Best Bass Fishing Pliers – Top Pliers for all your fishing needs.

Best Bass Fishing Pliers

Here are the best bass fishing pliers to make your life easier on the water. I’ve struggled for years with several different kinds, and finally found a solid plier for fishing. A good pair of bass fishing pliers needs to do three main things. First, the pliers need to handle well so you can unhook the fish you catch easily. Second, you need a split ring opener on your pliers to remove hooks from lures and baits. Lastly, you need your pliers to cut your fishing line including braid, mono, and fluorocarbon. Here is how these bass fishing pliers will get all of this done for you. Enjoy!

Best Bass Fishing Pliers

Everyone needs a good pair of pliers for bass fishing. Over the years I’ve gone through several different sets, and finally landed on the best pliers to help with everything you need for bass fishing. Bass fishing pliers are unique compared to your other sport fish needs. Changing out treble hooks with a split ring opener is super helpful. Plus, having line cutters that can cut braided line is imperative. In addition, an open jaw design will help you grab hooks easier out of a fishes mouth. The Kraken Bass Pliers will do all those things. Furthermore, it has some other bells and whistle’s you will find enjoyable.

Split Ring Opener

A split ring opener on your pliers helps to replace hooks if they get worn out or broken on your crankbaits and jerkbaits. The key to using the split ring pliers is to place the tooth of the pliers inside the two rings of your split ring. Then crimp down on the ring, and it will open up for you. Next, slide your hooks around the ring until they come off, and then leave your split ring open to add your new hook. Check out the illustrations below of how the Kraken Bass pliers will open up a split ring for you.

Line Cutter

Fishing pliers that will cut line will save your teeth and your frustration especially when you use braided line. The Kraken Bass fishing pliers have a side mounted line cutter designed for braided line, flourocarbon, and monofilimant. Traditional needle nose pliers have a line cutter in the base of the jaws, but it usually ends up getting damaged from use. Those traditional placed cutters will often not be able to cut through the small fibers in braided line. Especially, after a lot of use. Instead of having another pair of scissors on board just use a pair of these pliers to keep things simpler to be able to cut braided fishing line.

Open Jaw Design

Most pliers need to be manually opened and maneuvered with your fingers. Several times I’ve had hooks so deep in a fishes mouth, I couldn’t maneuver the pliers with my hands to reach around the hook. The open jaw design of the Kraken Bass fishing pliers enables you to get down in the mouth with the pliers open, so you can grab onto those deep hooks. This design feature is a must for good fish handling.


Best Bass Fishing Pliers – Additional Features

Some other features you need for a good pair of bass pliers is corrosion resistance, and easy handling. The Kraken bass fishing pliers delivers on both. The no rust aluminum design will make sure your pliers last a long time. Plus, the light weight of aluminum allows for easy handling. You will barely notice your pliers on your hip compared to some heavy metal or stainless steel alloy pliers.


Lastly, without a way to carry your pliers around with a sheath, and a retractable cord you will most likely lose them. Save yourself some money with these pliers because they eliminate needing extra equipment for cutting line, and replacing treble hooks. The pliers will also you save you money because you won’t lose them if you attach them to your hip with the Sheath and Cord. I’ve dropped way to many pairs of fishing pliers in the lake in my time.

Best Fishing Pliers Sheath
Best Bass Fishing Pliers Sheath – Belt Loop & Grommit to connect pliers to your hip.


Fishing Pliers Video

Here’s a quick video walk through of my process for creating these pliers, and how they work.

Hopefully, you find these pliers as handy as I have. They’ve really helped eliminate me carrying extra things in my tackle box, and made life easier for me. Snag you a pair in the link below on to help support Kraken Bass to providing you honest fishing information to keep you Kraken Bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


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