Texas Rig Yamamoto Hula Grub

I have literally caught and released at least 1,000 bass over my lifetime on a texas rig yamamoto hula grub. This bait crushes big bass, and numbers of bass. Especially at Lake Powell. Nothing beats it. This is the why, when, where, and how I make this bait work for me to crush Laregmouth and Smallmouth bass.



 How to Rig it:

The texas rig with a bullet head weight is the best rig for getting your bait down on the bottom close to those bass cruising around down there. I’ve caught more fish using a variety baits on this very simple rig then any other set up. I love this style of fishing. You can definitely crush some toads, depending on what you put on the hook. Here is a simple diagram of how to rig it up.
Texas rig instructions

What do you need?

1. 3/0 gamakatsu off set worm hook
2. 1/4 oz weight is my favorite. I use green or black colored weights
3. Solid rod and reel to tie it onto. I prefer a bait casting rod and reel.
4. Your favorite color hula grub!

What Color?

I use this rig the most at Lake Powell, and the three colors I use are determined by the water clarity I’m fishing.
1. Clear water – Green Pumpkin (Crushes em)
2. Stained water – Watermelon Red Flake, or Smoke with purple flake. (Kills em)

You can’t go wrong with those three colors.

Size of the bait?

My primary go to is the 5″ bait. It seems to weed out the little fish, and also catches those big ones. I’ve caught all my 5+ lbs bass at Lake Powell on this bait except for maybe two that I can think of at the moment. Stoked on the 5inch size. When the bite gets a little tough, I’ll bust out  use the 4″ hula grub.

How to fish it?

1. Pitching or flipping is my favorite way to use this bait. It has an amazingly slow fall, compared to a standard football jig. I love pitching this jig onto a rock, pulling it off, and letting it fall all the way to the bottom. It’s lethal. The bass can’t resist it when it crawls of a ledge or falls softly in front of their faces.

2. Deep points or rock gravel bottoms. This is an amazing crawdad imitation, and I’ve had lot of good luck throwing it out into deeper points and crawling it along the bottom when the bass aren’t up tight to cover in the shallows.
Texas rig hula grub.

Here are some of my affiliate links where you can pick up all the tackle mentioned in this post:
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