My Exact 5-Step Bass Producing Process

5 step process for big bass

Did you know If fishing were its own company, the amount that is spent by anglers each year would rank it 51st on the Fortune 500 list? It’s true. Companies are always trying to profit on our bass fishing recreational pastimes.

Here’s the problem you face. When fishing becomes about capitalizing on fisherman’s spending habits the industry promotes consuming stuff you absolutely don’t need.

What this really means is you will always be flooded with tons of new lures, rods, and reels trying to get you to spend your hard earned money. Applying this to parado’s principal says 80% of what is out there isn’t worth it. 

Luckily for you I’ve outlined a 5-step bass producing process to help you catch em quick, and save you the headache of navigating all the gear out there to get right onto catching more bass. All of these details of the process are outlined in this video. Make sure to check it out to help you focus to find more bass fishing success.

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You need a system to know where to go, what to use and how to work your lures to catch more bass in every situation.

Use this lure color selection chart and perfectly match the color of your lure to what bass are wired to eat without trial and error so you can catch the monsters! 

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Discover how to perfectly match the color of your lure to what bass are wired to eat so you can catch the monsters!

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