Fishing Tips You Need to Hear From The Experts When Catching Your First Bass

fishing tips

Bass fishing is not easy. Spend any time on the water and you’ll know how frustrating it can be to catch a bass. The tips listed here are to help you catch your first bass, or wall-mount worthy lunker. The best advice from elite anglers would be to stay persistent. Getting a strike is not easy but it is addicting.


These tips will help you catch your first.

1. Bass don’t only bite when hungry

Imagine sitting in your living room peacefully minding your own business. Now, imagine an annoying knocking at your front door and every time you open your door there is no one there.

That could get annoying fast. You would grab the person by the collar if you caught them at your front door, wouldn’t you? Bass feel the same way whenever a lure constantly lands in the water. Bass don’t have to strike just because they’re hungry. They strike also from being agitated. Fishing a spot heavily will result in a reaction strike, which leads into the next step.

2. Slow down

Bass are ambush predators and prefer heavy cover. There’s an old saying, “if you’re not getting snagged, you’re not fishing where the fish are.” Basically, slow down and fish where there’s cover like that old tree stump you see laying on its side barely on the bank. A good technique to use for thoroughly covering water is fan casting. Start either left or right and cast a couple feet out close to the bank. Reel in then cast back out next to your last casting spot and reel back in. Work either left to right from one end of the bank to the other. If you don’t get a strike, cast a few feet further out and start the process over.

bass fishing tips
Usually early morning, and late evening improves your chances for catching your first bass.


3. The hardest part is finding bass

Don’t let bass tournaments fool you into believing you need a boat to catch bass. You can catch a bass in a foot of water if you tread lightly. If you can see a bass from the bank, they can see you. Unfortunately, it won’t always be easy to spot bass. Once you find one though, you’re more likely to find another. Fan casting mixed with multiple lures will ensure your success. One thing those tournaments have right is using multiple lures. If one lure doesn’t attract a bass then a different one will. Time of day, weather, wind, water color seems to play a factor on what lure to use at any given moment.

This isn’t an excuse to fill up your garage with fishing gear but it wouldn’t hurt to have options. When fishing cover you’re bound to lose a couple of hooks. Take it as a sign you’re in the right spot. Something to keep in mind is how smart bass are. Don’t think they’ll sit there while you catch them one by one. After a couple of catches the bite might slow down. When that happens, it’s time to move and start the process of fan casting, locating, and back to agitating.

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