Shore Fishing Seattle Area – Largemouth Bass Spots

Shore Fishing Seattle Area

Shore fishing Seattle for Largemouth Bass proved to be a fun. Here’s some places I discovered while visiting my brother in the Seattle area for catching bass. This post includes a map of where to find these places. Along with some tips of what baits worked best on these bodies of water. Plus, any other details to help you catch more fish if you venture out to these waters in the Seattle area.

Shore Fishing Seattle Area – Largemouth Bass Spots

I did some heavy duty  shore fishing the Seattle area for largemouth bass exploring while visiting my brother. Here’s 3 places I discovered where you can actually catch a bass or two shore fishing near Seattle. Some of these spots seemed better than others. I only spent maybe an hour or two at each place. However, I did pick up some things to improve the number of fish catches for my next trip. Hopefully, the details in here of what I discovered will help you in your next outing chasing bass shore fishing Seattle.

Green Lake

Green Lake was one of the best spots I discovered shore fishing Seattle. This place has tons of vegetation. Plus, some locals along the park said there are some giants in this place. Green Lake has great access for fishing from the bank, unlike a lot of other areas. Plus, it didn’t look like the bass get targeted very heavily here despite Green Lake being right in the suburbs. When the weather is warmer, I’d highly advise renting a kayak or something and giving this place a full shot. Green Lake produced 3 strong bites on a green pumkpin keitech jig with a double tail yamamoto grub trailer. While here, one of the bites connected into this nice 3 lbs bass in only an hour or two of shore fishing. It was stoking!

Shore Fishing Seattle
Shore Fishing the Seattle Area on Green Lake Produced this Chunky Largemouth Bass. He was caught on a Keitech Jig with a Double Tail Yamamoto Trailer.


Here’s a map of Green Lake and where I found success shore fishing this place. The locals where super kind, and pointed to area’s where’d they’d seen people haul in a few bass.


Pine Lake

Taking a look at google earth, and doing a little online research I decided to stop and try fishing Pine Lake. Pine Lake shore fishing produced a little bass. I caught the fish on a small megabass sexy shad jerkbait on my spinning rod and reel set up. This lake was extremely clear, and had some awesome looking vegetation. You will find shore fishing is only accessible around the main dock swimming area. Definitely, would’ve been fun to hop on my Airhead SUP to explore this place a little more. Pine Lake has the potential for you to find some decent bass. Especially, if you could get out and cover some water.

shore fishing seattle pine lake
Shore Fishing Seattle Area – Pine Lake produced this little bass for me on a sexy shad megabass jerkbait.


Here’s a map of Pine Lake in my endeavors shore fishing Seattle. I marked up the area where I caught the little bass out of this lake. Another kid was fishing next to me as well. He wound up catching a little bass under the docks. It’s a beautiful area, and perfect place for some kayak fishing with all the docks and no motorboat access. Plus, this place had a nice beach and swimming if you wanted to bring your family along.

Yellow Lake

Yellow lake was where I had the most strikes, but I only got one bass half way to the dock. It was frustrating snapping the bass off. You literally could only fish from the shore on the dock on Yellow Lake. My intuition tells me if you put a little kayak on this place you would probably seriously wreck the bass on this lake. Water was pretty dirty, but the place has tons of grass and pads. All my bites where on a Keitech Sexy Impact rigged weightless texas style to keep from gunking up with all the vegetation.

Seattle Shore Fishing Yellow Lake
Seattle Area Shore Fishing Yellow Lake the Keitech Sexy Impact rigged up like this in the cover proved deadly.


Yellow lake shore fishing you can only really fish from the dock. Yet, if you could get a kayak out here I bet you could find some magic. Here’s where to find Yellow lake, and hopefully you can give it a try and catch a few. All the strikes came from fishing on the dock.

Shore Fishing Seattle Area Additional Thoughts

Fishing the Seattle are from shore was a ton of fun. My visit here was in the middle of October, and with the fall colors everything was beautiful. I visited a few other lakes with no success, but I’m by no means a perfect fisherman. My goal is to only post the places I go and find valuable. I also read about Lake Washington Smallmouth, and Bass Fishing Lake Sammamish too. I’d definitely add those to my list of places to go and try some bass fishing in the Seattle area. Yet, being limited to the shore I didn’t know where to start on those lakes. Please leave a comment below for others if you now some good shore fishing Seattle areas.

One last thing, the links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else used to “Krak” some bass shore fishing Seattle. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are provided to primarily be helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. Hopefully, these products can help you “krak” some bass like they have for me! Thank you for your support.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!


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