4 Good Lake Mohave Fishing Lures – Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

Good Lake Mohave Fishing Lures

Check out these 4 good lake mohave fishing lures, and how to best use these lures to catch more smallmouth and largemouth bass. Included in this article you will find all the secrets to rigging and fishing 4 great fishing baits for Lake Mohave. The best colors of these lures to use. Along with some tips on where to find fish on Lake Mohave. Get Stoked!

Good Lake Mohave Fishing Lures

I go to Lake Mohave bass fishing regularly and have found some good baits for catching smallmouth and largemouth. This article will walk you through these good lures, and the little details people miss that can help you catch more fish. Another thing you will find in this post is a section on where to locate fish on lake mohave, so you can know where to use these good baits. Plus, this post contains links to get your hands on some of these baits because sometimes they can be hard to find. Take the information in here, and go out and catch some fish.

Diawa Neko Fat

The Diawa Neko Fat 4″ is a phenomenally good fishing lure on Lake Mohave. The best way to fish it is neko style. The Neko Rig works so well because you can fish both shallow and deep effectively on Lake Mohave. The bass generally move shallow and deep quite consistently, so your ability to adapt quickly with this set up is awesome. It’s a fish catcher.

Here’s a list of the critical pieces for fishing this lure, so you can get set up effectively. These little things will help you catch more fish.

  • Spinning Rod & Reel – You need a long stout spinning rod to make extra long casts on this lake with this lure. The water is extremely clear, and if you can’t make a cast further than 20 feet from your boat you won’t catch as many fish.
  • 8lbs 100% Flourocarbon Line – Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of having the wrong line. The extremely clear water makes it crucial that you have as invisible a line as possible. Yet, you don’t want to compromise on strength because the bass at Lake Mohave are fierce. 8lbs. 100% flourcarbon is the best choice. Use at least a 20 – 30 foot leader if you decide to add it to your main line.
  • Size 2 Gamakatsu Stinger Hook – This is the right hook to make a big difference in how your presentation looks. This hook keeps things small and compact. Plus, you will get a high hook up percentage when the bass chomp down on your bait.
  • Clear Wacky Rings – A wacky ring helps keep the hook in your lure at the right position. Use a clear color ring to make your bait look more natural to get more bites.
  • Nail Weight 1/8 oz. – The key to the perfect nail weight is one that is heavy enough to get you down deep pretty fast, but not to heavy to allow for the natural fall of the bait. The 1/8 oz seems to be perfect to fit both qualifications.
5 Best Neko Rig Baits
One of the Best Baits for Lake Mohave is A Neko Rigged Daiwa Neko Fat Illustrated here. This bait is for sure the top neko rig worm to produce fish on the neko rig. The list above is actually better, than what is illustrated here. This is one of the first ways I used to fish the lure. It still works, but don’t miss out on the clear wacky rings, the heavy nail weight, and the stinger hook. It just performs better.

Evergreen Shower Blows

The Evergreen Shower Blows is a fantastic topwater bait for catching bass on Lake Mohave. Because the water is so clear you need a super natural color to be able to draw up a strike. I’ve seen bass come up on Lake Mohave, and look at my topwater and go back down because it wasn’t natural enough. The best color is Natural Gill in the Evergreen Shower Blows line up. This topwater bait works best on lake mohave in low-light conditions and warmer water temperatures. When the water temperature is around 68+, and it’s early morning, cloudy, or late evening throw this bait out on the long points and get stoked. Get it to walk back and forth slashing on top of the water for optimal results.

Check out this list of the key components you need to fish this bait properly on Lake Mohave to help you get more big bass blow ups.

  • Baitcasting Rod & Reel – Extremely far casting ability is critical for catching fish on Lake Mohave with the Evergreen Shower Blows. The water is too clear. A baitcasting rod and reel is optimal for getting long bomb casts with this lure.
  • 10lbs 100% Fluorocarbon Line – Everything you read will tell you that you shouldn’t use fluorocarbon line with top-water because it sinks. Yet, this is there reason why the Evergreen S.B. is so awesome. You can walk it and use it effectively on the nearly invisible 100% fluorocarbon line. The right line makes all the difference because of the clear water at Lake Mohave.
  • Natural Gill Shower Blows – This color is super natural, and on a clear lake natural real looking lures get more bites.
Lake Mohave Good Lures
Lake Mohave Good Lures include this Evergreen Shower Blows top-water bait. Walk it back and forth on the surface with a good slash, and the bass will come up and bite it. Best color is Natural Gill


Keitech Sexy Impact

The Keitech Sexy Impact is an incredible bait for fishing Lake Mohave. I remember a time where we could see a school of smallmouth off of a point, and we literally tried 10 different baits to get them to bite. The only thing that got them to chomp was this lure. One of my favorite ways to use this bait is on a carolina rig. This bait is really small, and light. This makes the carolina rig ideal for being able to cast the sexy impact far, and get down deep fast. This set up really works well when the fish are sitting 15 feet or deeper in the lake. Work it slow for optimal results.

