Echo Reservoir Fishing – Smallmouth Bass

Echo Reservoir Fishing Smallmouth Bass

Echo Reservoir fishing was a ton of fun from my Airhead SUP this summer. Here are the logistics of what I discovered on a quick trip fishing this place for Smallmouth Bass. In this post you can find the fishing conditions, the best baits, and a map of the places where fish were caught. Also, included are more details of the trip, along with a video clip of the action. The mission for this post is to help you get “Kraken” bass on Echo Reservoir.

Echo Reservoir Fishing

This summer I did my first Instagram Takeover on Airhead SUP at Echo Reservoir. It was a fun fishing trip, and I caught several smallmouth bass. Probably about 15 total, and a few pretty nice ones. It took me a minute to figure out what to do, and where the fish were at. Hopefully, you can use the information I discovered to help you get into them quicker. Included in this report are the places I found fish, a video clip of the action, and a detailed description of the baits that worked the best for me.

Echo Reservoir Fishing Smallmouth Bass
One of the nice ones caught on Echo Reservoir Fishing Smallmouth Bass on this trip.

Echo Reservoir Fishing Conditions

This Echo Reservoir fishing trip transpired on a Friday June 16th from 7am – 11:30am. Here is what the conditions where for this adventure on my paddle board smallmouth bass fishing.


Bright Sunny Skies, Air Temperature High around 80 degrees.


0-10 mph. Calm all morning until about 10 am, then things got blustery.

Water Clarity

Lightly Stained. Visibility about 8 ft deep.

Water Temperature

Around 65 degrees.

Echo Reservoir Fishing Lures

After rifling through a few different baits, two seemed to stand out the best on this trip. Here are the best baits for fishing Echo Reservoir, and how to rig them up for use to get “Kraken” bass.

Keitech Sexy Impact

The 4.8 Keitech Sexy Impact  was hands down the best bait on this trip. It caught 90% of the fish, and the bigger fish too. I rigged this bait up two different ways. First thing in the morning I rigged it weightless texas rig style on a 1/0 gamakatsu hook. This weightless presentation worked best around the freshly flooded cover the bass were holding too. Later in the day, adding a 1/8 oz bullet weight for a finesse texas rig style proved succesful. This extra bit of weight helped get the sexy impact down deeper faster, and the bass still munched it!

Whopper Plopper

The Monkey Butt 90 Whopper Plopper also caught a few smallmouth. This bait worked best in the shade as the morning warmed up. One trick that helped produce strikes was switching out the orignal treble hooks on the whopper plopper to feather treble hooks. I saw a bass come up and suck on the feather, and get hooked right up. This bait only produced smaller fish for me, but was fun to use. All you have to do is throw it out, and reel it back to get it whopping and ploppping on the surface.

Echo Reservoir Fishing Smallmouth
Echo Reservoir fishing with the Whopper Plopper caught me several little guys. Pretty crazy how these bass will eat something almost as big as they are!

Echo Reservoir Fishing Video

Here is the video of  some of this trip on film. Hopefully, you can pick up a few additional tips and tricks to help you when fishing Echo Reservoir for Smallmouth Bass. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified of new vid’s!

Echo Reservoir Fishing Spots

It took me a while to find some bass. They definitely weren’t everywhere. Covering water to try and locate them was the key to my success. Here’s a map of the area I found that produced the most fish. If you can’t view the map, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog to get notified via email of new posts. Fill out the form below, and hopefully these areas will help you catch some fish as well!

[optinlock id=”1″]


Echo Reservoir Fishing Tips

I picked up on really quickly the bass were holding extremely tight to the cover. Oftentimes, if you didn’t get your bait close enough to the base of the tree’s you wouldn’t get bit. Several times, I’d make a cast and miss getting my lure at the base of the tree. Then I would cast back in tighter, and get slurped.

Another key to my success was fishing the shade. Bass love shade, so they tucked up in the shady areas of the trees. If they weren’t in the shade, they were out deeper. Typically, bass love the lower light areas for ambushing prey. Check out my posts on knowing what to use bass fishing. These tips should help you in your efforts for finding fish.

Echo Reservoir Fishing
Echo Reservoir Fishing this smallmouth bass swam off fine, after a nice battle on the end of my line

One more little side note, the links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I used to “Krak” some bass on Echo Reservoir. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount made on the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more epic trip reports, and techniques to help get you kraken! Thank you for your support.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


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