Lake Mohave Fishing – Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass!

Lake Mohave Fishing

Lake Mohave fishing largemouth and smallmouth bass is amazing. There are some giants swimming in this lake. Fishing for me on this lake proved itself to be tough, but extremely rewarding. Here are the logistics of my recent trip on Lake Mohave. This fishing report includes info on baits, the conditions, and some tips to help you on your next trip out. Plus, on this post you will find a video clip of some of the action. Enjoy this report, and hopefully it can help you “Krak” some big bass like we experienced fishing Lake Mohave.

Lake Mohave Fishing Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

My trip to Lake Mohave fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass with my Dad was a roller coaster of emotions. We had periods of extreme excitement while watching big bass suck down baits in front of our eyes. Along with extreme frustration while long periods of time would go by without anything. Overall, we ended each day with 10 – 15 good bites a day between the two of us. Every bass we caught was over 2.5 lbs. Most of them ranging in the 3 to 4 lbs class. This trip was four full day’s of fishing awesomeness from sun up to sundown. I felt really blessed to have had this experience with my dad.

Make sure you continue reading this full report on fishing Lake Mohave. It’s packed with tons of real information to help you on your next trip on the water. We went through a real learning process of what worked, and what didn’t which you might find beneficial. Plus, included are some solid tips for helping you locate bass on this vast body of water. Remembering and recording all the events of the trip in this post, I look back and recognize things which might have proved better. Hopefully, you can take these things documented here and apply them, so you can even do better than us. Get Stoked!

Lake Mohave Fishing Conditions

The conditions for Lake Mohave fishing were really nice. We didn’t run into any problems with the weather over the course of the 4 days while we were there. We arrived Wednesday afternoon on March 8th, and fished until Saturday evening on March 11th.


Bright Sunny Skies. Air Temperature during the day was around the high 70’s, and by the time we left it was up to 90!


0 – 14 MPH. The majority of the time it was relatively calm. The wind would blow lightly in the afternoons predominately North to South.

Water Temperature

Water Temperature was climbing. The first morning it was at 56 degrees, and by the end of the last day the water temperature hit 60 degrees.

Water Clarity

Crystal Clear. In calm water you could see the bottom around 25 to 30 feet.

Lake Mohave Fishing Lures & Baits

We threw a ton of stuff at these bass to see what would work. The bass were very particular on what they would seem to hit on this trip. For us, softplastic’s were the best way to get these fish to bite. Here are the best 3 lures & baits used on Lake Mohave, and how to fish them to get these weary clear water bass to bite.

Keitech Sexy Impact

The Keitech Sexy Impact in Green Pumpkin Pepper was the best bait for me on the trip. It produced way more bites than anything else I used. This bait proved effective rigging it up 3 different ways depending on the situation we were fishing.

Fishing the Sexy Impact on a neko rig proved to work well when the water was calm out on the long gravel shoals. When we were fishing the backs of coves along the wood, and flooded brush the sexy impact worked best weightless on a texas rig. The key to fishing this bait on a texas rig was to add some nail weights into the belly of the bait. This will help you cast it further. The other key was to use a small 1/0 offset hook. This bait is so small a bigger hook would destroy the sexy impact’s proper action. Lastly, the Carolina Rig proved an effective method for rigging the sexy impact. Dragging the Carolina rig behind the boat while we were moving down the banks looking for bass got bit.

Lake Mohave fishing bait set up
Lake Mohave fishing the Keitech Sexy Impact rigged up like this in the cover proved deadly. Biggest bass of the trip fell victim to this.
Megabass Dot Crawler

The Megabass Dot Crawler in Ayu caught several fish for me on this trip. One of the best methods for rigging it up was to texas rig it weightless then add a small size 5 split shot about 3 feet above the bait. The Split Shot helped drop it down a little quicker to the 10 – 12 foot depths were we seemed to find a lot of fish. If we were fishing shallower cover, I’d just take the split shot weight off the line and fish the dot crawler weightless. It was a quick easy way to adjust your presentation depending on what we were fishing. I used a new wide gap hook with this bait a 3/0 zoneloc. This zoneloc hook worked well, and the little extra bend seemed to hold fish once they were hooked up.

lake mohave fishing lure set up
Lake Mohave Fishing the Megabass Dot Crawler on a split shot rig like this worked well for catching bass.

When we found bass on their spawning beds we used the aarons pro shad roboworm to get them to bite. We fished the roboworm on a drop shot rig with a size 1 zoneloc hook, and a 3/16 oz drop shot weight. We rigged the roboworm wacky style on the hook. This really improves your hook up ratio. The drop shot rig is perfect for bedding bass because it keeps your bait right in the sweet spot of the bed to get the bass to bite. The drop shot works especially well when bass are skittish, and you have to back your boat out a long way off before they’ll come back to suck it down.

