Best Softplastic Rigs for Bass Fishing Tutorial Videos

These 4 Tutorials are of the Best Bass Fishing Rigs. The video’s will walk you through of how to set them up, all the items you need for set up, and underwater footage of how to work these rigs. The Tutorials Videos included are for the following foundational bass fishing softplastic techniques:

– The Drop Shot Rig –
– The Carolina Rig –
– The Wacky Rig –
– The Texas Rig –

These techniques for fishing softplastics have caught more bass for me than anything else bar none


Best Softplastic Rigs for Bass Fishing Tutorial Videos


These 4 videos show you how to set up and fish the best softplastic rigs for bass fishing. These foundation softplastic rigs for bass fishing are crucial to understand to be able to catch more fish consistently. It has taken me years to master these techniques, and what I’ve learned you will be able to pick up from these video’s in a matter of minutes.


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