What Amateurs Should Know About Bass Fishing

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The masterpiece of Ernest Hemingway ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ is a classic fishing expedition and a battle of wits between the old man, Santiago and a large marlin. The simple translation is that fish are not as idiotic as you may hope. Catching them, therefore, requires education and a basic playbook. Mario Lopez said, “Like they say, you can learn more from a guide in one day than you can in three months fishing alone.” 

Bass fishing is a popular sport among anglers. It could be a challenging undertaking. We have compiled a list of tips to make your bass fishing experience less embarrassing and much more fruitful! 

Paraphernalia (Items that bass is averse to)

Once you have decided to show off your skills, you need to start collecting essential equipment or gear. It’s never a bad idea to check out reviews so that you can have a better idea on what it is you might need before you go out bass fishing. There are a lot of review websites such as this one and Focus Fishing to help provide valuable information on tips and gear. Reviews are a great starting point because they also provide the reader with useful info on a couple of things regarding fishing.

Rod and reel is the primary tool. It comes at a price from reasonable to insane. You should start with a standard simple one from one of the many specialized shops or large outlets. You should buy a good dual purpose rod and reel combo

Line is another essential item on your purchase list. It is available in a large confusing variety. You should go for a fluorocarbon line. It is good enough for the first time users. Plus, it will help you get more bites because of it’s low visibility nature.

Tackle, which should comprise of mainly of hooks, weights and floats are to be added to your growing shopping list. Hooks help you in knots of various types. Weights are necessary to keep your bait underwater. While floats help keep your bait off the bottom of the lake and provide a clear visual indication when a fish is eating your bait. 

Live bait and lures come next. Nightcrawlers are the favorite among anglers as live bait although there are many more varieties like bluegills. Lures are technologically advanced, colorful and highly deceptive, but captivating man-made creatures, which can lure the most cunning bass and onto your dinner table. There are other items that you may like to buy to keep you organized like a tackle bag.

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On the shore

Once you have loaded yourself with the requisite gear, you need to head where the bass are. This knowledge can be gained online and from other professional anglers in your area. Bass hid under rocks, weeds and undergrowth; don’t search for them in open waters. 

It is advisable not to fish in one place; try different lakes and waterways. It helps you to become a seasoned angler. Look out for weather changes and the pattern of behavior of bass. Overcast days are good for bass fishing as they tend to be more active. Different techniques are at play depending on the wind direction and water temperature. You can learn all these tidbits through either through research or better still through fishing over time. 

Finally, passion, dogged persistence and a quiet surrounding should be the catchphrase.  

“Somebody behind you, while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.” ~ Ernest Hemingway


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