Trick Worm Fishing Merthiolate Color – Bass Eat This?

Trick Worm Fishing Merthiolate Color

Trick worm fishing the merthiolate color is something that has been touted by bass fishing pro’s for years. Do largemouth bass really eat this strange orange color trick worm? Here’s some thoughts on this worm for bass fishing, and how to rig it up to help you in deciding what bait to use. Included in this article you will find video, pictures, and details for throwing a merthiolate trick worm to help you catch bass.

Trick Worm Fishing – Merthiolate Color

Trick worm fishing is a legitimate way to catch bass. The Zoom Trick Worm Merthiolate Color is often proclaimed as a dynamite bait color for catching bass. It’s so bizarre and bright it really stands out in the water. Professional Anglers often use this bait during the spawning periods for bass when they are lying shallow, and super aggressive. The color name “Merthiolate” comes from a substance previously used to help with preventing skin infections. Hopefully, it can help you when you are sick of not catching bass!

Honestly, this trick worm fishing color is way out there. It takes a lot of discipline to through something like this when you know other baits could work just as well. On the positive side, this bait actually catches fish. Here’s how to catch bass on this crazy orange color worm.

Merthiolate Worm Fishing
Merthiolate Trick Worm Fishing is a good way to catch a few bass in tough low light conditions.


Video Trick Worm Fishing Merthiolate Color

This trick worm fishing video of the Merthiolate worm transpired over several different places in the course of a week. I really wanted to see how well this thing works compared to other baits. The results are surprising. Check out the video to see how I used this trick worm to “Krak” some bass!


Diagram Trick Worm Fishing Merthiolate Color Weightless Rigging

You can rig a trick worm multiple ways. Personally, the weightless style texas rig is best especially around shallow grass and cover, so you don’t hang up. The trick worm can also be fished effectively on a drop shot rig, or a neko rig. Depending on the cover you are fishing, and where the bass are holding those may be a better option for you with this bait. A good 4/0 offset gamakatsu hook provides decent weight and good hook up ratio’s rigging weightless texas style. This trick worm fishing rig is super light, so an all-around spinning rod combo is the best way to go. Here is a diagram picture of the trick worm merthiolate color set up texas style for fishing.

trick worm fishing diagram
Trick Worm Fishing – This set up with the Merthiolate Color Zoom Trick Worm caught some bass.


Merthiolate Worm Insights

The merthiolate worm does work for bass fishing. It is just so bizarre my mind has a hard time wrapping around it even though it catches some fish. What you need to realize is bass don’t see color the same way we do. Keeping this concept in mind, has helped me appreciate this color more. Truly, it is an ideal color in stained water for spring fishing around the spawn. It helps both the angler and the bass get a visual on the bait. This way the angler can see the strikes, and the bass also don’t miss this thing swimming by them.

Hopefully, you found this post insightful on using a merthiolate trick worm. Lastly, Kraken Bass receives a small percentage of the sale through the links in this post. My goal is to only link to things that I know work, and trust. It is not for the small portion I receive through the sale of these products. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or have some feedback. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great posts.

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