This is a bulleted list of what you need for fishing the keitech sexy impact well on Lake Mohave with a Carolina Rig.

  • Baitcasting Rod & Reel – Extremely far casting ability is essential for catching fish on Lake Mohave with a Carolina Rigged Keitech Sexy Impact. You need a good long bait casting rod, and a high performance baitcasting reel to make it happen easily.
  • 1/2 oz Tungsten Weight – Tungsten is dense, and helps you to cast a long way. You need a weight that get’s down fast, but isn’t so heavy that you hang it up all the time. The 1/2 oz size seems to get the job done perfectly.
  • Barrel Swivel – A barrel swivel prevents your line from twisting, and blocks the weight from sliding down next to your lure when carolina rigging a keitech sexy impact. Use a natural color, to get more bites.
  • Glass Bead – The glass bead bumping the tungsten weight makes a little click to help the fish locate your bait.
  • Rubber Weight Stopper – The rubber weight stopper prevents line breaks by protecting your knot on the front of your barrel swivel. The glass bead and tungsten weight will beat your line up, if you are not careful, and you will lose fish.
  • 2/0 Owner Twist Lock Hook – This hook size is ideal to fit naturally weed-less on the bait and get solid hook ups for the bass. Put your Ketiech Sexy impact on this hook weightless texas style, and catch some fish with it on the carolina rig.
  • 12 lbs Fluorocarbon Line – You need something a little stronger to avoid getting banged up and breaking off. You also need a natural clear presentation. To accomplish both of these things 12 lbs flourcarbon works perfectly.
  • Keitech Sexy Impact – This lure in green pumpkin looks so natural with it’s two tone coloring. It’s an offering the bass love at Lake Mohave.


Best Lake Mohave Fishing Lures
Best Lake Mohave Fishing Lures include this carolina rig keitech sexy impact diagramed here on how to set it up.


Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm

The Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm catches fish on Lake Mohave. It has the perfect natural profile of a baitfish that the bass love to feed on in this lake. This bait performs best on a drop shot rig. Nose hook the bait onto your drop shot for best results. The yamamato shad shape worm on a drop shot glides, and with a little shake of the rod tip can really entice those tough to get bass. It’s great for deep water points, and in the shallow areas around grass to keep your bait just at the right level in the water column.

Here’s everything you need to get set up right on lake mohave for fishing a shad shape worm on a drop shot rig.

  • Spinning Rod & Reel – You need a long stout spinning rod to make extra long casts on this lake with a shad shape worm. The water is unbelievably clear. You won’t catch as many fish if you can’t make a cast very far from your boat.
  • 6 lbs 100% Flourocarbon Line – Don’t make the mistake of having the wrong line. The clear water on Mohave makes it imperative for you to have nearly invisible line. Yet, you don’t want to compromise on strength because the bass at Lake Mohave are fierce. 100% fluorocarbon is the best choice. Use at least a 20 – 30 foot leader if you decide to add it to your main line.
  • Size 2 Gamakatsu Stinger Hook – This is the right hook to make a big difference in how your presentation looks. It’s the perfect size to nose hook a shad shape worm on a drop shot hook.
  • Drop Shot Weights – Use a 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4oz weights. Use the heavier weights in winder or deeper water. The lighter weights in shallower and in calm water conditions.
The Shad Shape Worm is one of the best Lake Mohave baits for catching bass on a drop shot rig.


Lake Mohave Fishing Spots

Good fishing spots on lake mohave are key to catching bass. You can have the best lure’s in the world, but if you don’t have any bass around, no matter how good of a fisherman you are, you will never catch a thing.

Here’s a map of an example of a couple good fishing spots. Use this as a guide to help you find more places like this on the lake to catch bass.

Additional Lake Mohave Fishing Baits Insights

I have fished Lake Mohave for a lot of years now, and I have learned a few things about baits that can help you have more success on the lake. First, this list of baits is not new. These are things I’ve been usuing for years. The only difference is when the water temperatures are warmer the topwater spook is a good option, but you could use all the others pretty much all year long. The key is to just fish in different area’s and move with the bass as they adjust season by season.

I personally used these baits recently in the during the middle of october and we had a lot of great success as we moved around locating fish. Lastly, The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else mentioned here to “Krak” some bass using big plastic worms. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me. Thank you for your support!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


Lake Mohave Good Fishing Spots
My son caught his personal best smallmouth at Lake Mohave it is a good fishing spot!

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