Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing – Good Idaho Largemouth Bass Spot!

Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing

Here’s a report of what I discovered on Devils Creek Reservoir fishing for bass. Included in this report are some of the best lures for catching Largemouth bass on Devils Creek. The best areas of where I found fish on the lake. Plus,  the conditions of my trip and some video to help you know what to expect when fishing devils creek. This place seems to have fairly decent numbers of largemouth, and some fish with good size. Take the information in this report to help you catch bass on Devils Creek Reservoir in Idaho.

Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing

I’ve spied Devils Creek from the freeway several times, and never thought any bass would be there. Until when driving by I spied some bass boats out on the water. After seeing the bass boats, I hoped on the web and discovered some records indicating this lake has largemouth bass. My time on Devils Creek Reservoir fishing for largemouth bass actually turned out really well. Certain spots of the lake seemed to have more fish than others, but the action was pretty fast. Some bass even had a little girth to them.

In one late afternoon of fishing Devils Creek Reservoir I caught about 20 bass. Here’s the logistics of my trip with the best baits, spots where I caught the most fish, and conditions of my excursion. Thankfully, I was able to get some of the best action on film. Hopefully, all this information can help you if you decide to head out here and try your luck fishing for Largemouth bass. Enjoy this bass fishing blog post!

Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Conditions

Devils creek reservoir fishing produced some good Largemouth Bass. Here are the conditions during my time out on Devils walking the banks chasing Largemouth Bass. This trip transpired in the middle of the week on a hot day in August. I arrived at Devils Creek and started fishing from 3 pm until 7 pm. Total bass caught was around 20. All the bass were caught shore fishing.

Water Temperature

Around the Low 70’s.

Water Clarity

Lightly Stained. Visibility about 8 feet.

Weather Conditions

Bright Sunny Skies. High around 95 degrees.

Wind Conditions

5 – 10 mph. Steady Breeze all afternoon.

Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Bass
Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Bass in Idaho proved to be super fruitful. Here’s one of the nicer ones from my trip fishing out on Devils Creek.


Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Best Baits

Fishing Devils Creek for Largemouth bass I tried several different baits. The first baits I started out with, seemed to work the best. I cycled through about a half dozen other things to whittle it down to the best options. Here’s the set ups, and lures that worked best on Devils Creek bass fishing.

Squarebill Crankbait

The Lucky Craft Begill color 1.5 crankbait caught the majority of the fish on Devils Creek during this trip. This crankbait also caught a couple of the bigger 2+ pounders. The key is to cast it out, and wind it back.  An occasional pause in your retrieve sometimes would draw a strike. Also, bumping the tops of the rocks with the square bill was a key to getting chomped. Fishing a crankbait for bass is a ton of fun. Check out my favorite set up, and details of how to find the best crankbait wherever you are at my past post on crankbaits – Crankbait Bass Fishing

Fat Ika

A Fat Ika was an exceptional bait at Devils Creek. Several fish I saw ate this bait right in front of my eyes. The color that worked well was Watermelon Red Flake. A key for me was rigging it weightless texas style backwards on a 4/0 owner twist lock hook. Rigging the Fat Ika this way helps prevent snags in the rip rap. Plus, it give it a realistic backwards gliding action the bass can’t resist. I love the weight of this bait. You can bomb it easily on a good bait-casting rod and reel set up.

Yamamoto Senko

Last put not least the classic wacky rigged senko produced some solid bass at Devils Creek Reservoir fishing. The 5 inch size senko worked well. The larger profile of the 5 inch senko compared to the 4 inch size seemed to produce a little better quality fish. Throw this bait out, and just let it subtly fall to the bottom. If you are hanging up a lot, switch to the weightless texas style rigging, and set the hook on those suckers when they eat it!

Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Lures
Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Lures a Lucky Craft Squarebill proved to be a bass magnet for catching fish.


Devils Creek Reservoir Fishing Video

Here’s some video from this trip out bass fishing on Devils Creek Reservoir. You can see some of these techniques in action on the video to give you a better idea about what to do on devils. Plus, you will be able to see a little bit of what the lake looks like. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel when you view, and hit the like button. Hopefully, seeing what is discussed in this post will help you gain better insights on how to catch fish out here at Devils Creek Reservoir.

Devils Creek Best Fishing Spots

On my adventure out fishing on Devils Creek Reservoir I tried a lot of spots. Mainly I walked the banks casting and winding along. There were definitely better spots than others from the shore fishing. The cool thing about the lake, is you could access a lot of places from the shore. Here’s a little map of the area’s that seemed to have the most fish.
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Devils Creek Additional Fishing Information

In hind sight looking back on the trip, my first instincts where the best. I spent a lot of time exploring un-productive water. The rip rap along the dam definitely seemed to hold the most fish. Still though there were some good looking brush piles, and areas of grass that possibly could of had some bass. It would be fun to explore some other spots on this lake from a boat or kayak. The lake is really small. You could cover the whole thing pretty easily in one full-day of fishing. This reservoir had a decent boat ramp, and some camping sites. They definitely weren’t super high end camping sites, but there were enough facilities to get the job done. Devils creek reservoir is a fun place to explore.

Lastly, The links in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” some bass on Devils Creek Reservoir. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” bass on Devils Creek Reservoir fishing like they did for me. Thank you for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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