Utah Bass Fishing – Saratoga Springs Largemouth Bass Discovering Giants!

Utah Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs

Utah bass fishing Saratoga Springs, I was shown an urban secluded spot. Here are the details of my discovery session on this place fishing from a SUP. Included in this post is a map of the location, what to use, and the conditions to help you catch fish. The mission with this article is to provide you another place to try, and hopefully give you some ideas of what to use when exploring new water in an urban setting. Enjoy the stoke!

Utah Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs

Urban fishing spots like this in the Saratoga Springs area can be hit or miss. Usually, they have a ton of fishing pressure and the bass become smart to traditional baits. This post contains some good things to try when you find yourself limited to fishing urban waters. Thinking outside of the box, and using the right gear will help you catch more bass. Give these things a try on your next urban fishing outing. You never know you may just find a giant like I did here.

Fishing Saratoga Springs Area Conditions

This little excursion transpired on a Saturday morning on May 18th. I figured out a way to get my SUP fishing paddle board down to the water, which helped me get to spots other anglers from the bank might not be able to hit.

Water Temperature

Warm. 78 degrees.

Weather Conditions

Air Temperature cool. 60 degrees. Cloudy Dark Skies.

Water Clarity

Light Stain. Visibility 4 – 6 feet.


Light Breeze. 0 – 6 MPH.

Fishing Saratoga Springs – Baits

Fishing Saratoga Springs there were two main baits that worked for me. I tried a few other things, but all my fish were caught on these two set ups. you could probably use some other cray-fish imitation style baits too. There were a lot of cray-fish in the water. I’ve learned over the years you can catch bass on a lot of different things, but for sure try these these for Urban Spots.

Keitech Swimbait

The big 5.8 ghost trout Keitech Swimbait works well for Urban fishing. The key is to rig it up with a solid treble hook, so you capitalize easier on the few bites you get in urban fishing spots. Rigging a swimbait this way will take a little extra time, but it is totally worth it to help you land more fish. Check out my article on how to rig swimbaits this way at the following link; Treble rigging Swimbaits.

Also, one other little tip with this keitech swimbait is to insert a 1/16 oz nail weight right underneath the pop rivet where your hook shank rests. This helps add a little more weight to the bait, so you can cast it further. Plus, it will help your swimbait retrieve back a little deeper. This set up usually swims pretty with a slow retrieve down to about 7 feet decently.

Jackall Flick Shake Worm

The Jackall Flickshake Worm caught several bluegill for me on the trip. Although it didn’t produce any bass, it still is a solid urban fishing tool to help you catch fish. I used a 5.8 greenpumpkin pepper flick shake worm with a 1/8 oz wacky weighted hook to fish the middle of the canal. This bait goes through grass well, and has produced good numbers of fish for me over the years.


Utah Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs
Utah Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs area produced this 5.3 pound giant on a big swimbait.
Largemouth Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs
Belly view of the 5.3 pound largemouth bass caught fishing Saratoga Springs area.
Urban Bass Fishing
Urban bass fishing can produce awesome results. Full side view of the 5.3 lbs beast.


Video Utah Bass Fishing Saratoga Springs – Urban Giant

This video contains a run down of urban fishing in Utah County and finding a giant largemouth bass. You will see the baits, and some raw action of what you can find hidden minutes away in large cities. Hopefully, this demonstration of what was outlined here on Utah bass fishing Saratoga Springs will help give you a better grasp on what to do, and not to do to catch more fish.


Saratoga Springs Fishing Spot Map

[optinlock id=”1″]Here is the little urban spot near Saratoga Springs where I caught fish. Using my Airhead SUP helped me on this excursion to access areas bank anglers couldn’t get to. The place had crayfish and a lot of sunfish. It was surprising to me I didn’t see more bass with the abundance of forage. Fun little spot. Give it a try. There are at least two big ones swimming around.


Urban Fishing Additional Thoughts

The goal with this post is to help when you find yourself in a similar situation to know how to catch some fish. Plus, give you another spot to try if you are every swinging through Saratoga Springs in Utah. On looking back at this trip I would of spent more time fishing the middle of the canal. All the sunfish were in the middle, it makes sense to me the bass would have been laying a little deeper feeding on them. A bigger drop shot worm would have been dynamite to keep the sunfish off your line and still attract the bass. Plus, a drop shot would keep your bait up out of the deep grass found in this place. Hind site is always 20/20.

Lastly, Kraken Bass receives a small percentage of the sale through the links in this post. My goal is to only link to things that I know work, and trust. It is not for the small portion I receive through the sale of these products. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, or have some feedback. Plus, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more great posts.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. Your Urban Fishing giant was amazing. Wow. Pretty bass. Way to keep after it! That was a huge fish. I would love to catch a big one like that 🙂 great video. Looked fun!

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