Four of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing

best 4 rigs for fishing soft plastics

There are so many different ways to rig soft plastics for bass fishing. Here are four of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing, always catching you bass. Mastering these four rigs will help you in every situation you are faced with throughout the entire year. Soft plastics flat-out catch bass, but if they are not rigged up properly you can definitely turn the bass away from your baits. This post will help you avoid many of the mistakes I used to make and get you catching more fish on these all-around bass-catching soft plastic rigs.

Four of the Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing

These are the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing which have been proven to consistently catch fish. Here is a brief description of each rig and the best times to employ them. Plus, included are some professional videos you can purchase for each set up. These tutorials will help if you are unclear on how to put these rigs together. You can purchase them individually or save a little money by buying the full video package. These four rigs, when used correctly, always catch bass. I’ve caught more bass on soft plastics than anything else out there. Mastering these set ups will make you a better angler and get you “Kraken” more big bass.

Drop Shot Rig

One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is a drop shot rig. It especially works well in the clear, deep waters of the high desert mountains where I live. The drop shot is an essential set up for fishing clear, deep water. Typically, a drop shot shines when the bass are deep and finicky. Usually, this rig works best with small finesse soft plastic baits such as a Jackall Crosstail Shad, Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm, or a Roboworm. Check out my post on the best 5 drop shot baits to give you a better idea of what to throw on this rig for the most rewarding results. The drop shot rig is also my favorite way to catch bass when the fish are spawning on their beds. The drop shot enables you to keep your bait on the spawning bed while you dance the bait around. The bass can’t help but smash it!

Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing Drop Shot
One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is the drop shot rig shown here.

Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is, without question, one of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing. You absolutely have to learn how to Texas Rig a soft plastic properly if you are going to catch bass. The Texas Rig is universally used all the time for soft plastics to help you fish through, around, and over cover that bass love to lay in. With this rig on your side, you can ambush their forage. There are a million different variations of this classic set up. Check out my post on some of those variations of the Best Texas Rigging Set Ups for Crushing Bass. Almost every soft plastic bait can be fished on a Texas Rig. The key to Texas rigging is to match the forage in the lake the bass typically feed on and then determine the depth the fish are holding. Depending on what you discover, you should pick a heavier weight to fish deeper. Then, pick either a craw or bait fish imitation according to what is in your body of water.

Best Soft Plastic Rigs for Bass Fishing Texas Rig
One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is a Texas Rig, illustrated here.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig absolutely makes the cut as one of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing. The Carolina Rig is an often overlooked soft plastic set up but can really smash the bass. The Carolina Rig really shines when the bass are holding tight to the bottom. This rig will get your bait down deep quickly and keeps the bait down in the bass’ faces. Another advantage to the Carolina Rig is it fishes faster than a lot of other soft plastic presentations. It can cover a lot of water as you drag and pause this set up along. Great baits for Carolina rigging are Creature Baits, Flukes, and Craw Imitations. Check out my post on My Favorite Carolina Rig Baits to give you some ideas of baits you can chuck on this rig.

Best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing Carolina rig
One of the best soft plastic rigs for bass fishing is the Carolina Rig shown in this diagram.

Wacky Rig

The Wacky Rig has become a staple of mine for catching finicky bass. The Wacky Rig is typically used with soft plastic worms such as a Senko, Jackall Flick Shake, or Zoom Trick Worm. The Wacky Rig enables your soft plastic worms to wriggle freely in the water as you let them fall or twitch them along. Another edge the Wacky Rig has is the hook up ratio. Because the hook is exposed in the middle of the soft plastic, there are very few times where the bass won’t get hooked up. Check out my post on wacky rigging for variations of this solid bass-catching set up.

Best Rigs for Fishing Soft Plastics wacky rig
One of the best rigs for fishing soft plastics for bass is a Wacky Rigged Stick Worm as shown in this illustration.

These four soft plastic rigs for bass fishing will always work. By mastering them, you will be better at “Kraken” those bass. Hopefully, you will find these tutorial videos beneficial if you have additional questions about setting up and fishing these soft plastic rigs. Everything I write and offer is knowledge I wished I knew earlier in my fishing career. My hope is to help you avoid the mistakes I made, ramping up your ability to catch fish every time you get the joy of going fishing.

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