Summer Bass Fishing Sand Hollow

summer bass fishing sand hollow

Summer bass fishing Sand Hollow Reservoir can be frustrating for a lot of anglers, but here are some key tips and tactics that will help keep you catching bass all summer long. Enjoy this post of a few different things you can try, including a map of some of the best areas to find bass this time of year. Hopefully, you can take this information, and use it to catch more fish this summer bass fishing Sand Hollow.


Summer Bass Fishing Sand Hollow

Summer is one of my favorite times on the lake. It doesn’t receive as much fishing pressure, because the weather can get really hot. Air temperatures are often times around the 100 degree mark. Another reason fisherman stay away is the summer boat traffic can sometimes be intense with wakeboard and water skiing boats. If you are brave enough, you can still go out and catch some bass. I’ve found days in the summer where the action is as hot as the air temperature. Here is how I tackle fishing in the summer months on Sand Hollow.

July – September Fishing Sand Hollow:

July – September is when summer bass fishing is at it’s finest. The reason I like these months is you can often times get in on a great topwater bite early in the morning or late in the evening.  The bass are really active this time of year because their metabolism speeds up with the warmer water temperatures. In the summer at Sand Hollow the bass will go deep, and hang out in the vegetation. Then when the night shadows start to creep in the bass will move in shallower, and pick off some of the forage found cruising along the banks. Some of your best days of fishing can be the dog days of summer on Sand Hollow.

The same patterns work similarly throughout the months of July through September. The water temperatures are high in the 70’s or more. You can start fishing shallow in the early morning then move to fishing deeper as the sun creeps up. In the evening start fishing deep, and work your way shallow as it gets dark. When I say deep, I mean deep. Don’t be afraid to fish the 30 and 40 foot depth zones.

Sand Hollow Shore Fishing
Summertime Bass “Kraked” on Sand Hollow Shore Fishing for Largemouth Bass


Summer Bass Fishing Sand Hollow Spots

The key for finding bass in the summer is to locate deep water transition areas. These transition areas are spots where bass can move shallow to deep really fast.  Some of these spots are shown in this map. The red rock ledges, the deep rip rap along the dam’s, and the drop offs in the middle of the lake are great places to find fish. Also, the deep flats that hold grass can also be very productive in the summer. Here is a map of some of the best areas for fishing Sand Hollow in the Summer.
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Best Summertime Techniques Fishing Sand Hollow

Not everything always works on Sand Hollow, yet these techniques mentioned seem to produce fish consistently in the summer. Included are details of when and how to employ these techniques, along with some reccomendations for the best baits. Hopefully, this will help you catch a few bass this summer on Sand Hollow Reservoir.

Drop Shot

When you need to fish deep nothing beats a drop shot rig. I like to throw either a roboworm, or a jackall cross tail shad. Use a heavy enough weight to get you down there like 1/4 oz. or even a 3/8 oz. drop shot weight. Using heavier weight is sometimes the ticket to get down there “Kraken” em. Start with natural colors like ayu or green pumpkin for your drop shot baits. Yet, don’t be afraid to try things that stand out like pink, purple, or chartreuse. You can sometimes find awesome bites going on pink in the summer time.

Here is a video to one of my Summertime Sand Hollow Drop Shot Sessions. Check it out for some live action of how to use a drop shot rig on Sand Hollow in the summer.

Stroking a Jig

This popular technique involves dropping a jig down deep, ripping it up off the bottom, and letting it fall back down on a slack line. Make sure to watch your line for strikes as your jig is falling. When the jig is dropping back down to the bottom is when most bass grab it! Use a 1/2 oz. football jig to get you down there in a green pumpkin with a craw trailer in a similar color.  A good craw trailer for your jig is the Jackall Sasuteki Craw. Use a chartreuse die to tip the claws for a few extra bites. A green pumpkin jig with highlights of chartreuse is a deadly color combination for Sand Hollow. Those colors imitate both  bluegill, and crayfish which are abundant forage found in the lake.


A great topwater bait for Sand Hollow in the summer is the Top Prey 100 in blue back shad. I’ve found in the summer the key is to walk a spook style bait like this across the top faster than normal. It seems to trigger more strikes. Early morning or late evening is when the topwater baits can really shine. A subtle bluegill imitating popper is also good to try. The poppers that spit instead of making a deep chug usually work better on Sand Hollow. Throw your topwater baits along the shady side of the rocky ledges, and watch your bait close for those strikes!

Summer Bass Fishing Trip Treports

Hopefully, the summer tips mentioned above will get you out Kraken Bass at Sand Hollow. Here are several Summertime Trip reports on Sand Hollow illustrating several of these techniques and more. These trip reports should help you find some additional ideas to help you spend more time catching fish, and less time feeling frustrated and discouraged. Just click on the links to view the different trips.

Summer Shore Fishing Sand Hollow Trip
Summer Fishing Report Sand Hollow
Summer Morning on Sand Hollow Fishing

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Summer Bass Fishing Sand Hollow is a lot of fun. Hopefully these tips will get you out “Kraken” bass. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to keep you up to speed on fishing Sand Hollow along other techniques to help you catch more fish.There is nothing more fun than creating memories out fishing with friends and family. My goal is to help you get through your frustrations and have some awesome experiences catching bass on Sand Hollow.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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