Strike King Football Jig

Strike King Football Jig

One of my favorite football jigs  is the Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig. This jig has caught me a lot of beastly bass. Here is my write up about why I feel this is one of the best football jigs. Plus, some tips for how and when to use it. Finding a good jig can be hard, and the Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig can get you  “Kraken” bass!

Strike King Football Jig

When to use it:

I like to throw this football jig when the fish are sitting in deeper water and in rocky structure. Usually it’s one of my first choices if I feel the fish are residing about 10 – 25 feet deep. I’ve thrown this jig year round, and it hasn’t let me down.  I’ve caught fish on it in early spring, summer, fall, and even in the winter. It is a great bait to pick up bass in that depth range anytime of year.

How to use it:

Primarily, I fish the Strike King Football Jig two different ways. My preferred method is to use it as a casting jig , and then sometimes I will use it for pitching to steep ledge banks in the early spring. The best places for fishing a football jig are ledges, rocky flats, or gravel points. These different types of structure are ideal for producing good sized bass on a football jig.

The best set up for fishing a football jig is a 7’2″ Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Bass Casting Rod with a solid baitcasting reel. A good rod and reel is essential to bomb your jig out over the water. Plus, you need a good set up  for setting the hook at the end of one of those long distanced casts. I use Braid Fishing Line, 30-Pound Test with a 10 – 12 Pound Flourocarbon Line leader. This helps me get the sensitivity I need to feel whats going on with the jig.

I use the 1/2 oz football jig. I thread on a couple different craw imitation trailers. My two favorites are the Havoc Pit Boss and the Jackall Sasuteki Craw. I’ve had success with both of these trailers. They each have great action. Here is a list of my favorite Strike King Football Jig colors, paired with my favorite trailer colors, for use in different types of water clarity:

Muddy Water:

Strike King Pro Football Jig Color:      PB& J

Trailer:       Havoc Pit Boss Texas Craw

Stained Water:

Strike King Tour Football Jig Color:     Green Pumpkin Craw or Candy Craw

Trailer:       Havoc Pit Boss Bama Bug, or Sasuteki Craw Maruhata purple marble gil

Clear Water:

Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Color:    Summer Craw

Trailer:    Havoc Pit Boss Summer Craw, or Sasutkei Craw Green Pumpkin

Why it it Works:

This is one of my favorite football jigs for three reasons. First, the weed guard has the ideal amount of stiffness to prevent it from getting hung up in cover, yet the weed guard is also flexible enough to stick those big bass. Second, the jig is put together really well so you can use it and abuse it. The skirts don’t fall apart, and the hooks are sharp to stick those pigs. Lastly, it catches big fish. What other reason do you need  to go pick up some Strike King Tour Grade Football Jigs. Here is a picture of bass caught on this football jig to get you stoked!

bass for weighing in


You can find these jigs usually in the 3 – 6 dollar rage in a lot of places. I discovered them first at my local Sportsmans Warehouse, and have been hooked ever since. Here are some of my affiliate links where you can purchase these baits in my favorite colors:

Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig (
Strike King Tour Grade Football Jigs (Bass Pro Shops)

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. I love Strike King jigs! I wacked 3 today on a blue/black bitsy bug 1/8 oz with black/blue chigger craw trailer at Sand Hollow. One almost inhaled it!

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