Utah Lake Bass Fishing

Utah Lake Largemouth Bass

Utah Lake is a great place in Utah to catch Largemouth bass. It is a natural lake, with plenty of cover and forage to produce healthy populations of bass. The locals primarily fish Utah Lake for catfish, carp, and white bass. In turn, this means the Largemouth bass aren’t targeted as much by anglers, which helps make Utah Lake a good spot for catching them. The water is generally very silty and stained, but don’t let that hold you back from taking a “krak” at the bass in this lake. Here are some logistics to help you dissect the lake so you can catch Utah Lake Largemouth bass.

Utah Lake Bass Fishing:


Utah Lake sits right in the middle of Utah County. Numerous suburbs surround its shorelines. There are a lot of different access points for this large, natural lake. Here is a link to the list of all of the access points to help you decide which would be most convenient for you: Utah Lake Access


Utah Lake is the state’s largest fresh water lake. The 24-mile-long, 13-mile-wide lake is surrounded by large cities, yet doesn’t receive as much recreation as other bodies of water in the state. In my opinion, it’s a great urban Largemouth bass fishing destination. It has miles of shoreline with plenty of vegetation to keep the bass healthy. There is plenty of  abundant forage surrounding the vegetation to fatten the bass up. The water clarity in Utah Lake is milky murk almost all year long. Utah Lake is very shallow, and the wind stirs up the silt to make things dingy through the entire lake. Despite the water clarity, the Largemouth still are aggressive, and ready to hit if you can find them. The best colors to use on this lake are white, black, and chartreuse to get the attention of the bass in the stained water. It’s always a good idea to use baits with scent, or a lot of vibration in the water to help the fish get missile locked on your lures.

For more information on Utah Lake here is a link to the Division of Wildlife Resources: Utah Lake Report

Catching Utah Lake Largemouth Bass:


Utah Lake BassThe Largemouth bass in Utah Lake usually start to hit their spawning beds in May.  Some of the best times to fish on this lake are around this time. I consider spring fishing on this lake to be April until June. During this time of year, some of the best things to throw are shallow diving crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs.


June through August the water gets pretty warm, and there are a ton of bugs on the water.  So, don’t forget the bug spray. To find fish, focus on the shady side of the cover and throw topwater baits early morning and late evening. During the day Texas rigged softplastics and spinnerbaits can oftentimes produce fish as well.


September through November the nights start to cool things off, and the fishing can be pretty good. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters, and jigs can always produce bass. Another good technique to try this time of year is throwing a drop shot rig around some of the floating docks.


Utah lake will usually ice over, but it’s generally not for a very long time. Bass can still be caught, but it is slow. Your best bet is a jig. The water is a usually a little clearer because the wind hasn’t been churning it up as much while it was iced over.


Here is a good clip from the local Utah news of what to expect for catching Utah Lake Largemouth bass.


Hope this helps you understand Utah Lake Bass Fishing. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or send pictures of bass you’ve “kraked” on Utah Lake. Good luck, get “Kraken.”

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

Gear I Use:

Here are some of my favorite baits for catching Largemouth bass in Utah Lake:

Jig: Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig

Topwater: Jackall Iobee Frog

Crankbait: Jackall Squarebill Crankbait

Spinnerbait: BOOYAH Vibra-Flx Spinnerbait Fishing Lure – Bluegill – 3/8 oz

Dropshot bait: Reaction SMB-029 Smallie Beaver

Texas rigged softplastic baits: Havoc Pit Boss        Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grub



19 Responses

  1. Where are some of your favorite spots to shore fish on Utah lake. I have been trying a lot lately and have had no luck.

    1. The Best places from shore are around the marina’s. Next to the docs, and along the rocky banks. When the water temperature hits 58 degrees look for them to be moving in to those areas. There are a few bass that spawn at the base of the rocks.

  2. What colors have you had luck with in each Bait? I have some pit bosses and they are in big texan and i have not tried them other than a trailer and I went out the first friday of April and only caught 6 gillies and 1 carp but other than that no luck. Have you fished Lindon Marina? that is where i go and was wondering if you had any honey spots?

    1. My favorite colors for Utah Lake are Chartreuse and white for your moving baits like spinnerbaits, or crankbaits. I also like june bug, or black and blue for soft plastics. Also, I’ve had success with green pumpkin and purple flake. I’ve caught bass on the big texan color pit boss. It’s a good one for Utah Lake.

      I’ve fished Lindon Marina. I haven’t done very well there, but I’ve seen some bass caught. Fish around the chunk rock shorelines, thats where they like to hunker up.

      1. Where is your favorite spot on utah lake thanks for responding by the way but where is your favorite section for catching the hogs off of the shore

        1. Your welcome brother! My favorite from the bank is provo harbor. I’ll fish along the rip-rap, or along the river. It’s not fast and furious, but I’ve Kraked a few of em there. Feel free to reach out any time!

          1. thanks you have helped a lot I will be going there for a tournament on the 18th are going to it?

          2. Nope. I’ll be taking some friends of mine out to Sand Hollow that weekend. I bet it will be good. Good luck! Let me know how you do!

      2. Is it worth trying to go after bass from the shore during the hot summer days? I’ve been fishing around the provo harbor during my lunch breaks during the heat of the day and haven’t had any luck with the largemouth. I don’t know if I’m in the wrong spots or if the fish have moved to the deeper parts of the lake especially during that time of day. Any help would be great.

        1. Bass hate direct sunlight in the summertime. Focus on the shade, and extremely thick cover. The other option is super deep. I’d try hitting up around the docks. In the summer I’ve found fishing to be really good because the bass metabolism speeds up dramatically with the warmer water. Topwaters early in the morning shallow. Then move out deeper as the day wears on. Check out some of my past posts of trips in July, and you can get clued in on things to do to catch some bass!

  3. Im new to bass fishing and i have got the itch bad i have been hitting salem pond with no luck i have an aluminum boat and want to try hitting the lake i was wondering if you had any tips on where to go in a boat ?

    1. Right now the bass are gearing up for the Spawn on Utah lake. I would flip jigs along the edges of the cat tails leading into east bay of utah lake. I’ve caught some along there. Don’t be afraid to go super shallow. Maybe try throwing a black buzzbait and cover some water! Feel free to hit me up any time for any more questions!

  4. Thanks a tun i have been out at Salem pond every day for the past month and im thinking ether i have the worst luck on earth or they have to much pressure right now i hooked up on a probably 4lb lagey and he spit up right at my feet and ever sense then i have the bass bug bad lol an itch i just cant scratch hard enough way funner then trout fishing but im going to get the boat out on the lake this weekend and try to get on some thanks so much for the help and tips

    1. The East Bay of Utah Lake. I think it is actually called provo bay where the river inlet comes in. I’ve caught some through there.

  5. Hey JB, love the site! Any tips for evening summer fishing there at the Utah Lake State Park? Would any top waters be good? Any underwater plastics? Thanks!

    1. Topwaters are money in the summertime! I’d use a black buzz bait or a white frog and work it right along the edge of the rip rap. Focus on the shady shorelines, and work those topwaters early early mornign, or late evening. As far as soft plastics, you can’t beat a green pumpkin senko. The water is super shallow, so just keep it weightless and fling next to the docks. Hope you smack some!

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