Quantum Smoke Baitcasting Reel

I’ve thrown a few different bait casting reels over the years, and landed on this one, which I particularly enjoy. There are some small things that bug me about it, but overall, I’ve been really impressed with the Quantum Smoke Baitcasting Reel. I’ve thrown this reel with braid and fluorocarbon, and both work great. Lately, I have primarily thrown braid with a flourocarbon leader on this reel, and have had no issues with the union knots when casting it. Here is my review of the reel of both the good and the bad.




Quantum SmokeHere are some of my favorite things about the reel:

  • Very Lightweight: This in turn reduces fatigue when throwing all day.
  • 9 ball bearings: The high ball bearing makes it cast super smooth, which means I can bomb baits on this reel!
  • Magnet Adjustments: The outside dial makes it easy to adjust your magnets without tearing your reel apart. I’ve used it several times when the wind picks up to help prevent those nasty backlashes.

The one thing I don’t like:

  • Sometimes it gums up easily if you are fishing gunky waters. The key to keeping this reel working well is to always make sure you keep it clean and well lubed.

I’ve found the reel ranges for $150 – $200 in price. You can always find good deals on Amazon, or you can try bidding on e-bay and you may get one cheaper. Here is my affiliate link on Amazon if you want to check it out and compare prices: Quantum Fishing Smoke PT 9BB 7.0:1 Right Hand Baitcast Fishing Reel

If you have any other questions about the reel, feel free to email me at jb@krakenbass.com. I use mine a lot and love it!

As always,

Stay Stoked!

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