Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destination

After much deliberation and thought, I’ve done some research and put together a list of my top 5 Utah bass fishing destinations. I’m getting excited to plan some trips this year, and these are the top 5 spots on my list to do some bass “Kraken!” There is some awesome bass fishing found in Utah. If you don’t know where to go, here is where I’d start.

When talking with my friends, family, and other folks I run across in my day to day endeavors I’ve had piles of conversations which go exactly like this: Usually something will come out of my mouth like, “I love bass fishing.” Then the response is usually, “Really? Where do you go to catch bass here in Utah?” This post is for all of those who don’t know where to go to catch bass in Utah. I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 places. There are also some honorable mentions included a the end of the post, but let’s launch in to my top 5 ranked in order.


Lake Powell – Top Utah Bass Fishing Destination

Lake Powell is my favorite place to fish in the state of Utah. There are a few main reasons why. The first is there are plenty of Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass in this lake. I’ve always caught at least one bass when I’ve fished Powell. The second reason is how unique and pristine the red rock ledges and canyons look. The scenery is always spectacular while you are fishing. The other main reason is you can catch bass on a variety of different techniques on this lake. Some of the best baits to use are a weightless rigged senko and a texas rigged hula grub

Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destinations Lake Powell

Sand Hollow – Top Utah Bass Fishing Destination

Sand Hollow Reservoir ranks number two because of the high volume of bass in the lake. I’ve yet to go there and not catch a bass. It’s small, so it doesn’t take long to find a good spot. Plus, this place has some really good sized bass. The topwater bites on this lake are incredible in the early morning and late evening, spring through summer. You can have some really awesome times catching bass out on this small reservoir. Here’s a picture of a couple of toads caught by a friend of mine out of this lake to get you excited about going here. I love this place so much I wrote a book about it.

Here is the Sand Hollow Bass Fishing Guide eBook. It will help you identify where you can locate the bass on Sand Hollow during each season, and it provides several baits, and techniques to use at those times for getting bass to bite. Click on the image below to learn more about what’s inside to help you catch fish on this lake.

Sand Hollow Fishing Guide eBook

Everything you need to know about finding and catching bass anytime of year on Sand Hollow


Flaming Gorge – Top Utah Bass Fishing Destination

Flaming Gorge ranks number three for a couple reasons. The first is there are a lot of Smallmouth in this lake, and you can catch high numbers of fish from this place. The other reason is it also offers awesome fishing for Salmon and Lake trout if you get burned out on the bass. The bass fishing is really fast if you find the right shorelines. Top water baits, small crankbaits, and crawdad soft plastic imitations won’t steer you wrong. These types of baits will get you “Kraken” bass on this lake. The scenery is also majestic up the Utah side with step cedar canyons and deep crystal clear green water. A definite must on anybodies fishing list.

Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destinations Flaming Gorge

Pelican Lake – Top Utah Bass Fishing Destination

Pelican Lake is one of the best warm water fisheries in the state. It has an abundance of bluegill and Largemouth bass. The lake has a lot of grassy vegetation to make for a perfect spot to produce good numbers of fish. In the spring, when the bass are spawning, the shallow vegetation is fun for flipping and pitching jigs. Because of the abundance of bluegill in the lake, don’t forget to throw some lipless bluegill pattern crankbaits. Also, throwing spinner baits through the grass has been known to catch bass in these types of lakes. It’s a fun lake for bass fishing.

Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destinations Pelican Lake

Quail Creek Reservoir – Top Utah Bass Fishing Destination

I wrestled with my fifth choice of the best lakes in Utah, and decided to throw Quail Creek on the list. The main reason why is the size of the bass you can catch in this lake. For a number of years, Utah’s state record for the Largemouth bass was held by a fish from Quail Creek Reservoir. You probably won’t go out there and have a 70 bass day, but when you do hook a bass it could be a giant. The bigger fish primarily feed on the small Rainbow Trout they stock in the lake, and the crawdads found in the rocks. It’s a fun place to challenge yourself as a bass fisherman. Next time your there, throw a big swimbait to possibly tie into a monster!

Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destinations Quail Creek

Top 5 Utah Bass Fishing Destinations Honorable Mention List

There are a number of honorable mentions on my list to fish in the state of Utah. Here are links to some of the awesome trips and other info on some of these additional Top Utah Bass Fishing Destinations:

Starvation Reservoir

Pine View Reservoir

Deer Creek Reservoir


Rockport Reservoir

Minersville Reservoir

Utah Lake

Feel free to post your comments of some of your favorite places to bass fish in the state and why. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to keep you updated on bass fishing in Utah and the surrounding areas. Thanks for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked.

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