Mantua Reservoir Fishing – Fall

Mantua Reservoir Fishing

I wanted to take my family out to enjoy the wonderful fall weather, so we went to Mantua Reservoir fishing and had a great time. We were able to catch a dozen bass in a couple hours. The best part  was my wife and son got in on the “Kraken” bass action. We didn’t catch anything big, but we all had smiles on at the end of the trip. Here is the full report of where we fished, what we used, and how we caught some largemouth bass at Mantua in the fall.


Mantua Reservoir Fishing – Fall



Here were the conditions for us Mantua Reservoir fishing Saturday morning October 26th from 10:00am – 1:30pm.

Weather:        Bright & Sunny, Air Temp 72 degrees
Water Temperature:      52 degrees
Wind:      0 – 20 mph, It was really gusty. Calm one minute, blowing the next.
Water Clarity:     Stained, Visibility 2 to 3 feet.


Mantua Reservoir Reservoir Fishing Spots:

Here are the areas we fished on our fall trip and caught some bass.
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What we used:

There was a lot of fishing pressure around us, so we used a drop shot rig. The drop shot  rig caught us every fish except for one. Here are the 3 baits we caught bass on, and how we used them to help my family “Krak” a few bass.

1. Jackall Cross Tail Shad: This bait was awesome in the clear water portion of the lake we found. We nose hooked it on a drop shot rig, and cast it into the places we could see bass. The key was to leave it in one spot twitching it periodically. This bait caught over half our fish. The color we used was called Ayu.

2.Roboworm : We used a small straight tail 6″ roboworm on a drop shot in the Aaron’s Morning Dawn color. It caught a few good largemouth. We used this bait after we had fished the same area for awhile, and it got us a few extra strikes. We fished it just like the cross tail shad. We would cast along the shoreline slowly twitching the bait along.

3. Biffle Bug : I caught the best bass of the trip on this bait in the green pumpkin color. I fished it on a 7/16-Ounce Biffle Hardhead. I would cast the Biffle Bug out along the shoreline, and slowly real it in. The key was to make sure it was bouncing off the rocks along the bottom. I didn’t use it for very long, but it is definitely a bait worth trying.

Mantua Reservoir Fishing

Mantua Fall Fishing Shakedown:

I was glad I brought my family along with me for the trip. My wife and son had a good time enjoying the beautiful weather and the awesome fall colors. Plus, it was fun to see them tie into a few Largemouth bass. Here’s how the Mantua Reservoir fishing trip went.

We arrived at Mantua Reservoir late in the morning around 10 am. The weather was awesome when we got there. There was no wind, it was bright and sunny, and we had the perfect air temperature. There were quite a few boats out on the water pounding the shorelines, so I was a little nervous about being able to catch a few fish.

We walked to the first rocky point we came to and started throwing some baits around. On about my fifth cast, right next to the shoreline, the biggest bass of the trip grabbed my biffle bug. It was pretty fun. I was stoked because I knew we would be in for a good day. He definitely wasn’t a giant. He was just a nice chunk bass. This picture is of me and my boy sharing in the stoke of catching him.
mantua bass fishing
After about 20 minutes, we moved on to another spot. I wanted to go out onto the big main point, and see if we could catch a few out there. Enjoying the fall colors on our way, we noticed a pond of water separated from the main lake. My wife asked, “Are there any bass in there?”

I responded, ” I don’t know lets go take a look.” I walked over to the bank of the pond, and saw a bunch of small largemouth bass chilling close to the bank. I got really excited because I knew it was a place that hadn’t been fished. Plus, there was a lot of them, so it would be easy for my wife and son to catch a few.

I tied up a drop shot rig with the Jackall cross tail shad. It is a perfect rig and bait for a clear, vegetation filled pond. I had my wife sneak up to the edge of the pond and drop the bait in front of the bass. We got the drop shot right where the bass were cruising around. Slowly,the bass all swam up to the bait. In a matter of seconds one ate it, and my wife had herself a little largemouth bass! It was really fun to see them swim up and eat it right in front of us. The pond was so crystal clear. We wound up fishing the pond for a couple hours. We caught about 7 largemouth out of it. Here’s my wife and son sporting one of the little largemouth we caught.
largemouth mantua reservoir
After a while the bass became wise to our Jackall crosstail shad, so I tied on a pink roboworm. I was hoping this would mix it up. On about my second cast with the pink roboworm, I caught another one. At about this time our stomachs were growling, so we headed back for some lunch. While we were wrapping up lunch I walked down to the bank of the lake for a few more casts. I caught another fish on the pink roboworm. I saw him come up and eat it right under my feet! We headed home shortly after catching him. Here is a picture of one of the roboworm bass.
bass mantua reservoir
My wife snapped a few pictures of me fishing in the fall colors while we were there. If you have any doubts about the scenery of this place in the fall, check these pic’s out. It’s a really sweet spot to do some bass fishing this time of year. The scenery is epic.
mantua reservoir fall fishing
mantua reservoir fishing

It was a really fun trip for my family. We didn’t catch anything massive, but we had a good time “Kraken” bass. There is nothing more rewarding than having your family with you in the outdoors on a beautiful fall day. I hope this well help you on your next trip to Mantua Reservoir fishing. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog with your email address to keep updated on trip reports like this. Also, leave a comment with your thoughts on this post. I love hearing from you. It keeps me amped to get more posts up to help you get “Kraken” bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!!



Gear Used:

Spinning Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Convergence 7’2″ Medium Heavy Spinning Worm Rod
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Terminal Tackle:
Drop Shot Weight 1/4 oz.     
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black, 2)
7/16-Ounce Biffle Hardhead

Geen Pumpkin Biffle Bug
Ayu Jackall Cross Tail Shad
Morning Dawn Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm Bait 6 inch

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