Minersville Bass Fishing – Shore Style Stoked!

Drop Shot Bass

Here is my trip report on Minersville bass fishing from the shore. I stopped at the lake briefly during my travels for work, and was blown away by how good the fishing was. I caught about a dozen in only a couple hours. Almost every fish was over 2 pounds. Here are the conditions, where I fished, what I used, and how I “Kraked” some sweet Smallmouth Bass at Minersville Reservoir.


Minersville Bass Fishing – Shore Style Stoked!



Here were the conditions on Friday June 6th from 9:30am – 12:00pm fishing from the shore at Minersville.

Weather:        Bright & Sunny, Air Temperature around 80 degrees.
Water Temprature:      65 Degrees.
Wind:       0 – 4 mph. It was calm when I arrived, but started to pick up when I left.
Water Clarity:         Lightly Stained. You could only see the bottom at about 6 feet deep.


Where I Went:

Here is a map of the places from the shore were I caught Smallmouth Bass.
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What I Used:

The bass were in a spawn and post spawn stage. They were super shallow cruising the shorelines. I used a bunch of different baits at first, but landed on one option that truly shined. Here is what I used:

1.  Jackall Cross Tail Shad: This bait was hands down the best rigged up on a drop shot. The drop shot was perfect for sight fishing. I would cast past the fish. Then pull the rig right onto the bed the bass were sitting on. I’d let the rig sit on the bed while I twitched the bait up and down. After a few twitches the bass couldn’t resist, and they would slurp it up.

smallmouth bass minersville

How I Did:

I pulled up to a rocky point, and started walking down the bank. Looking into the water I could see what  looked like white moon craters everywhere of smallmouth bass beds. I spotted one bed with a good sized fish sitting on it. I casted a carolina rig past the fish, and pulled the bait in front of his face. He quickly picked it up. I set the hook, and missed him. I was amped knowing this was going to be a good day. My timing was perfect for finding the smallmouth bass. They were shallow and along the banks in the middle of their spawn.

The smallmouth bass had fanned out nests for laying their eggs, and were guarding those areas like lions. I tried throwing a spy bait through the areas as well, but they would bump it and not get hooked. I then tried a texas rigged beaver. The fish would take it., but occasionally I wouldn’t hook them on the texas rig. I then received an immediate revelation to try a drop shot which has a more exposed hook. I ran back to my car to get set up with a drop shot, and filled my pockets with jackall cross tail shads. On my first cast with the drop shot I “Kraked” a solid 2.5 lbs chunk.  It was lights out from here on out. There wasn’t anyone with me to take some photo’s, so here is what I snapped from my phone. Hope these pictures get you stoked to go Minersville bass fishing.

Minersville Bass Fishing


minersville smallmouth bass

One of them went 18 inches. They were some really good fish. I wound up catching about 12, and then had to get back on the road for home. The majority of them were 2 pounds or bigger. The biggest fish had some red lips from spawning. It was kind of cool to see.

Feel free to comment on your experience with Minersville bass fishing. Hope this trip report can help you in your next trip “Kraken” Bass!

As Always,

Stay Stoked!



 Gear Used:

Spinning Rod & Reel Set up:
Abu Garcia Spinning Reel
Shimano Convergence 7’2″ Medium Heavy Spinning Worm Rod
6-Pound Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
Spiderwire Stealth Braid 300-Yard Spool Moss Green 15lbs.

Jackall Crosstail Shad

Terminal Tackle:
Drop Shot Weight 1/4 oz.     
Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hook-Pack Of 25 (Black, 2)

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