Sand Hollow Fishing Report – Battle Royale!

fishing report sand hollow

Here is my Sand Hollow fishing report from my recent trip on the water with my family. We created a fun little tournament for all of us in the boat called the battle royale, and by the end of the event we ended up boating over 30 bass. Here are the logistics of where we went, what we used, and how we “Kraked” some bass on Sand Hollow Reservoir.


Sand Hollow Fishing Report – Battle Royale!

I headed down to St. George for the weekend to help my father brand his cattle. After we got done with the cattle, we all headed out to Sand Hollow to see if we could catch a bass. In the boat we had my dad, my brother, and myself trying to catch more and bigger bass than one another. To make it fun we all took turns at the front of the boat for an hour, and weighed our fish to see who could catch the biggest. For our tournament everyone could weigh in 5 bass. The guy up front could weigh in 2 during his hour at the front of the boat. The guys in the back of the boat could only weigh in 1 bass each hour. It was a fun little 3 hour tournament. You should try it the next time you are out on the lake with your friends or family. Here are the logistics of the conditions, where we went, what we used, and how things played out in our Battle Royale!

Fishing Conditions:

We arrived at Sand Hollow around 11:30 am and fished until 7 pm on Saturday May 16th, 2015.


5 – 15 mph, it blew steadily on and off all day.


Air Temprature around 70 degrees, partly cloudy

Water Temperature:

65 degrees

Water Clarity:

Clear, visibility 12 ft.


Spots we fished:

Here is a map of the places we went, and “Kraked” some bass!
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Baits for Sand Hollow Fishing:

We tried a lot of different things to get the  bass to bite. They were in a little bit of a post spawn funk, but we found some good baits that seemed to draw strikes. Here are the best 4 we found for catching bass on this trip.


The aaron’s pro shad 6 inch roboworm worked well. I caught the majority of my bass on this bait. We rigged it up on a drop shot with a 1/4 oz drop shot weight and a 1/0 drop shot hook. Then we would hook the roboworm right in the middle in the “wacky” style. The reason it worked so well is because we caught a lot of fish deep. There is no better bait than a roboworm on a drop shot to get down there to deep bass. We would let the roboworm soak, and subtly shake it along the bottom. The bass couldn’t resist.

Havoc Pitboss:

A summer craw havoc pit boss hooked up weedless on a jika rig was a great bait. I tied it on the last hour of the trip, and it popped a couple decent bass. The key was to let it settle to the bottom, slowly crawl it, and shake it along. I used a 1/4 oz drop shot weight, and a 3/0 offset worm hook for the jika rig.

Football Jig:

We caught the biggest bass of the day on a terminator green pumpkin 3/8 oz football jig with a havoc pit chunk trailer. The football jig didn’t catch a ton of fish, but it caught some big ones. We threw it along the rock ledges, and let it drop down to those big ones hiding in the shadows. Slowly crawling the jig along, and letting it fall down deep was essential for getting strikes. The picture below is the big one of the trip I caught on the football jig. I was drooling stoke juice out off my mouth when I got him in the boat. He went 4.3 lbs.


A 4 inch green pumpkin/watermelon yamamoto senko rigged up on a shaky head caught some bass. My brother used this bait, and crushed quite a few fish on it. Some of the bass that hit the shaky head were solid studs. The senko was set up on an  owner 3/16 oz shaky head. When fishing the senko on a shaky head you had to let it sit on the bottom, and hop it occasionally. Those bass sucked down the shaky head senko when you worked it this way.
fishing report sand hollow jig

Fishing Report of the Trip:

The fishing wasn’t as white hot as I’ve had in the past on Sand Hollow, but everyone in the boat caught 10 or more. Plus, we enticed some bigger ones to grab us. In addition, it was really fun having the battle royale rivalry tournament between all three of us in the boat. It put a lot of pressure on all of us to catch some bass, and it seemed to work. The wind was blowing steadily, the water temprature had dropped a few degrees, so we were battling a little bit of a cold front. Yet, we managed to find them.

We started off along the east dam, and I caught a couple on  a drop shot roboworm. Nobody else was catching any, so we moved out to the brush flats and we caught a few more. My brother caught the most on the flats with a shaky head. He had a nice 4 pound bass toss his shaky head while we were there. There is nothing more gut wrenching than watching a big ole bass come up out of the depths, and toss your bait back at you. I felt bad for my brother, but he caught another big one on his next cast. I didn’t feel too bad for very long. My empathy turned to envy really fast.

After we got done with the flats, we moved out over to the red ledges and dam. We popped some bigger ones in these places. There was a rocky point jutting out into the main lake where me and my brother both caught three pounders on back to back casts. It was pretty exciting. Here are those two fish. One was caught on a roboworm, the other on a shaky head.

fishing report sand hollow roboworm
sand hollow shaky head bass
Not too long later my dad, over along the north dam, caught this nice big bass on a green pumpkin spinnerbait.

fishing report sand hollow
We headed in for lunch at the local marina around 3pm, and then we went right back at it. We threw jigs along the red rocks and popped some. Plus, we went back out on the flats with a jika rig and some other random baits to “Krak” some more. It was a great time out on the water with my family. The best part is I won the battle royale! My dad and brother now owe me some baits. I barley beat my brother by 5 ounces. It was a close race.

Hopefully, this Sand Hollow fishing report will help you when fishing here. I fish Sand Hollow a lot because it is convenient for my family, and they all like fishing the lake. I hope to get more reports of other lakes this year, but still hope you can find this report valuable. I was close to not throwing it up, but felt like it was a good trip to let you know about. Please let me know what you thought of this post, and subscribe to the blog to get notified of more upcoming trip reports. Thanks for your support, and get out and get “Kraken” bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Gear Used:

aaron’s pro shad 6 inch roboworm
Havoc Pit Boss (Summer Craw)
Terminator 3/8 oz football jig (green pumpkin)
Havoc Pit Chunk (Summer Craw)
Green Pumpkin & Watermelon Yamamoto Senko
Spinnerbait (Green Pumpkin)

Terminal Tackle:
1/4 oz drop shot weight
1/0 drop shot hook
3/0 offset worm hook
Owner 3/16 oz shaky head

Rod, Reel & Line Set Ups:

Spinning set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Sellus 1-Piece Worm/Jig Spin Rod (7-Feet 2-Inch Medium Heavy)
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Baitcasting set up:
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Gree 30lbs.
Sufix Invisiline Casting Flourocarbon 200-Yards Spool Size Fishing Line 12-Pound
Shimano Sellus Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Cast Rod 7’2″
Quantum Fishing Smoke 9 Bearing Baitcast Reel 7:3:1 ratio

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  1. always report on sand hollow please…..I live in vegas and the only decent bass fishing is sand hollow, so a 2 hr drive…….so I find your input very valuable…..thanks

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