Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing – Largemouth Bass Trip Report

Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing

Glendale Reservoir Idaho fishing Largemouth bass is awesome. There are good numbers of fish to be caught, along with some big ones you can tie into once in awhile. Here are some details of my trip out to Glendale Reservoir to help you get a better idea of what you can expect at this place. Included in this post is a map of the areas I caught some fish, some video of the action,  and the best baits for fishing. Plus, the conditions for the trip. Hopefully, you can take this information and go have a good time catching bass out of Glendale Reservoir in Idaho. Enjoy this bass fishing blog post!


Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing Bass

Glendale reservoir is a fairly small lake, and currently only allows non-motorized boat access. When the lake is lower in the summer and fall shoreline access is easy from the bank, but a little muddy when the water is falling fast. During high water in the spring it might be difficult to get casts in from the bank with all the flooded brush. This combinations makes Glendale reservoir a great paddle board/kayak fishing spot. Fun place for sure. Special thanks to the Kraken Bass subscribers who told me about the fun of Glendale Reservoir Idaho fishing for bass.

On my time on Glendale fishing, I found a few things out I wished I would’ve known before hand. This post contains all the information I learned while out on the lake. Use this list of items from my time out on Glendale to make your time even more fun! Here is the run down of the conditions of glendale reservoir while fishing, the best baits, and a map of the spots where I caught fish. Lastly, don’t forget the video embedded here of my time out on this pretty little spot near Preston Idaho.

Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing
Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing produces some good largemouth bass like this one.


Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing Conditions

This fishing report on Glendale Reservoir transpired in early September on a Saturday from 3 pm – 9 pm. During that time I caught around 16 – 18 bass, and 5 of them went over the 3 pound mark. Here is what the conditions where like on my trip. Conditions are important. If you pay attention to them, you will find the same things work similarly well.  Especially, when you are experiencing the same conditions on your lake. The goal with these conditions is to help you know what to use, and where to go to find more fish.


Bright Sunny Skies, Air Temperature Mid 80’s. Pretty Warm.


6-8 mph. Constant light breeze.

Water Clarity

Stained. Visibility 3 – 4 feet.

Water Temperature

Around 70 degrees. Pretty Warm.


Glendale Reservoir Best Baits Fishing

Out on Glendale Reservoir fishing for largemouth bass there were a few different baits that got bites. Some baits always work better than others. I tried throwing some things with no luck. Here’s the run down of how these different lures work, and how to fish them on Glendale Reservoir to produce some good fish.

Swim Jig

The Swim Jig was an all around boss out on Glendale Reservoir. It produced the most fish, and some of the bigger ones as well. The key to a swim jig is a good paddle tail swimbait like the megabass spark shad in this case, and a good medium heavy bait-casting rod and reel set up.

They way to fish a swim jig on Glendale is to cast it out, and let it fall to the bottom. Then just slowly wind it back. Keeping the bait ticking the bottom was critical in getting bites. There is a lot of grass and gunk in the water, so the swim jig is a good choice to keep clean and go through cover. Plus, it helps to just cover a lot of water until you find the fish.

Neko Rig

The Neko Rig is easy to use, and when you are in the bass they eat it. The go to Neko Rig set up out here on Glendale was a Yamamoto Fat Neko Worm in Greenpumpkin/Watermelon Laminate. Throw this bait with a 1/16 oz nail weight, and a size 2 stinger hook to fish it properly with optimal hook ups. The key to the neko is to cast it out and let it settle to the bottom. Then lightly shake your rod as you slowly wind it back. This will keep the bait on the bottom, and the tail up dancing to get those bass to bite! A spinning rod and reel combo is a good option to throw this bait.

Deps Buzzjet

The Deps Buzzjet catches fish out on Glendale Reservoir. It wasn’t an all-star stand out, but it was fun to see those topwater strikes. The Buzzjet has a loud buzz, a huge wake, and side to side action. The buzzjet seemed to help draw attention from bass with the stained water. This bait is big, and so a good beefy baitcasting rod and reel set up is best. I used straight 30 lbs braided line on the reel because these baits are expensive, and I didn’t want to lose one. The buzzjet is definitely a fun and fast way to fish topwater.

Glendale Reservoir Fishing Idaho
Glendale Reservoir Fishing Idaho Largemouth Bass – This tank couldn’t resist the swim jig.


Glendale Reservoir Good Fishing Spots

Here’s a map of all the good spots where I found some bass. I primarily fished on a Fishing Paddle Board to cruise around and cover a lot of water. The bass definitely seemed to prefer certain areas, and weren’t spread out everywhere throughout the lake. Hopefully, these spots will help you catch fish like they did for me.

The magic recipe on Gendale was cover brush or reeds, and if the cover was on a point even better. I believe it was because the water was so low at this time, there wasn’t a lot of cover in the lake. It made the fish bunch up on it. The small sticks often had two or three bass on them.


Idaho Bass Fishing Video Glendale Reservoir

Here is some video footage of fishing on Glendale Reservoir in Idaho using the gear mentioned above. It was a fun time out on my Stand Up Paddle Board. Everything was filmed on my go pro hero 6. Literally just drifting with the wind down the banks, and stopping when I’d start getting bites. Hopefully, you can get a better idea of what to expect on Glendale Reservoir after viewing. Plus, you can see how to fish the baits mentioned above in the post. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get notified of new videos. Enjoy!


Additional Insights Glendale Reservoir Idaho Fishing

Lastly, one thing I learned about Glendale Reservoir fishing, is if you found any hard cover on the points you would be in the money. I also wished that I would of headed straight up to the headwaters. There were a lot of bass swimming around in those reeds. It would’ve been fun to try flipping some texas rigged baits around. Maybe for next time. If you have any additional insights on fishing Glendale reservoir please leave a comment below. It’s always fun to collaborate with fellow fisherman.

One more thing. The links in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else mentioned here to “Krak” some bass fishing Glendale Reservoir. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

2 Responses

  1. Great video, I fished there a few weeks ago with sililar results. Niko rig and ned rig worked best. Caught 2 3lb on a too water jitter bug, too water worked late after the sun set.

  2. I have fished Glendale a couple of times in late summer when the water is quite low (below the end of the boat ramp). This is a steep-sided, mud-bottom reservoir. The limited shoreline vegetation is high and dry once the water goes down during the irrigation season. There is essentially NO bottom cover, so dropshotting works well here. The current regulations make no mention of motor restrictions, but the nice concrete ramp is surrounded by mud on all sides; be VERY careful about launching a trailered boat here! With a 2-fish limit (16″ minimum), this lake is essentially catch-and-release only; bass over about 14″ are mostly females, so should be released for spawning even if they are legal to keep IMO. There is a big parking lot, and the local speedboaters like this lake when the water level allows for safe launching; use is minimal by late summer. Hope this helps.

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