Jackall Iobee Frog – Review

Iobee Frog

The Jackall Iobee Frog is one of my favorite top-water baits. It draws some solid top-water strikes when nothing else does. Here is my Jackall Iobee frog review with tips on how to use it, when to use it, and what makes it such an awesome bait. If you haven’t picked one of these up yet, you will by the time you get done reading this post. Here’s how to fish the Iobee frog to start “Kraken” Bass.


Jackall Iobee Frog – Review

I started fishing the Iobee frog after I saw an awesome video about the bait.  The first night I fished with it on a highly pressured pond I had a massive strike, and wound up landing a solid largemouth. I was sold after that. Here is the video I watched for you to enjoy. It got me stoked on fishing with the Iobee frog.

Why it works:

The Iobee frog comes in some of the best colors for mimicking forage bass prey on. The other awesome attribute of this bait is how easily it walks side to side when you pop it along the surface of the water. You can leave the bait in one place, and turn it back and forth with a subtle twitch of your fishing rod. It’s a movement bass can’t resist. I’ve had a lot of success with turning the bait side to side while the bait stays stationary in place.

(My first bass on the Iobee Frog)

iobee frog bass

How to use it:

The key to getting this bait to work is walking it back and forth on top of the water. You can do it by popping your rod tip on a slack line. Cast it alongside the structure, or the cover you think the bass are holding. Then slowly twitch it back to you. Reeling in the slack of your line as you go. It’s incredibly weedless, so don’t be afraid to throw it up in the cover. Also, don’t be afraid to let the bait sit for a second while you are retrieving it. Oftentimes, some of the best strikes come when you let it just sit there and tease those bass.

Setting the hook is important to make sure you land those bass with this bait. A good rule of thumb is to count to two once you see the bass take the bait. Then reel up the slack and set the hook hard! It’s hard to count to two when you see the explosions you’ll have on this bait, but it is a must if you want to land them.

Another little trick I like to do is trim the rubber skirt tails. I usually knock off about a half an inch with a pair of scissors. I feel like this helps the bait walk a little better, and gives the bait a more realistic profile in the water.

I like to throw an Iobee frog on a good baistcasting set up. I’ll use straight braided line, or if the water is super clear I will tie on a flourocarbon leader to the braided line.

bass iobee frog

When to use it:

Anytime you think the bass are in a top-water mood this bait is dynamite. I like to use it late spring, all through the summer, and into the fall. Once the surface water temperature hits 65 degrees, it’s Iobee frog time. I found it works best in calm flat water, and when the fish are situated in shallow water. It works in every water clarity situation from crystal clear, to dingy mud.

My all-time favorite color of the Iobee frog is bluegill. I’ve found the bluegill color works all the time. I have caught bass on white, and the frog color along with the bluegill color. I have one of each of these three colors in my tackle box.

largemouth bass frog bass fishing


Where to purchase:

I used to be able to find the Iobee frog at my local  sportsmans warehouse, but they quit carrying them unfortunately. They usually cost around $12.99. I’ve only found them cheaper on ebay, and at the local sportsman’s when they were trying to get rid of them. Here’s some links to where you can pick them up online. They are a good tool to have in the tackle box for Kraken Bass!

Jackall Iobee Frog (Amazon.com)

Jackall Iobee Frog (Ebay)

Jackall Iobee Frog (Bass Pro Shops)

Hope this can help add to your arsenal for “Kraken” Bass! All these fish featured in this post where caught on the Jackall Iobee frog. Feel free to leave your comments about fishing with this bait.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!



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  1. Thanks for the write up, I’ll give them a try I’ve only got one frog I bought on clearance.
    After your Gunlock article I tried a Frog today and caught
    my personal best, 4 lbs. It was the only fish I caught today but it was awesome!

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