Recapture Reservoir Fishing – Largemouth Bass & Tiger Muskies?

Recapture Reservoir fishing largemouth bass was on point! We also caught several pike or tiger muskies! I can’t quite tell the difference between the pike and tiger muskies because I never chase them. If you know the difference, let me know! The rest of this post will help you know all the details of what to use, where to fish, and other important info to help you on your next fishing trip on Recapture. Below I’ve also got some of this Recapture Reservoir fishing experience on film, to give you a better taste of how things shook out. Be Stoked!

Recapture Reservoir Fishing

Here is the run down of everything that transpired while out on Recapture Reservoir Fishing. I headed out for a morning of fishing with my son on my Airhead SUP, and we caught several fish. Including one really chunky bass and several pike. It was fun hanging out with my son on the paddle board, and enjoying this beautiful remote lake in Utah. Fishing can be a little bit of a challenge with a 5 year old on board, but I tried to make it fun for him. Here are the conditions we had, the best baits we used, and a map of the area’s we caught fish. Also, don’t skip over the video of me and my son, and the other little tidbit’s of info to help you in your adventures.

Recapture Reservoir Fishing Lures & Baits

Out on the paddle board, I found mainly three things  worked best for us on Recapture Reservoir. The Lake was extremely high, and there was a ton of flooded trees, bushes, and all sorts of cover. Fishing baits and lures that didn’t hang up in the cover was key for us having success. Here is the ticket of what caught fish.

Evergreen Shower Blows

First thing in the morning I had a sweet strike on the Baby Bass Evergreen Shower Blows. This topwater bait calls them from a long way off, and was perfect for the clear water at Recapture Reservoir. Plus, this bait really walks easily on the top of the water. Definitely a good selection in the warmer months early in the morning on Recapture fishing.

Yamamoto Senko

The Baby Bass 5″ Yamamoto Senko was hands down the best bait for catching fish on Recapture Reservoir. Rigging the Senko on a Weightless Texas Rig was ideal for fishing the freshly flooded brush and cover. The key was to patiently wait for the bait to subtly fall to the bottom, and then you just slowly drag it along. You had to watch your line carefully, because oftentimes you wouldn’t feel them pick it up. They would just start swimming off with it in their mouths. It always blows my mind how the bass will swallow these baits down.

Keitech Swimbait

The Keitech Smallmouth Magic 4.8 Swimbait didn’t catch any bass for us, but it did get the attention of the pike in the lake. We fished the Keitech on a 1/8 oz swimbait head. I found it worked best casting it out, letting it fall to the bottom, and then slowly reeling it along. It’s a fun way to catch fish for sure.

Recapture Reservoir Fishing
Recapture Reservoir Fishing my son took this picture of me with our big bass of the day. Not a bad bass, or a bad picture from a 5 year old. He ate the Senko, and swam off fine after a little surgery.

Recapture Reservoir Fishing Spots

Here’s a map of the shoreline we fished and caught bass out on our Airhead Fishing SUP. To get access to this premium content you only need to subscribe to the blog to get notified of new posts in your email. Fill out the form below to view the map of the area’s I caught bass on the paddle board. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any problems viewing. Hopefully, this map can help you find a few bass!

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Recapture Reservoir Fishing Conditions

This trip transpired on a Wednesday June 7th from 8:30am to around 12:30pm. A total of about 4 hours of fishing from a Paddle Board with my son on board. Here’s what was going on with the Lake at the time of this trip.


Bright Sunny Skies, Air Temperature High in the 80’s.


0-5 MPH. An intermittent breeze would blow through.

Water Clarity

Clear, Visbility around 13 feet

Water Temperature

Mid 60’s

Recapture Fishing Details and Tips

It was really exciting pulling down into Recapture Reservoir for my second time on this lake. I was even more stoked on what we discovered and caught while on the water. In the 4 hours of fishing we did, my son and I landed 3 largemouth bass. One of which was a beast! We also caught about 6 pike. All of this was from my Airhead SUP paddle board.

The trickiest part of the trip, as you will be able to see  in the video, was making sure my 5 year old son was having a good time too. I packed along a pink doughnut tube for him to float on, several snacks, and a pole rigged up with a “Special Bait” he picked out of my tackle box that he wanted to try. All of those items proved useful, but I could tell he was getting burned out at points. My children are young, and I’m extremely cautious about burn out when fishing. I’m hoping to have them one day be all in, and want to go 24/7 like me. As hard as it was with the fishing so good, we called it quits a little early. It was alright though, the wind really starting howling after lunch.

Recapture Reservoir Fishing
My son grabbing a pike for release on Recapture Reservoir Fishing

To try and know what to use I pulled from my my bait selection chart and tied on a swimbait, weightless texas rig senko, and a topwater based on the conditions of the lake. All three of these worked! The topwater got hit early in the morning, and had a good follow. The weightless texas rig proved to be the best all day, and the swimbait caught several pike or tigers. I had several bites I missed along the way. The action was fast, and it was a ton of fun.

My son admiring a Largemouth Bass on our Recapture Reservoir Fishing Trip.

Recapture Reservoir Fishing Video

Here’s some footage of me and my son out paddle board bass fishing on Recapture Reservoir. This video should help give you even more insights as to how to fish the baits mentioned above, and a taste of how exciting the fishing was for us.

Thanks for your support! It’s always fun for me running into people out on the water who recognize me from my site. Pass this info on to your friends, and get outside! There is nothing better than creating memories with friends and family. My son still talks to me about how awesome this trip was for him. I guess my efforts to entertain him were successful after all. I’ve always felt it important when taking your family fishing that it’s not about you catching fish, it’s about your family having a good time. That perspective has made my trips much more enjoyable.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

Recapture Fishing Gear Used

The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, and anything else I used to “Krak” some bass on this fishing trip on Recapture Reservoir. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. These links are to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. I put these links to make them helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. Hopefully, these products can help you “krak” some bass! Thank you for your support.

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  1. This is what fishing is all about. Taking your kids out to enjoy the lake, and teaching them how to fish. So much better than getting hooked on video games. This was perfect to watch on fathers day. Kraken Rocks. Great Dad & Angler. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome video & post! I have 3 boys ages 6, 4 and 2, and I took them all fishing this last weekend too. Didn’t have a ton of success but we had fun and that’s what it’s all about with the kids. Your boy made me smile and I hope he’ll get to make some more appearances as you guys keep fishing. Keep up the great work!

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