Creature Bait Fishing – Best Rigging for Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass!

Creature Bait Bass Fishing

Creature bait fishing is a great way to catch bass. Here’s one of the most unique and best rigging methods to help you catch more bass on a creature bait. Not many folks know how to rig a creature baits in this way. If you are on a lake with a lot of fishing pressure, this article on creature bait rigging might help you put a few more bass in the boat. Enjoy this post with pictures, video, and detailed explanations for using a creature bait.

What is Creature Bait Fishing?

A creature bait is a style of softplastic lure a lot of bass fisherman use to help them catch more fish. Typically, a creature bait has a ton of appendages, is unusually bulky, and creates a unique profile in the water. There are many creature baits on the market. A lot of creature baits are geared around imitating crayfish and bugs on a large scale, so a bass will traditionally eat them. Some of the most popular creature baits include the Zoom Brush Hog, the Gene Larew Biffle Bug, and the Yum Christie Critter. There are many more creature baits out on the market, and they are traditionally fished with a texas rig.

Texas rigging a creature bait has been proven over and over as a great way to catch bass. Especially, around the spawn and post spawn when the bass want a bigger meal, and they are protecting nests. Here in this post we are going to explore a new way to use a creature bait on a Neko Rig. Once, you throw a creature bait on a neko rig, you won’t go back because of the number of bites you’ll get. This Neko Creature bait fishing method will help you get more bass in the boat. Enjoy the Stoke!

Creature Bait Bass Fishing
Using creature baits for bass fishing helped me catch some good bass like this one out at Lake Powell.


Creature Bait Fishing – Neko Style

Fishing a creature bait neko style provides a unique look the bass love. The Neko Rig for a creature bait let’s you get your bait down deep. It also helps you hook up on more fish with the exposed wacky hook style. The Neko Creature set up is really light, so use it with a spinning rod and reel set up to make farther casts. The lightness of the creature on a neko rig gives the bass a slower fall than they are used to, and thus it gets them stoked up to chomp! Here are the items you need to fish a creature bait with a neko rig for more bites and hook ups.


Best Creature Baits

Not all creature baits are suited well for the neko rig. The key is to use a creature bait that has a narrow tubular body, and appendages that flop around outside of it. One of the best is the zoom baby brush hog. The brush hog creature bait has a round narrow center where you can place a wacky ring to prevent you from losing a ton of baits. Plus, the brush hog has a nice nose for placing a nail weight in the head of the bait. A few other creature baits that work similarly (illustrated below) are the Christie Critter, and the Strike King Game Hawg. Pick your favorite color and go for gold!

Best Creature Baits Fishing
Here are the Best Creature Baits for fishing a Neko Rig. The Jackall Scissor Comb, Zoom Brush Hog, Yammamoto Kreature, Yum Christie Critter, and the Strike King Game Hawg.


Creature Bait Tackle – Neko Style

A good hook, the right nail weights, and some solid wacky rings are the main ingredients to use for fishing a neko rig creature bait. Slide a 1/8 or 1/16 oz nail weight into the head of your bait to start. Next, take your wacky rig tool and slide a ring over the center of the bait. Lastly, place a Size 1 Gamkatsu stinger hook through the wacky ring for optimal hook ups. Throw the bait out, let it fall all the way to the bottom, and slowly twitch it back. Check out the video demonstration below, to get a better idea of how to fish this bait.

Creature Bait Fishing Rig
Here are the items you need for Creature Bait Fishing with a Neko Rig. A size 1 gamakatsu stinger hook, nail weight, wacky rings and tool, and a creature bait.


Creature Bait Rig Fishing Video

Here’s some footage of me out at Lake Powell fishing a creature bait on a neko rig. Hopefully, you can deploy this same technique with success by seeing this rig in action, watching how to rig a creature bait up, and observing how to fish the neko creature. Enjoy the Stoke on the video!


Creature Bait Neko Rig – Additional Insights

One observation about this bait is it actually falls slower than a traditional neko rigged worm. This makes it important for you to allow the bait to get  down before you start twitching it along. This set up works best in open water conditions around rock or deep grass. The open hook will hang up a lot if you throw it into heavy brush or cover.

I hope you enjoy this post! Leave a comment about some of your favorite creature bait tricks for us. The links above and below in here are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else mentioned to “Krak” some bass fishing a creature bait. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. Hopefully, these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I will be moving home to Boise soon and will be giving the Neko rig a try when I get back to the snake river and CJ strike reservoir as well as the local ponds. ☮️!

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