Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs – Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

best bass fishing micro jigs

Here are some of the best bass fishing micro jigs to help you catch more fish. The micro jig is an amazing fish catching machine. Especially, if you get set up fishing it properly, and know when to use one to catch bass. Along with some of the top micro jigs in this post, you will discover some key elements of how to catch bass on micro jigs. Enjoy the post!


Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs

There aren’t a ton of options for good bass fishing micro jigs on the market. I’ve experimented with a variety of jigs over the decades of my fishing, and these ones always seem to work even when the bite is tough. There is something magic about a micro jig. Enjoy this article on micro jigs to help you pick the right one, and know how and when to use them for some bass “Kraken”! Here are 3 solid micro jigs and trailer pairings to help you land more bass out on the water.

Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs
These are the best bass fishing micro jigs to help your family catch numbers of fish like this one my son caught.


Keitech Spin Jig

The Keitech Mono Spin Jig in green pumpkin is a solid micro jig, and a consistent producer for bass. This bait paired with a small Keitech Spider in green pumpkin blue has been a sight fish champion catcher for me. I’ve seen multiple fish suck this bait down with my eyes on them. The key is to cut the little tentacles off the head of the little spider, so you are left with only the twin tail swimmers to add onto the jig. This micro jig by Keitech doesn’t have a good spot for your plastic to rest on the bait, so add a little dab of super glue to keep things in place.

This set up is extremely light, and can really only be effectively used on a spinning rod and reel set up. Put light 100% flourcarbon 6lbs line on your spinning reel to get better casting distance and more bites with this micro jig. Throw this jig under docks, and out deep to catch bass that others won’t get. The spin jig will also go through grass really well with the little weed-guard on it.

Z-Man Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig

The Z-man Shrooms Micro Finesse Jig in green pumpkin is a legit micro jig to help you catch bass. This micro jig is a little heavier, so you can get a little more distance out of your casts. Plus, you can add a little bigger trailer to this jig to give it a different profile. One of my favorite trailers for this jig is a biwaa ultra hog cut in half. Use the small side with the flapping flanges as your trailer to give your jig some nice action.

The one downside to this micro jig by z-man is the hook isn’t super sharp. Plus,  there isn’t a lot of gap room in the hook to stick those bass if you add a trailer. The upside to this bait is you can get two jigs in a pack to help out your wallet. The 1/8 oz size is my favorite.  This jig will go a little deeper faster than the keitech mono spin, but still gives you that small enticing profile to help you “krak” some bass!

Strike King Bitsy Bug

The Strike King Bitsy Bug in blue craw is another solid micro jig. Pair this thing up with a small 3 inch double tail green pumpkin yamamoto, and your in business. The extra small profile of this bait gets bites. Plus, it is heavier with a stouter hook so you can up size your baits a little bit. I’ve thrown this bait successfully with a solid baitcasting set up and light 10 lbs flourcarbon line.

The key to this micro jig is to trim out your weed-guards. Only leave a couple weed guards intact, so you can get more hook ups. The weed guards are unusually stiff for such a small bait on the bitsy bug. What is great about the bitsy bug micro jig is you can also flip it around cover decently.  Sometimes just the little more weight on this jig will help you fall further down through holes in the brush and cover.

Best bass fishing micro jigs and trailers from left to right; Strike King Bitsy Bug & Yamamoto Double Tail, Z-Man Shroomz Micro Jig & Biwaa Ultra Hog, Keitech Mono Spin Jig & Keitech Little Spider.


Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs Video

Here is a video with these best bass fishing micro jigs out on a public reservoir Sand Hollow. Sand Hollow is a popular fishery in the state, and often receives a ton of pressure. This video shows all three of these jigs working, and some tips to help you fish a micro jig. Hopefully, you can pick up a techniques to help you out, and get a better visual on how to fish a micro jig for bass.


Bass Fishing Micro Jigs – When & How

The best conditions for fishing a micro jig is in clear water. These jigs are small, and draw visual strikes in dirty water these things will have a hard time getting noticed. A micro jig is also a good option when you are fishing a highly pressured area with a lot of other anglers. They key to fishing a micro jig is to use light line so you can make long casts. One of the reason’s these tiny jigs work so well is the represent easy prey like water beetles, and freshly new hatched crawfish. A micro jig falls slowly and is an easy meal for a bass to swallow down.

Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs Resemble Beetles
The Best Bass Fishing Micro Jigs Resemble Beetles & Baby Crayfish like these guys.


These best micro jigs will definitely help you catch more bass. Lastly, The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I use to “Krak” some bass on micro jigs. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are supposed to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

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