Pineview Reservoir Bass Fishing

Utah Smallmouth Bass Fishing Pineview Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir is great place to go bass fishing in the state of Utah. It is known for its healthy populations of Smallmouth bass and Tiger muskies. This is a great reservoir to try if your looking to go “Kraken” bass. Here are some of the logistics of this lake, and some tips to try if you want to catch fish on this body of water.


Pineveiw Reservoir Bass Fishing


The elevation of Pineview Reservoir is  4,900 feet. The reservoir is just 15 miles from Ogden, Utah, located at the top of Ogden Canyon along the Wasatch Mountains. The UTM coordinates for Pineview are 431,959.19 meters east and 4,568,547.72 meters north. Decimal degree coordinates for this water are -111.828072 longitude and 41.260096 latitude.

Best times to fish:

Although Pineview Reservoir is a warm water lake, it is tucked away up in the mountains and can get cold. It usually freezes over in the winter. The warm water species of fish are not nearly as active in the colder months of the year. Your best time to catch bass on Pinview is from May – October. Early June  is a good time for larger numbers of fish. Around this time, the water temperatures typically hit the right levels to trigger the Smallmouth bass to start spawning.

What to fish with:

Spring: Texas rigged crawdad imitations like a hula grub can work well. Also try shaky heads, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jerkbaits as an option.

Summertime:  Try topwaters early morning, and late evening. Also try throwing a drop shot with some of your favorite soft plastics, such as a Jackall Crosstail shad, under docks or off the deep water gravel points.

Fall: This is when the fish start moving out deep again. Use jigs, a drop shot, a jika rig, or a shakey head to target those fish. Don’t forget to try a topwater, sometimes the fish will suprise you. Crankbaits are a good idea as well.

Winter: It’s the time to get your auger out! It’s ice!


Here is a great clip from my friend, Jordan Porritt,  “Kraken” bass out at Pineview Reservoir


More information:

For more information on regulations, and other details click on the link: Pineview Reservoir Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Their website is where I gathered the location information in this post. Pineview Reservoir is considered a blue ribbon fishery in the state of Utah. It’s definitely worth taking some time to throw out a line.

Special thanks to Jordan Porritt for the feature image and the video to get us stoked about Pineview Reservoir bass fishing. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel: Jordan Porritt Fishing

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Gear I’d Use for Pineview Reservoir:

Topwater Baits: Pop Max Megabass

Shaky Head Baits: Roboworm Straight Tail Worm Bait (Bold Bluegill, 4 1/2-Inch)

Spinnerbaits: Terminator Spinnerbait Bluegill Color

Crankbaits: River2sea Tungsten Vibe 50 Lipless Crankbait          Jackall ASKA 60 SR Super Shad Crankbait

Dropshot Baits: Senko Worm 5″ Watermelon/Black            Strike King KVD Dream Shot Bait

Jerkbaits: Megabass ITO Vision 110 Ito Natural

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    1. You got to look for them. If you can find some brush with some chunk rock, you should be in a money spot. Also, docks can hold fish as well. I’d cover water with a crankbait or spinnerbait until you find the best shorelines. Stay Stoked!

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