Spybaiting – Catches Bass!

spybaiting smallmouth bass

I’ve started experimenting with the new technique of spybaiting. I’ve used a few different spybaits, and have formulated some thoughts on when and how to fish them. Here is a write up about what I’ve found works for throwing a spybait, so you can start “Kraken” bass!



Spybaiting – Catches Bass!

About Spybaiting:

From what I’ve gleaned from the information available on spybaiting, the first spybaits where used in japan. They are small slow sinking prop baits especially made for finesse fishing. The best way to describe how a spybait works is to imagine you have a bait that fishes like a swimbait and a senko.  It has an awesome action when it falls in the water column like a senko, and it swims with a subtle wobble like a swimbait. Bass can’t resist the deadly action of a spybait. Spybaits work best on a spinning rod with extremely light line. You don’t want to use anything heavier than 6 pound test. I like to use a 15lb braided line with a 6lb fluorocarbon line leader tied to the bait. I’ve heard it actually fishes best with 4 pound test line. The light line is crucial for spybaits, so they have just the right action.

When to use it:

I found Spybaiting works best in clear water, and when the fish aren’t in an active mood. Early spring and late fall is when this technique can really shine and out perform other techniques, but it still can catch fish all year long. It fishes well in open water situations where there isn’t a lot of cover. I like to throw it over grass flats, and rocky points. Throwing this bait around cover can be dangerous because it hangs up really easy, and the light line makes it easy to break off. I found it works great when you are wanting to target fish in the mid-depth zones from 6 – 18 feet deep. Here is a pick of a sweet Smallmouth bass I caught on this bait fishing the exact way as I’ve outlined. He was caught at 10 feet deep, in crystal clear water,  during the early spring,  and off a gravel point.

spybaiting smallmouth bass

How to fish it:

You can fish spy baits in a variety of ways. You can fish them like a finesse jerkbait with a lot of twitches and a pauses. Personally, I’ve found the most strikes have come when I use a slow steady retrieve. I like to throw the bait out in the water, and then let the bait sink until I feel the bait is at the depth I’d like it to be at. When the bait is at the right depth I start a slow steady retrieve back to the boat. The enticing wobble of the spybait is best with the slow steady retrieve. The key is to make sure you bring the bait right through where you think those bass are laying.

There is no need for a hard hook set with a spybait. A nice reeling hook set seems to get the job done. The treble hooks on these baits are fierce. They won’t let you down when a bass decides to smack your spybait.

Spybaiting Video:

Here is the video that got me stoked on throwing a spybait. It illustrates  how to fish them. (It’s in Japanese, so enjoy the subtitle reading)

Where to get a Spybait:

I’ve yet to find a spybait stocked on the shelves in a tackle store. The best place to find them is online. Here is one of my affiliate links to ebay, one of the few places online you can buy these spybaits. I personally prefer the one made by Duo realis. You can find it here on this link along with some other spybaits to try:

Pick up a couple and you won’t be disappointed!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. I have been using spy baiting technique for about a month and have thrown it a great deal in Lake Havasu Arizona. Highly pressured and clear. So far no takers. It should work soon. Don’t know yet.

  2. this looks like some really old lures I have with double props that were floaters. Bet they could be turned into a spy bait with a clam weight to take it down

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