My All Around Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Set Up

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There are so many opinions in regards to what the best rod and reel combinations are for each of the different techniques associated with bass fishing. I’m sure some rods and reels are better than others on certain fishing techniques, but I’ve found you can pretty much fish any technique (such as dropshotting, pitching, crankbaiting, etc.) with two different rod and reel set ups to catch those bass. Here are my two favorite rod and reel combinations and how I use them with every bass fishing technique under the sun.

Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Set Up

I primarily have two rod and reel combinations I use to crush bass. I’ve found that for myself and for all the people I’ve taken out on fishing trips, there’s really only a need for one spinning combination and one baitcasting combination. With the right spinning rod and the right baitcasting rod, you can fish both finesse and power techniques to release the “Kraken” on bass!

I’ve used many different rods and reels over the years and I’ve narrowed it down to these two set ups. Here are the setups and why I think they work with every technique you need to crush bass.

Spinning Rod Combination:

What: I use a 7′ 2″ medium heavy action spinning rod equipped with a nice spinning reel. A great rod for a reasonable price is this Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Spin Rod (7-Feet 2-Inch Medium Heavy), and a reasonable reel is this Abu Garcia CARD SX30-C Cardinal Spinning Reel. This set up works for every technique under the sun.

Bass GearWhy: I can fish every type of finesse technique with this rod and reel set up. I spool my reel with 15 lbs. green braided line, and then I tie on a 6 or 10 lbs. flourocarbon leader depending on the cover I’m fishing. I’ve had no problems using this rod and reel for drop shotting, throwing smaller jigs, small crankbaits, or even little topwaters. This rod and reel along with the line set up let’s you get the casting distance you need. Plus, it’s light enough for drop shot techniques but has enough beef to throw weightless fluke’s or senko’s in and around thicker cover. It’s a good simple set up so you don’t have to break the bank trying and buying the right rod and reel for each different finesse techniques.

Baitcasting Rod Combination:

What: I use a 7’2″ medium heavy bait casting rod with a good bait casting reel. My exact rod is the Shimano Sellus Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Cast Rod 7’2″. The reel I use is the Quantum Fishing Smoke 9 Bearing Baitcast Reel 7:3:1 ratio (For my detailed review on this specific reel, click here).

Why: This set up is awesome! I’ve found it works decently for the whole gamut of baits and techniques you can throw on a bait casting set up. I’ve used it for throwing spinnerbaits, crankbaits, football jigs, and chucking out some swimbaits. I also love pitching soft plastics in and around cover on this same set up. It’s long enough to get really good casts; plus, it’s meaty enough to power a bass through a brush pile. I like to use 30 lbs. green, braided line with a 10 – 12 lbs. flurocarbon leader. The braid helps detect more bites and will give you a lot more distance on your casts.

With these two rod and reel combinations, you will be set to release the “Kraken” on bass!

Here are my affiliate links on to all the gear mentioned if you want to pick some of it up:

Spinning Combo Setup:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Spin Rod (7-Feet 2-Inch Medium Heavy)
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Baitcasting Combo Setup:
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Gree 30lbs.
Sufix Invisiline Casting Flourocarbon 200-Yards Spool Size Fishing Line 12-Pound
Shimano Sellus Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Cast Rod 7’2″
Quantum Fishing Smoke 9 Bearing Baitcast Reel 7:3:1 ratio

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Stay Stoked!

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  1. Sweet! How long are your leaders that you tie on to the braided line? And if you had to take just one rod and reel, what would it be?

    1. I would go with the spinning rod combo in your situation. I usually tie about 6-10 feet of leader of flourocarbon on my braided line. You can always adapt the spinning rod to all situations, and with a good spinning rod you can use lighter lures easier to catch more fish.

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