Gunlock Reservoir Utah – Winter Bass Fishing Report

Gunlock Reservoir Utah Bass Fishing Report Winter

This report will walk you through everything you need on Gunlock Reservoir in Utah for winter bass fishing without you wasting hours of trying things out. Gunlock has some good quality bass with little fishing pressure, so it makes for a great little spot for a quick bass fishing trip. This report will show you a map of some of the best places to find bass on Gunlock in the winter. You will also learn one of the best techniques to catch bass in the winter on gunlock. Plus, a video with some other key tidbits about this lake to help you catch bass during the cold winter months.

Gunlock Reservoir Bass Fishing Report – Winter

Gunlock Reservoir is a great spot to fish in the winter. It doesn’t ice over and the fish still bite. The lake will start filling back up in the winter from the snow running off the mountains above the reservoir. You don’t catch the numbers like you would in the warmer months when the bass are more active. Still though, if you know what to look for and what to use you can have a fun time out catching a some bass. There are some really good quality fish now to be caught.

In this winter gunlock fishing report I will walk you through one of the best techniques for winter bass fishing on gunlock. Along with all the important pieces to fishing this pattern right. Plus, provide you ideas with a map of some of the best areas to find bass in the winter on the lake. You can take this information in here to save yourself the hours of trial and error to get out and start catching big bass on gunlock in the winter. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about fishing gunlock reservoir. Happy to answer them to help you have more fun out on the water.


Winter Bass Fishing Gunlock Video

If you aren’t a big reader, you can skip right to the action of what it looks like fishing gunlock reservoir in utah at wintertime with this video. This transpired on a cold, middle of December, morning for a few hours from 8am – 12pm. This video will give you a good idea of what you can do, and look for to catch bass in the winter on Gunlock. To help you understand better what we were facing, so you can find similar success where you are at, included is the conditions of what was going on in this video.


Air Temperature around the 40’s.


5 – 0 MPH. Started off breezy in the morning, then calmed down.

Water Temperature

39 degrees.

Water Clarity

Stained. Visibility about 4-6 feet.



Best Setup Wintertime Gunlock Fishing

Here’s a rundown of the best technique for winter time fishing gunlock the Float and Fly. This float and fly technique works best on a spinning rod spooled up with light 6 – 8lbs 100% fluorocarbon line. A long 7″ + rod with a medium heavy action is ideal to help get you a long cast, and to give you the extra hook set power you need to land bass on the float and fly. The key to this technique on gunlock to not fish it really deep. In the winter the water stains up from the rising water. This pushes the bass up shallower even in the winter. Place your bobber stop around 8 – 10 feet up on the line to get your fly suspending at the perfect depth. Here’s a list of some more important elements to fishing this technique to help you catch more fish.

  • Reel Set the Hook – When the bobber goes down, just start reeling as fast as you can. If you try and set the hook, you will miss the bass. The bobber creates slack between your rod and the fish. You have to reel up the line tight first, in order to hook up on the big bass.
  • Suspend The Jig – Keep your hair jig off the bottom. It needs to be suspended 1 – 3 feet above the bottom for optimal effectiveness. Bass tend to feed looking up in the wintertime.
  • Try Different Depths – Always play with the length of your bobber stop to find the optimal depth spot. Sometimes they can be shallow, and sometimes they can be ultra deep.

Another important thing is to know what your float is telling you about your lure. You want to get your pencil slip float setting straight up and down in the water. This indicates your fly is suspended directly beneath the float right where you want it. When your float is laying flat or horizontal on the water it is doing one of three things. Either your fly is on the bottom, your fly is still sinking to the desired depth, or you’ve got a bass on! Watch that float close. You don’t feel the bites. You see the bites. Sometimes it will just be a little jump of vibration from your float while sitting still. Keep your eyes peeled to keep it kraken.


gunlock bass fishing report winter



Winter Fishing Spots

The bass tend to sit in different places in winter compared to the warmer months of the year. Access to deep water, and the warmest water are usually the two key things to look for to find bass on gunlock in the winter. Usually, this is the deep ledges and the points. This map below shows you the areas where we caught bass in the middle of December to give you a better idea of what to look for.




Additional Gunlock Fishing Secrets

The biggest thing you need to pay attention to on gunlock reservoir is the water clarity. It changes from clear, to stained, and to dirty regularly. When the water is dirty and rising it pushes the bass up shallower. Then  when the water is clear and stable look to find fish in deeper water. You need to change the color of your lures to match the changing water clarity. Use brighter white colors when the water is stained, and more natural green colors when the water is clear. You never know what you are going to get on this lake, so having a couple different colors on hand will help you get it dialed in. Learn more about how water clarity affects bass here —> Water Clarity & Bass

Another thing to pay attention to where the panfish are located on the lake. Often the crappie and bluegills suspend off the deep ledges. The bass sit right below them. Use your graph to find those suspended baitfish, and then fish underneath of them for those big bass.

Lastly, the links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” some bass winter fishing at Gunlock Reservoir in Utah. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are supposed to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. Going to try Gunlock tomorrow with my new Kraken bass pliers. So far they have been excellent for my trips to Quail Creek.

  2. I m thinking about vising my cousin in Mesquite around new years. I am still fishing w my Triton, up here in Oregon. Lakes and the Columbia . Are you open for a trip to Gunlock at that time of year. Not sure if driving down or flying. minimal gear.

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