crucial 7’2″ MH Spinning Rod
Shimano Sellus Casting Rod (6-Feet 8-Inch Medium Heavy)
Abu Garcia Revo S30 Spinning Reel
Quantum Fishing Smoke PT 9BB 7.0:1 Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel


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  1. Man that big one is a stu stu stuuud! Looks like you guys had a great time! It would be awesome to spend time in the boat with you guys! Anyways, keep it up out there!

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