Fishing 101: Quality Gears That Makes Your Experience on the Water Even More Fun

fishing gear

For many outdoor enthusiasts spending time out on the lake fishing is considered one of the best ways to kick back and relax while enjoying nature. It can be a lot of fun to head out on the lake and troll for some big fish, but it is important to have the proper gear if you want to reel in the big one. 


There are tons of lures out there on the market, but it is important that you buy high quality lures that are designed to catch the species you are targeting. If you are looking to catch some big bass in a small pond you may want to consider buying soft plastic baits. Plastic baits are great for catching Bass for the long life expectancy compared to live bait. Bass tend to strike often and it can be very costly if you are using live baits like leeches or worms.  


Another fun exciting bait to use for Bass fishing are plastic frogs. Bass love eating frogs and if you have a good plastic frog bait a big bass will not be able to resist. For other species of fish like Salmon and Lake Trout, you will want to use shiny spoons and larger crank baits. 

Fish Finders 

If you do most of your fishing from a boat you may want to consider purchasing a high quality fish finder. Fish finders are a great way to help you catch more fish because they will show you where the fish are on the screen and it will also display the depths of each fish. This makes target fish a lot easier and will even allow you to track schools of fish as they swim around. 


Fishing Rod

Every fisherman needs a high quality fishing rod to help them catch the big one. A good fishing rod will be durable and lightweight and it should have a sensitive tip to help let you know when a fish is biting your line. Poor quality fishing rods can be stiff and this will make it harder for you to tell when a fish is nibbling at your bait. You should also make sure your fishing rod has a high quality spinning reel because it will allow you to make a smoother cast and will prevent your reel from tangling. 

fishing gear rod
A good fishing rod will help eliminate a lot of frustration out on the water.

If you are new to fishing, talking to an experienced angler will be able to help you pick a good rod and reel combo to begin with. Fishing with a high quality rod can make all the difference and save you from a lot of frustration as you begin fishing. 


Fishing can be a very relaxing and rewarding hobby, but it is important that you invest in high quality gear to make sure you have the most enjoyable experience. Fishing gear that is of poor quality can lower your chances of catching fish and also cause you a lot of stress when your gear begins to break. When you are purchasing lures make sure they are made for the specific type of fish you are targeting, this will help increase your chances of getting a bite. If you do most of your fishing from a boat make sure you invest in a high quality fish finder to help you track and locate schools of feeding fish. Also, it is important to purchase a good fishing rod and reel that is durable and will not break under pressure. If you follow these tips you will have a much more enjoyable fishing experience and you will be on your way to catching your daily limit. 


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