Rockport Reservoir Smallmouth

Rockport Reservoir fishing was pretty good. A cool group of guys asked me to take them on a guide trip from the shore, so I took them up on it. We ended up catching around 20 bass walking the banks of Rockport. Here is the full fishing report of where we fished, what we used, and how we caught smallmouth bass fishing Rockport Reservoir.


Rockport Reservoir Fishing

I was a little apprehensive of knowing where to take a group of 10 guys shore fishing for bass. I checked out Rockport earlier in the week and caught several bass along the bank, so that’s where I took these dudes. Rockport Reservoir proved it’s worth, and we all had a good time. Everybody, but one, caught a bass. Plus, a few of them caught a couple fish or more. Here are the conditions we had on this trip, what we used, where we fished, and how things shook down while fishing Rockport.

Here is a selfie picture of the whole gang stoked on our success at the end of the trip.

Rockport Fishing Crew

Rockport Fishing Conditions:

We fished rockport on Saturday morning, August 29th. We were on the water from about 7am – 11:30am. Here are the conditions of the trip.


Bright & Sunny. Air temperature around 70 degrees.

Water Clarity

Lightly Stained, Visibility about 6 feet deep.


0-10 mph. Calm early, but a breeze picked up late in the morning.

Water Temprature

68 Degrees.

What we used:

I made a package of several different baits for each person on the trip, but the majority of the bass were caught on the following two baits and rigs.

Yamamoto Senko

The 4″ Yamamoto Senko fished weightless on either a texas rig, or a wacky rig caught a lot of bass. The wacky rig senko was set up with a rubber o-ring in the middle of the bait, and a size 1 gamakatsu finesse wide gap hook through the ring. The only problem with the wacky rig was it would occasionally get hung up in the rocks. We switched to a weightless texas rig on a 1/0 hook, and that seemed to do the trick to prevent hang ups. Plus, the bass didn’t really seem to notice a difference either. We used three different colors, green pumpkin with black flake, dark brown amber laminate, and green pumpkin watermelon laminate with black flake. The bass didn’t seem to have any preference in any of these colors. All those colors worked great.

rockport fishing baits

Tube Jig

We used 3.5 inch gitzit tubes and set them up on a stupid rig to keep them from hanging up to much in the rocks. This set up rocked Rockport. There is something about a tube smallmouth bass just can’t resist. We used a few different colors, and it didn’t seem to make a difference on what color the bass preferred. We threw brown craw, dark green craw, and a green pumpkin craw color. We used a bagley 1/8oz shaky headto set the tubes up to be used on a stupid rig. The key was to cast the tube out, and let it sink to the bottom. Then slowly crawl, and hop the bait along until a bass picked up and ate it.

rockport fishing tube jig

Rockport Fishing Spots

Here is a map of the shoreline we fished and caught bass at Rockport Reservoir:

[optinlock id=”1″][/optinlock]

The points and the banks with more rocks and gravel seemed to hold the most fish.

How Rockport Fishing Went

It was fun going on my first paid guide trip bass fishing at Rockport. The group of about 8 guys caught about 20 bass in a little over 4 hours of fishing. Everyone had a good time. The size of the fish were definitely on the small end, but we managed to catch a few decent sized bass. If you are ever interested in going fishing with me check out my hire me page, and send me an email. I’d love to set something up to get you “Kraken” bass!

The fishing was the best when we first arrived in the morning. The bass were definitely up shallower feeding on crayfish and bugs. The bass seemed to pull a little deeper away from the shore as the morning progressed and the wind came out. The senko’s and the tube’s seemed to work best. We did try some small keitech swimbaits, and some green pumpkin baby d-bombs. We caught one that I know of on the baby d-bomb, but nothing on the swimbaits.

Here is a gallery of pictures of the trip and some of the fish we caught:

Hope this post gets you stoked to go out “Kraken” bass at Rockport Reservoir. Take a minute and share this post with your friends to help them know what to do to catch a few out of Rockport. Don’t miss out on another post, and subscribe to the blog below in the footer. Plus, leave a comment if you have any questions about the trip.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!



Gear Used

The links below and above in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I used to “Krak” some bass on this trip. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I have personally trust and know work. I put these links to make them helpful for you, and not for the small amount I make for the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass! Thank you for your support.

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