Kens Lake Fishing Moab – Largemouth Bass!

Kens Lake Fishing Moab Scenery

Kens Lake fishing Moab proved to be productive for Largemouth Bass. Kens Lake is a small little body of water in Moab, Utah and it didn’t disappoint for bass fishing success. I caught several decent sized largemouth bass in a short evening of fishing after work on this lake. Check out all the details on this post to help you next time you head out on the water. Enjoy the stoke!


Kens Lake Fishing Moab Report

I heard about bass in Kens Lake from one of my followers, so I hopped out on kens to check it out after a day of work in Moab. I started fishing from the bank, and my observations from looking at the place wasn’t exactly epic. The water was way down, and there wasn’t much in the way of structure to hold bass. Nevertheless, I walked the bank and caught a couple on one of my favorite swimbaits fairly quickly.

While on the bank fishing, I ran into a guy loading up his boat. He told me he caught around a dozen including some 4lbers. I decided to give it another shot, and launched my paddle board out on to the lake. It took me awhile, but I found some killer patterns and caught some nice fish. Here’s all the stuff I discovered on Kens Lake fishing Moab. Please use this info, and go out and “Krak” some bass!

Kens Lake fishing Moab
My first bass on Kens Lake fishing Moab for Largemouth bass. He wasn’t big, but it always so rewarding when you get that first fish!


Kens Lake Fishing Moab Conditions

Here are the conditions when I was on Kens Lake fishing Moab for Largemouth Bass. This trip was on a Wednesday, May 16th from 6 –  9 pm. Conditions can really make a difference for bass fishing. Things were prime for my timing on Ken’s lake. The bass looked like they were just moving into spawn, and were laying fairly shallow to make them a little easier to catch.

Water Temperature:

60 Degrees


Air temperature 80 degrees with clear sunny skies


8 – 12 mph. Constant breeze all evening

Water Clarity:

Stained. Visibility 2 – 4 feet.

Kens Lake Fishing Moab Spots

Here’s a map of the spots I fished, and the areas where I caught bass on Kens Lake fishing Moab. Hopefully, these spots will produce a few fish for you as well. I started off on the bank, then hopped on my paddle board to fish these areas. When the wind got really nasty, I got of the paddle board and walked the bank again, and still did really well.

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Kens Lake Fishing Moab Baits

I started fishing Ken’s lake with on of my favorite swimbaits, and caught a couple smaller fish. Once, out on the water in my paddle board I didn’t get any more swimbait bites. I decided to switch it up, and found the following two baits and techniques to be even more effective.

Megabass S-Crank

The Bluegill Megabass Square Bill S-Crank 1.5 caught the biggest bass, and quite a few of them too! There is nothing more stoking than catching nice bass on crankbaits. The key with the S-Crank was to cast it parallel to the bank, and bounce it off the rip-rap chunk rock on the bottom. If you don’t bang the rocks with your crankbait, you just won’t get the bites. Check out the video below in this post, to get a better idea of how this technique works.

Daiwa Neko Fat

The Daiwa Neko Fat Green Pumpkin 5” bait was a bass catcher on Kens Lake fishing. This bait worked best set up on a neko rig. Use a small 1/8 oz nail weight, with a 1/0 drop shot hook. Insert the nail weight into the head of the bait. Also, add a wacky ring to the middle of the bait, and put your hook right through it to help prevent losing your baits. In order to keep the worm from hanging up continue to shake it along the bottom with a semi tight line. Then watch your rod get bent! This was a dynamite technique on Ken’s.

Kens Lake Fishing Moab Baits
One of the best baits on Kens Lake fishing Moab for Largemouth Bass hands down was the neko rig. This illustrations shows exactly how to set it up for catching bass.


Ken’s Lake Fishing – Largemouth Bass Video

Here’s some video clips demonstrating how to catch bass out at Ken’s Lake. Things kind of got dark on me while I was catching them on the Neko Rig, but you can still kind of see what’s going on in this video even though it might not be the highest of quality. Pay close to attention to how I fish the baits mentioned above, so you can go out and crush them too! Plus, give me a like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re here. Soak in the stoke!


Ken’s Lake Fishing Insights

There were a couple things I discovered to help you when fishing Kens Lake. The first thing I noticed is all the crayfish. There were tons of them in all sizes. The crayfish would skirt off the edge of the banks from under the rocks. In addition, several bass I caught had crayfish antennae sticking out of their mouths. The other observation worth noting is there are some good populations of sunfish. I caught several of them on my crankbait. If you use baits to mimick this forage of crayfish and sunfish, you should be able to “Krak” those bass.

Kens Lake Fishing Moab Crayfish
Kens Lake Fishing Moab has crayfish all over the place. Some of the bass you could see crayfish antenna’s sticking our of their mouths from the fish eating them.

Hope you enjoyed this post on Ken’s Lake Fishing Moab. The links in here are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” bass on this trip. receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. The links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount made on the sale of the products. For additional tools check out my products page for other stuff help you in your quest for bass: Krakenbass Products. I hope these things can help keep you “kraken” bass like they have for me. Thanks for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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