Sand Hollow Fishing Report – Fall Bassing!

sand hollow fishing report

Here is my Sand Hollow fishing report of how we “kraked” some bass in two short evenings of fishing. The weather had finally started cooling down in Southern Utah, but the fishing definitely had not.  Plus, the largemouth we caught were bigger in size than previous trips I”ve had at the hollow. Here is where we fished, what we used, and how we got “kraken” bass at Sand Hollow Reservoir.


Sand Hollow Fishing Report – Fall Bassing!



Here were the conditions for this trip. I went out on two separate nights, Wednesday October 29th from 5:30 – 7:30,  & Thursday October 30th from 4:30 – 7:30pm.

Wind:      0-5 mph, flat calm.
Water Temp:      66 Degrees.
Weather:      Bright & Sunny, Air temperature around 77 degrees.
Water Clarity:       Clear, Visibility 15 feet!


Sand Hollow Fishing Spots:

Here are the two places we fished on both evenings and caught largemouth bass.
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What we used:

I had success on 4 different baits. Here are what they were, and when and how we used them to land us some Sand Hollow bass!

1. Jackall Flick Shake Worm: This bait was awesome both evenings. I used a 1/8 oz Jackall Wacky Jig Head, and put the center of the worm on the hook. The flick shake worm I used was in the 5.8 size and the green pumpkin pepper color. I found it worked best by letting it fall all the way to the bottom, and lightly yo- yo it up and down. This set up was the most productive for me on both nights.

2. Strike King Football Jig: Thursday night this bait caught on fire right at dusk. I used the summer craw color, and the  3/8 oz size Strike King football jig.. I put on a green pumpkin Jackall Sasuteki Craw for a jig trailer on the bait. This jig set up caught bigger bass. I found the key was to make sure to give it a good hop once or twice off the bottom, and let it fall back down. I had to watch my line close because the bites were hard to detect.

3. Roboworm: I caught a few bass on the aarons morning dawn colored roboworm one night. I set the 6 inch fat straightail Roboworm up on a drop shot rig, and put the hook right in the middle of the bait in the traditional wacky style. I would let it fall to the bottom, and just lightly twitch the bait along.

4. Megabass DOG-X: Wednesday night I had several strikes on this topwater bait. The key was to walk the Megabass DOG-X only about 2 feet away from the bank. I only got strikes on this right at dusk, maybe an hour before dark on the first night.

sand hollow largemouth bass

How it went:

I had two good evenings on the water both Wednesday and Thursday. It was interesting how both nights seemed to work out differently. What I caught them on the night before, didn’t work as well the next evening. I landed about 6 bass on Wendsday night. Thursday night my dad and I put about 12 in the boat. Here is what happened on each night that got us “Kraken” Bass!

Wednesday Night:

I got done with work, and got to the lake at about 5:30pm. I didn’t have access to a boat, so I fished from the bank. I decided to fish along the west dam because it was already shaded up with the sun setting. I’ve found bass love the shade. It wound up being a great choice. I could see the bass cruising around in the shallows hanging in the shade as soon as I walked down to the water. I tried to get a picture of them in the water. It didn’t turn out so great, but you can barely see them in this picture.

shallow water largemouth bass


When I saw the bass in shallow, the first thing I tried was the pink roboworm on a drop shot rig. On my second cast, I had one on! A couple casts later I caught another one! The drop shot roboworm worked great, but I broke it off in the rocks.

I tied on the Jackall flick shake worm with the light wacky jig head next. My hope was it would be light enough, so it wouldn’t snag in the rubble. It worked great. I caught several more fish on it. The nice one shown earlier in the picture under “What I used” in this report was caught on it.

I picked up my Megabass topwater once it started getting dark, and went to work fishing my way back toward my car. It turned out to be a great decision. I had several strikes on it! The problem was the hooks have grown dull from all the fish I’ve caught on it, so my hook up ratio wasn’t very great. It was fun to see those topwater strikes though. It was a good way to end the night fishing.

Thursday Night:

My dad came with me and we were able to get out on his bass boat to try and “krak” some more bass. I was “stoked” because of how well I’d done the night before. I knew we would be in for a good night on the water. We got on the water at 4:30pm and fished until dark which was around 7:15pm. Here is how things went for us on this calm Thursday night.

The conditions were identical to what they were Wednesday night. There was calm flat water, bright sunny skies, and a nice comfortable air temprature around 73 degrees. We started off fishing deep around the red ledges in about 30 feet of water. I pulled out the Jackall Flickshake worm, and started slamming them! I caught 5 or 6 on this bait in the deep water. It was pretty fun.
bass sand hollow
We headed over to the west dam after we grew tired of fishing deep. Even though I’d crushed them there the night before, we only caught one bass! We decided to try one last pattern before it got dark.

We decided to throw jigs around the red rock ledges. Our decision was right on target. My dad caught some, and I got on a hot streak with the football jig. I caught 3 bass on 3 casts. They were better sized bass as well. I love catching bass on football jigs. It gets me so stoked to see my line jump, and feel the thump of a big bass sucking down your jig. It was a good note to end on.

Hope this helps you in your next adventure out on the water! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog with your email for some epic trip reports. Plus, please leave a comment about what you thought about this Sand Hollow fishing report. Get yourself amped to get out and get “Kraken” bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!



Gear Used:

Spinning Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Convergence 7’2″ Medium Heavy Spinning Worm Rod
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Bait Casting Rod & Reel Set up:
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Gree 30lbs.
Shimano Sellus Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Cast Rod 7’2″
Quantum Fishing Smoke 9 Bearing Baitcast Reel 7:3:1 ratio

Terminal Tackle:
Drop Shot Weight 1/4 oz.     
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black, 2)
Jackall Wacky Jig Head

Morning Dawn Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm Bait 6 inch
Megabass DOG-X
Jackall Sasuteki Craw (Green Pumpkin)
Jackall Flick Shake 5.8″ Pumpkin Pepper
Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig Bait (Summer Craw 3/8 oz.)

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  1. JB. Amazing is all I can say…love all the great info you share. My son and I are heading to sand hollow Friday 11/7/14 and quail Saturday 11/8. Your site has us fired up to krak some bass for sure. Keep it up and thank you!

    1. Stoked for you guy’s! Post some photo’s to the Facebook Wall! I’d love to see some of the pigs you will catch! Good luck!

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