Kraken Bass Fishing Class – Echo Reservoir

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I’m excited to be offering my first class on getting started bass fishing! Truly, I hope to help others enjoy the outdoors, and get you and your friends creating memories together bass fishing. Bass fishing can be a challenge, and that is what makes it fun! Space is limited to provide you with a better hands on experience, so let’s get you registered and Kraken! Hopefully, you can use the things from this class to help you get going in the right direction to start catching bass.


Class Itinerary

Here are all the details of what will be covered in the Kraken Bass Class. Lunch will be provided along with a small bag of baits to help you get started bass fishing. This should be a good time to help you start Kraken Bass. All of class will transpire on the bank. You don’t need a fishing vessel to come and learn.

Hand’s On Fishing Demonstration

All of the class will be hands on. The mission is to help you learn and do all the basics to start out properly for Bass Fishing.

  1. The Best Softplastic Baits for Starting out Bass Fishing
  2. The Best Ways to Rig Your Softplastics
    1. Knots, Weights, & Proper Hooks
  3. How to Fish With Softplastics
    1. Casting
    2. Presentation
    3. Setting the Hook

Bass Behavior 101:

Understanding the nature of bass, and their patterns will help you to be able to catch more fish when you get out on the water.

  1. Seasonal Patterns
  2. Knowing What to Use
  3. How to Find Fish


When, Where, & Time

Date and Time of Event:

Friday, July 14th from 8am – 12pm.

Class Location:

Echo Reservoir Resort – North Marina:

2115 Echo Dam Road
Coalville, Utah 84017


Sign up & Registration

Class will be $100.00 and limited to only a dozen people to provide you with a better hands on experience. Use the PayPal Button below to register, and come out for a good morning of Bass Kraken! If you have any questions, or concerns feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’ll make sure to respond to help clear up any uncertainty.



Kraken Bass Class


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    1. Class will be taught on the bank, and then after you can launch your boat, kayak, or just fish the rest of the day on the bank. Boats and stuff will not be provided for fishing, but you are welcome to bring your own for use later. Thanks for the inquiry!

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