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Bass Fishing Fast Best Baits Bass

Here’s a run down of the best fast bass fishing baits to locate fish quickly when you don’t have a lot of time. This post contains details of my time fishing recapture reservoir near Monticello, and fishing fast to locate some big bass. Some of the details in this post include the best baits for fishing fast, how to fish faster, and a report on recapture reservoir fishing.  In addition, you will see some video of how fishing fast works. Plus, how to take a small amount of time and leverage it to find fish. Take the information here, and go fish faster to find those big ones!


Best Fast Bass Fishing Baits

Often you will here bass fishing pro’s talk about bass fishing fast. They say Kevin VanDam, one of the greatest professional anglers of all time, win’s so much because of how fast he fishes compared to everyone else. Fast fishing is all about making 5 to 10 casts in the amount of time it takes a regular angler to do one cast.

The theory of fast bass fishing makes a lot of sense. If you cover more water quicker, the odds are your bait will get in front of more fish. Thus, helping you catch more fish. Fishing fast will also help you pin down where the fish are positioning, so you can go back through with slower baits and catch even more of them! Here’s some of the best baits out there for bass fishing fast to help you improve your time on the water.


One of the best baits for fishing fast is a chatterbait. It works so well is because it gets bites! Another reason it works well is because a chatterbait will go through cover, and grass really well when your fishing heavy vegetation. The only downside to a chatterbait, is they aren’t the best at getting down super deep. Still though they cover water, and catch fish pretty much all year long.


A classic crankbait is always a great way to cover water and fish fast. A good all around crankbait for anytime of year is the Strike King Flat Side 1.5. It dives around 6 – 8 feet, and usually produces bites because of it’s tighter wobble than most. Crankbaits can sometimes be hit or miss depending on the conditions, but often when it is on it’s on with the crankbait. When fishing fast with a crankbait literally you just throw it out, and wind it back. Tie on a crankbait if you don’t have a lot of time to try and find those bass.


Fishing a Jerkbait is a great way to fish fast for bass. A jerkbait draws attention from a long way off from a bass. Plus, the twitch, twitch pause action will draw strikes even when the bite is tough. Tie on a megabass vision 110+, and prepare to get your rod ripped. The megabass jerkbaits are some of the best all-around in action and appearance. The good thing about a jerkbait is it can be retrieved fast, or you can pause it a little longer in spots to try and draw in those strikes. Jerkbait fishing is fun, and when you are on the move it is great way to figure out where the fish are at, and catch them at the same time.


A good swimbait is a great way to fish fast. Swimbaits get bites all year long, and they are one of the best ways to draw fast strikes when nothing else is working. They look so natural in the water bass can’t resist them. They key is to find the right depth the fish are holding, and match a jig head weight that will get down to the level of the bass. Cast your swimbait out, and just wind it back slowly for best results. A swimbait isn’t the fastest fishing technique to compared to some of the others, but it definitely produces more bites. You can cover water with more confidence, with a swimbait in your hand.

Bass Fishing Fast Best Baits Bass
Bass Fishing Fast the Best Baits Bass include a chatterbait, crankbait, jerkbait, and a swimbait.


Fishing Fast Video Demonstration

This video contains footage of me fishing fast with the baits mentioned above on Recapture Reservoir. Along with catching some good bass and some pike. Hopefully, you can pick up a few extra nuggets about fishing fast with different types of baits to help you find those bass faster. Fishing fast is something if you improve on, will make a big difference in the numbers of fish you can catch.


Recapture Reservoir Fishing Fast Details

Fishing fast on Recapture Reservoir in the fall of the year helped me learn a lot more about this lake. Here’s a map of the spots I fished, a list of the conditions, and some of the big things I learned to help you if you end up fishing out here. Recapture fishing is ton of fun because of the overall quality size of the bass you can find on the lake. Plus, the pike are aggressive and make for some fun exciting times. Although, on this trip the pike did cost me in a few lures with their teeth slicing through my line. 🙂

Recapture Fall Fishing Conditions

This trip on Recapture reservoir transpired over two half days of fishing in October on the 9th & 10th. It was pretty brisk in the mornings, and I primarily fished from my fishing paddle board. Here is what things looked like while I was at recapture fishing fast to catch some bass.


Brisk. High was in the 50’s. Bright Sunny Skies

Water Temp

57 – 55 degree’s. Kept falling every day.

Water Clarity

Lightly Stained, Visibility around 7-8 feet.


12 – 20 mph. Blowing steady the whole time.

bass fishing fast baits
Use these bass fishing fast baits to get you pumped up to catch bass like this that went 4.5 lbs.


Recapture Fast Fishing Map

Here are all the areas I was able to cover bass fishing fast on Recapture Reservoir. Plus, the map includes the spots of the places where I actually caught some fish. This map will help you see how much water you can cover when you fish fast, and help you get more dialed into where the bass may actually be positioning. It’s pretty obvious the lower end of the lake was the area to focus on, and if I wasn’t fishing fast I would’ve wasted a lot of time up in the middle and top of the lake.


Bass Fishing Fast Insights on Recapture Reservoir

Overall, the trip was a success with a half dozen nice largemouth and several pike. Looking back I learned a little to late the fish were sitting deeper in about the 12 – 18 foot zone. My last fish where all sitting off the deeper boulders down in the lower end of the lake.  Probably would’ve been a good idea to throw a jig, or a heavier weighted swimbait to get down closer to em. The low end had a little more stain and grass, so the water temperatures were a little higher. Hopefully, these insights will help you if your heading out to recapture reservoir fishing.

Lastly, The links in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else mentioned here to “Krak” some bass fishing fast at Recapture. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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