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This blog is designed as a journal, documenting my fishing, so you can learn from my successes and failures. Along the way, I’ve created several pieces of content that will be the push you need to catch more and bigger bass. The short video below explains how to use my website as a helpful resource to catch more fish. Further down, I’ve included links that will take you directly to some of my top articles. These articles routinely get shared, showing transformation and success from other bass fishermen.

How to Leverage to Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Other Fishermen

This video will indulge you on some inside secrets as to how my website works and how it will help you catch and hook more big bass. The information found here is the accumulation of over 8 years of researching, testing, and journaling, all on one website for you to cherry pick the bits or digest hours and hours of fishing experience. This is the resource I wish was available when I first started getting into bass fishing. Take these tricks and go to town on this website!

Top 10 Articles to Game-Change Your Bass Fishing Overnight

Here are the top rated articles on found to be most helpful for catching more big bass. The following articles are all free and each includes links to the tackle and gear that have helped me go from an average guy who likes fishing to a professional bass fishing guide. Enjoy!

Water Temperature Effects on Bass Behavior

Walking you through all the factors water temperature has in catching those majestic bass beasts.

Water Temperature & Bass Article Link

Most Essential Bass Fishing Tackle

Proven bass fishing tackle to help you sort through the jungle of what will actually get bass to bite and setting you up for more fishing success.

Essential Bass Tackle Article Link

4 Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing

Sifting through the countless techniques out there, here are the 4 fundamental techniques that always get bass to bite. Learning the fundamentals will game-change your fishing because, when most people are doing it wrong, you’ll be getting the best action for your lure.

4 Best Soft Plastic Rigs Article Link

3 Soft Plastic Worm Setups that Slay Bass Anywhere

Plastic worms are the hands-down best bait for catching large numbers of bass. These three articles outline the proven, most effective ways to fish a plastic worm and help you catch more bass.

Wacky Rig

Shaky Head Rig

Weightless Texas Rig

When are the Best Times to Go Bass Fishing

Your family (spouse included) are more likely to go fishing with you when you actually catch something, so time it right with these tips. The following 2 blog posts will help you discover the differences in seasons and weather to find the perfect time for you to go bass fishing. 

Seasonal Bass Patterns

 Weather & Bass Behavior

The Only 2 Rod & Reel Setups You Need to Catch More Bass

Having the wrong rod and reel can cost you in missing bites. Don’t waste your time. Avoid common mistakes by incorporating these rods and reels into your arsenal. This article points you to the only 2 rod and reel set ups you need to get going.

 The Only 2 Rods & Reels You Need for Bass

What You Need to Know about Fishing Crankbaits

Walking you through the major points for fishing crankbaits, this article will eliminate the frustrating experience of hearing everyone tell you they were catching bass on crankbaits when you had the opposite experience. Reverse that trend and start telling everyone about the awesome crankbait bite you experienced on the weekend by practicing tips in this article.

Bass Fishing Crankbaits

3 Topwater Baits Every Bass Fisherman Needs

Topwater fishing is the most exciting and fun part of bass fishing. Use these 3 baits to eliminate luck and start to experience awesome bass blow ups! 

 3 Best Topwater Baits article

How to Out Fish Guys in Boats From the Bank

Catch more fish than the guys out on their $70,000 dollar bass boats by practicing the tips in this article. I’ve had the pleasure of slaying it while bank fishing and seeing boats drift by in awe numerous times. I want you to have the same satisfaction. 

 Shore Fishing for Bass

Looking forward to hearing your feedback about how these articles have helped you. Feel free to drop me a line anytime through my contact page.

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Stay Stoked!

best bass fishing articles to radically improve your fishing.

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