Lake Powell Bag – Best Baits for Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Lake Powell has produced several 100+ bass days for me. Here are the best baits for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass to help you have days on the water you won’t forget. The baits in this bag have been tested on Lake Powell over many years. Make sure to snag yourself a package or two, and hold on tight while your rod get’s ripped!


Fishing Lake Powell
This little bag of baits has produced consistently over the years for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass at Lake Powell.



Lake Powell Bait Bag


Here is what is included in your bag of baits. Plus, a little secret something on each bait to help you get more bites. Please allow 10 – 14 business days for shipping and handling. Thanks for your support. It help keeps the bass juices flowing to get you more content for “Kraken” bass.


  • 1 Arkie Head Jig
  • 2 Havoc Pit Boss’s
  • 2 Keitech Swimbaits
  • 1 Owner Darter Jig Head 1/8 oz.
  • 2 Keitech Sexy Impacts
  • 1 shaky jig head 3/16 oz.
  • 2 Keitech Crazy Flappers
  • 1 Strike King Swinging Jig Head 3/8 oz.

NO LONGER FULFILL-ABLE [/one_half_last]

Water Temperature affects on Bass Fishing
This Largemouth Bass at Lake Powell was one of 103 caught using the baits in this bag in the early spring. Make sure you snag you some!

Check out some of the additional blog posts on Lake Powell to help you know how to employ the baits in this bag to get “Kraken” Bass!

Here is the link for more Lake Powell Stoke Juice: Lake Powell Bass Fishing

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