Lake Lowell bass fishing

After a solid day of work in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, I swung over to Lake Lowell for some bass fishing. I’d heard it was a great place to “Krak” a few largemouth. When I arrived I was blown away with what I found. In a few hours, I crushed over half a dozen solid bass. Two of those bass were in the 4 pound or bigger class! It was awesome. Here are the logistics of where I went, what the conditions where, what I used, and how I ended up “Kraking” some beasts Lake Lowell bass fishing.


 Lake Lowell Bass Fishing



Here were the conditions I had on Monday night October 13th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Weather:        Bright & Sunny, Air Temprature around 70 degrees
Water Temp:       Around 60 degrees.
Wind:         10 – 15 mph, it was blowing steadily and increased as the night wore on.
Water Clarity:         Stained Heavily, Visibility 1 foot max.


Where I fished:

Fall fishing is awesome. Oftentimes, in the fall you can find Largemouth bass moving into the backs of the creeks and channels running into the bodies of water you fish. This is exactly what happened for me at Lake Lowell bass fishing. I spotted this canal running into the lake, and it was stacked with bass sitting in the back of it waiting for baitfish. There were a couple diver birds in the canal as well. They must of known it was a good spot too. It was perfect timing on my part to catch them where I did. Here is the map of  the small section of water I found loaded with fish.
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What I Used:

I used two baits. I fished a frog 99%  of the time, and a spinnerbait “Kraked” me my biggest bass. Here are the details of the baits, and how I used them.

1. Spinner Bait: I used a  3/8 oz Rippin Lips spinnerbait in the Ayu color. It had a gold Colorado blade in the front and a silver willow leaf blade on the back. I only chucked it for a little while. It kept getting gunked up with all the debris in the canal while I was using it. Once I was able to get it moving along the edge of the bank junk free, I caught my first bass out of the canal.

2. Iobee Frog:  Because of all the debris in the canal the Jackall Iobee Frog worked amazingly well scooting through it, and drew up some big strikes! I used two different colors brown frog, and bluegill. Both of those colors worked great. The key was to pitch the bait close to the edge of the canal and tight to the cover. Then I’d slowly twitch it along. Every strike was within a foot of the bank. Getting the bait in the right spot was critical in getting strikes. Every bass was caught on this bait except for one, and when they ate it they swallowed it down!

Lake Lowell bass fishing

How It Went:

I was scoping out Lake Lowell after work in Boise Idaho, and pulled into an area I thought would be worth fishing. There was an irrigation canal flowing into the lake. Plus, there was a lot of vegetation growing where the canal fed into the main lake. I stepped out of my car and looked at the canal. I saw some slow moving water with good cover along it, so I had to make a cast or two at it. I was planning on fishing down on the main lake, but I couldn’t pass up a couple throws in the canal it looked really good.

On my third cast in the canal with the Rippin Lips Ayu Spinnerbait my rod doubled over. I couldn’t believe it when a 5 pound beast came erupting out of the water. The canal bank was super steep. My wife started calling me on the other line with some important info, so I just hoisted the beast 12 feet in the air on 12 pound line. Stupid thing to do, but it was my only option. One thing I learned from the experience is talking to your wife on the phone is pretty awesome when your holding a big bass in the other hand. I was by myself, so here is a selfie I got of the bass. I was in awe, and stoked off my face.
lake lowell largemouth bass
I then tied on the Jackall Iobee Frog after eyeing the situation and realizing the spinnerbait probably wouldn’t cut through the gunk in the canal. I left my 12 pound leader line tied onto 30 pound braided line, which proved to be a bad choice when I broke off on a bass later. A couple casts more and right under my feet a bass sucked my frog down. Literally choked it as you could see in the feature picture. He was another 4 pound class bass.
idaho bass fishing
I continued down the canal, and caught several more fish. I switched to throwing the frog on braided line, and that made a big difference for handling the bait. I would pitch it at the edge of the bank and walk it along as close to the cover as I could. They were holding in the nasty stuff. It was fun swinging them out of the canal. At the end of the night in two hours I had 10 strikes and landed 7 of them. All of them were good sized.
Lake Lowell is now definitely one of my top spots for bass fishing in Idaho. They have some awesome regulations to make this a blue ribbon largemouth bass factory. Here’s another picture of a Lake Lowell pig straight out of the slop!
bass lake lowelll
The Fall is a great time to go bass fishing because the bass move shallow again chasing baitfish to feed up for the winter. The weather is nice and the bass are “Kraken!” Hope this helps you in your next trip on the water. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great detailed trip reports by entering your email at the top of the page. Also make sure to leave a comment below about your thoughts on Lake Lowell Bass Fishing.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Gear Used:

Baitcasting Setup:

Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Gree 30lbs.
Shimano Sellus Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Cast Rod 7’2″
Quantum Fishing Smoke 9 Bearing Baitcast Reel 7:3:1 ratio


Jackall Iobee Frog
Ayu Rippin Lips Spinnerbait 3/8 oz.



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  1. Decided to go visit my kids in Boise and checked out Lowell just as you wrote and had the best day fishing since I took up bass fishing back in February. Thanks for the tip.

      1. What was so cool is that I used a Lobee frog and I was at the canal you fished. I actually jumped when a 4 pounder came up from the bottom and pounded my frog. What a serious rush that was. I’m posting pictures on fb.

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