Lake mohave fishing softplastics
Lake Mohave Fishing a Soft Plastic Roboworm wacky style on a drop shot like this was perfect for catching bedded bass

Lake Mohave Fishing Spots

Here’s an illustrated diagram below of where we found fish on Lake Mohave. To view the diagram, if you can’t already see it, all you have to do is subscribe to the blog with your email in the form provided below. Hopefully, these types of spots can be as fruitful for you as they were for us.

[optinlock id=”1″]

The bass at Lake Mohave were tough to find. You really had to cover a lot of water to find the most productive points, and coves. The most productive areas seemed to be on the inside corners of the points. The bass seemed to enjoy the slack water, and were basking in the sun on the corners. We also caught the majority of our fish in the back pocket corners of coves. Those were the two most productive spots where we caught fish. Running around taking time to check all the coves and points would eventually  run you into a group of fish. Here’s a little diagram to help you see what to look for to find places the bass where holding.

Lake Mohave Fishing Spots
Lake Mohave Fishing Spots of where we found and caught bass.


Lake Mohave Fishing Report

Here’s the run down of what transpired over our 4 days of fishing on Lake Mohave. Each day seemed to be a new discovery session. The best fishing always seemed to be from 4 – 6:30pm just before the sun went down. We moved through a lot of water, to locate fish over the course of the trip. Often, the same spots seemed to hold fish, so we would often go back to them. Here are some of the highlights of the trip, and a few little tips to help you when out on Lake Mohave fishing.

One of the most pivotal moments of the trip for me was when we located a school of bass sitting on the inside edge of a point. We were finding it difficult to get bites, so we kept moving back over them with different baits to see what they would hit. After, riffling through about 7 – 8 different things in a course of an hour, I tied on the neko rig with the Keitech sexy impact mentioned above.

As soon as I threw the neko rig out one of the big bass on the point swum up to check it out, and then got distracted by the other bass around. I placed the neko rig in front of her again, and let it fall. She eyeballed it going down, and when it was on the bottom, she sucked it down. She turned out to be a 4.4 lbs beast! It was so exciting to finally find something they were interested in. This experience gave me confidence in what I was using to be able to buckle down, and hunt for some more fish.

Lake Mohave Fishing Smallmouth
Lake Mohave Fishing Smallmouth this was a pig I saw come up and suck down my Keitech Impact on a Neko Rig. 4.3 lbs.

Lake Mohave Fishing Additional Tips

One key thing we discovered when fishing this clear water was how fruitless it seemed to work your bait back to the boat. 98% of my bites were on the initial fall after your bait hit the water. We started casting, letting the bait fall to the bottom, and then reeling it back in. It helped us cover more water, and increased our percentages of getting our baits in front of more fish. In such clear water those smallmouth could see the bait a long way off. The longer you could cast, the better your chance was of catching bass because they would often get spooked off by the boat.

Lake Mohave Fishing Bass
Lake Mohave Fishing Bass in the Clear water, all the bites happened on the initial fall of the bait in the water. This guy was no exception. He came in at 3.67 lbs.

We saw several empty bass beds on our trip, and only found a couple males on a spawning bed. Most of them were pretty jittery if they saw you. Still though, a few were pretty locked tight. Throwing out the drop shot on those beds proved super effective to get those males to bite. The majority of the fish where just cruising the shallows, enjoying the sun getting ready for the spawn. Using your eyes to locate fish proved to be much more effective than relying on a fish finder because of how clear the water is.

Lake mohave fishing smallmouth and largemouth
Lake Mohave Fishing Smallmouth we found some sitting on spawning beds. Here’s a nice on my dad caught on a bed.

Here’s a small gallery of  photo’s with the other bass we caught on this trip. Although the bites were few and far between, the size of these bass totally made up for it! In one day I had 3 bass over 4lbs. It was sweet!

Lake Mohave Fishing Video

Here’s a video of the action fishing Lake Mohave for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. Hopefully, it will help you get a better feel for our trip. and give you some ideas of things to do to catch fish on this lake. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel, so you don’t miss any of these videos to get you stoked on bass fishing!


Hopefully, you enjoyed this information. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Kraken Bass fishing blog, so you don’t miss out on all the great reports to help you spend more time catching fish when you are on the water.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

Lake Mohave Fishing Gear Used

The links above and below in this post are affiliate links were you can pick up baits, rod’s, reels, line, and anything else I used to “Krak” some bass on Lake Mohave Fishing. Krakenbass receives a small percentage of the sales through these links. I only use links to baits, and gear I personally trust and know work. These links are here to be helpful for you, and not for the small amount made on the sale of the products. I hope these products can help you “krak” some bass! Thank you for your support.

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