Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds – Recapture Reservoir Fishing Report

Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds

Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds when they are spawning can be a real challenge. Here’s some solid tips of how to catch more fish on beds along with this Recapture Reservoir fishing report. The spawn is one of the most exciting times for bass fishing. You can see the fish, and usually you can find some big ones! I found some giants on Recapture Reservoir on their beds, and had a blast catching them. Here’s all the stuff you need to start catching largemouth bass on beds along with some other good stuff to help you when fishing.


Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds – Recaprture Reservoir Fishing Report

Recapture Reservoir fishing was awesome for me. Especially because of the fun with catching largemouth bass on beds! I caught several trophy 4lbs class bass on this trip. The coolest part is  most of them I saw before I caught them. Here is a run down of the conditions I faced on this trip. In addition, this post contains all the best baits to use, and a map of the areas where I found fish. Catching Largemouth bass on beds was a ton of fun on this lake. Plus, the many pike and other bass I picked up along the way looking for beds even made it more epic. Hopefully, you can take a few tips from this report to elevate your stoke juices when you are out Kraken bass!

Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds
Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds is a blast at Recapture Reservoir Fishing.


Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Conditions

My trip on Recapture reservoir catching bass on beds transpired over two days of fishing on May 15th & 16th. The weather was pretty much the same each day. Here is a list of the conditions present on the trip. Conditions are important, so you can determine the best baits to use. Check out my post; How Weather Affects Bass Fishing to help you out in the conditions you might face. If you are experiencing similar conditions on your body of water, a lot of this same stuff will probably work for you in this post!


Bright Sunny Skies, Air Temperature high around 80 degrees.


Each morning started off calm, but the afternoons were windy. 0 – 13 mph.

Water Temperature

61 – 63 degrees.

Water Clarity

Lightly Stained. Visibility around 4-7 feet.

Catching bass on beds spawning
Conditions where perfect for catching largemouth bass on beds spawning on Recapture Reservoir.


Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Best Baits

There are a few key baits for catching largemouth bass on beds. Here is the details of these baits, and how to use them to help you catch more fish. These techniques worked well for both the bedding bass and some of the others just out on the prowl for me on Recapture Reservoir. Hopefully, you can take some of these baits to your lake to keep “Kraken” bass during the spawn.

Roboworm Ned Worm

The 3″ Aarons Green Pumpkin Roboworm Ned Worm was hands down the best bait of the trip. This bait set up on a drop shot rig works radically well for Largemouth bass on beds. This bait has such a small natural presentation, the bass just eat it right up. The key is to put your drop shot weight right into the bed, and let the bait just sit in there until they smoke it! It’s incredibly stoking to watch those big mama’s suck it down. Use an all-around spinning rod and reel set up with some 8lbs flourocarbon line with this bait. The finesses style presentation of the drop shot helps get more bites especially in clear water. Even though it’s a little scary wrestling those pigs, it adds a higher level of excitement. Check it out in action in the video below in this post.

Keitech Sexy Impact

The 4.8 Keitech Green Pumpkin Pepper Sexy Impact is an awesome bait to use during the spawn. Throw it weightless texas rig style, on a spinning rod and reel set up to get the best results. The 2/0 owner twist lock hooks seems to work the best for this bait. The reason this bait works so well this time of year is because of it’s light entry into the water. This will prevent spooking the fish away. The light entry of this bait in the water actually draws their attention because it is so natural. This is a good way to get those cruisers to bite that you see during the spawn. I caught several bass on Recapture Reservoir with this set up casting to the fish after I saw them.

Megabass Silent Jerkbait

The Megabass Wakasagi Vision 110 silent works well when the wind picks up and you can’t use your eyes to see those spawning fish. This bait caught several bass for me when things started blowing. Plus, those pike in Recapture chomped it too! It was a ton of fun throwing this bait on Recapture reservoir. Hooking into both pike and bass was awesome! I throw the silent 110 on a medium heavy action bait casting rod and reel with 12 lbs flourcarbon. A few rips with a pause seemed to work for getting fish to bite. Fishing a jerkbait is a great technique when the bass are chilling up shallow cruising around.

Yamamoto Neko Fat Worm

The Yamamoto baby bass 5″ Neko Fat Worm is a beast catcher. Several fish fell victim to this bait set up on a neko rig on Recapture Reservoir. I’ve been using this bait a lot this year, and it has proved to be a bass “Kraken” machine. Rig it up with a 1/0 drop shot hook, with a wacky ring in the middle. Use a good spinning rod and reel set up with some 8lbs flourocarbon for fishing this bait. This will help you get a long distance cast, so you don’t spook off those shallow water fish.

Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Spawning
Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds is epic! The beast fell victim to the Robo “NedWorm” set up as described above.


Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Fishing Spots

Here are the best areas on Recapture Reservoir where I found some of the bass hawgs sitting or cruising around. I fished a lot of the lake in my 2 days on the water, and found these areas to be the most productive. Hopefully, they can prove fruitful for you as well. I spent my time on the water at Recapture cruising around on my Airhead SUP. It was a fun way to fish this smaller body of water.

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Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Video

This is a video of me catching Largemouth Bass on Beds at Recapture Reservoir. Plus, there is some other footage usuing the baits and techniques mentioned above. Recapture Reservoir is a ton of fun with all the pike to keep things exciting. Use this video to pick up on some of the little things of how to work you lure, and see the areas of where bass usually hold up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you watch to help keep you Stoked!


Catching Largemouth Bass on Beds Further Insights

Here’s a couple key insights I picked up on I wished I would’ve known before hand. The first is the bass tend to like the shallower gradual banks for spawning. I spent way to much time on the deeper end of the lake by the dam, and it proved fruitless. I should’ve been up in the shallower bank areas to find more of those big spawning pigs. In addition, it was key for me to remember where I saw fish. Typically, if I saw a fish and didn’t get them to bite I would wait on them and try them later. Often because I knew where they were I could sneak up better. This helped me to get more of them to bite!

Recapture reservoir fishing reservoir
Recapture Reservoir Fishing Bass on Beds Spawning also produced some pike like this guy! Fun trip for sure!

Hope you enjoyed this post on catching Largemouth Bass on beds. The links in here are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” bass on this trip. receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. The links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount made on the sale of the products. For additional tools check out my products page for other stuff help you in your quest for bass: Krakenbass Products. I hope these things can help keep you “kraken” bass like they have for me. Thanks for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!!

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