Guide to a Great Charter Fishing Experience

charter fishing guide tips

There’s nothing like the adventure of charter boat fishing.  The thrill of a charter boat is like no other; catching a bass, snapper, or any variety of other fish can be the experience of a life-time.  We are long-time charter boat fishermen, and welcome you to your guide to a great charter fishing experience.

Here are the essential steps to having an amazing experience on your charter boat.


Preparing to Set Sail


There’s a lot to prepare for when prepping to set sail.  

You want to prepare before-hand and make sure to pick out the best clothes for a fishing trip and make sure you are prepared to deal with sea-sickness before arriving at the Charter.  It is also a good idea to get a good night of sleep, as most charters begin in the early morning.  You need to make sure you are well-equipped with food, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and whatever else you may need before you’re on the boat. Once you’ve made sure you have everything you need, it’s time to step on the boat and begin the adventure!


The Start of The Trip

You’re on board the charter and your trip begins.  Charter fishing trips are typically long adventures, and you will be out on the waters for several hours.  If you’ve prepared well, this will be an adventure of a life-time.

Once you set sail, your guide will advise you on where the fish are and head towards the best spots for the season and time of day.  You want to discuss what fish you are looking for, and your guide will adjust your trip depending on that.  They will drive the boat until you are at a prime spot for catching the fish of your choice.  When you arrive at the prime fishing spot, set your lures and begin the fish hunt.  As you know with fishing, you can’t ever know what you will catch until you are out there.


Catching Fish

Once you’re out there, the fun begins.  A good guide will have the best rods and lures for the spot of water you find yourself at.  Ask for your guide for tips and secrets concerning the part of the water you find yourself at.

You tell us what you want to catch and we help you catch it, that’s the job of a charter fishing guide.  Take a rod and spend the day reeling it in.  And reeling in huge fish to release or bring home for dinner.  

Charter Fishing Guide Tips
Charter Fishing Can be a Great Way to Experience Fishing


The End of The Trip

It was a fun time, but every trip must end.  Once you’ve catched what you wanted to catch and seen what you wanted to see, you set on a drive back home across the silent waters.  At the end of the trip, we usually recount the adventures of the day and come back to shop with a whole bunch of fish.  We love to take pictures and tell the story once we are back to everyone.

Once you step off the charter, you may be tired, but you will have an experience like none other having experienced the waters for yourself!


Article Furnished By Patrick Rice

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  1. You made a good point that having a guide can help beginners be able to fish during a boat charter trip. I’m considering to bring our kids a long for my boating trip with my husband for our anniversary. Maybe learning how to fish will make them have a better appreciation for nature.

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