Swim Jig Kit

To make things simple here is a box kit filled with the best swim jigs and trailers hand modified and ready to roll! A swim jig is an awesome tool for catching bass in cover, when they are keying in on baitfish. This swim jig bass fishing kit includes everything listed below. For more details on fishing these swim jigs and to see a video of them in action make sure to check out the following KrakenBass.com blog post: The Best Swim Jig


Swim Jig Kit


  • V&M Swim Jigs (4) – Colors Summer Craw (2) & Watermelon Bluegill (2)
  • Keitech 3.8 Fat Swimbaits (8) – Colors AYU (4) & Smallmouth Magic (4)
  • Swim jig sizes one in each color – 3/8 oz (2) , & 1/2 oz (2)
  • Swim Jigs Individually Trimmed and Modified
  • Swimbaits Individually Colored and Paired with Swim Jigs

Please allow 10 – 14 days for shipping and packaging due to individual custom modifications for each order.


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