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Welcome to! Here’s a simple guide of how to use this bass fishing blog to catch more fish. When I first started diving into bass fishing, I was frustrated with not knowing spots to go near me, or what to use. I spent many days on the water with nothing to show for it. Over the years I’ve honed my craft, and developed this resource to help others catch more fish. I myself use this blog to help me in my decisions of when and where to go. It has helped me catch more fish, and hopefully it can do the same for you.

Krakenbass Categories

Here’s the basics of navigating through Kraken bass, and using it to find more spots and solid techniques to catch fish. Here’s a breakdown of what the categories contain at the top of the page. Plus, how the categories can help you for knowing what to do for bass fishing.

About Page

The About Page is simply a page with a little more information why this website exists.


Use the contact page to reach out to me and get any of your bass fishing questions answered.


Use the Locations category to find trip reports in different states of lakes, rivers, and ponds I’ve fished and caught bass.

Bass Fishing Techniques

The Bass Fishing Techniques Category is used for any new techniques or traditional techniques to use and catch more fish.

Gear & Tackle

The Gear & Tackle Category helps you see the posts specifically reviewing and describing any tackle or gear to help you catch more fish.


The Products Page are some additional tools you can purchase to help you catch fish, and enjoy your time on the water. Their are some kits and bags of baits. Along with a fishing scale, charts, and eBooks.

Hire Me

Sometimes it’s easier to be shown than told when learning to fish. It can also save you a lot of frustration and headache. The Hire Me Page is some options of things I can help you with personally to try and coach you into catching more bass!

Additional Kraken Bass Guidance

On the side bar are listed tags of different lures, species of fish, and more. Click on any one of the tags to see more posts of a similar nature. Also, on the side bar is a list of the years and months. You can click on any one of those months and find trip reports and techniques to coincide with the time of year you are fishing to help you catch more fish.

Thanks for coming to Kraken Bass! I’ve received countless emails, and messages about the success people like yourself have been finding using the information contained in here. I hope to continue to add to, and modify this blog regularly to keep you stoked. Typically, my goal is to have once a month  something new for you. Please let me know if there is anything I could add or do to make this site more useful. I always love hearing from fellow bass anglers.

As Always,

Stay Stoked!

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great site. I appreciate all the info in our area which means much more to me than a guy in Alabama or Florida. I’m partly retired and this past year discovered bass fishing. It can be overwhelming but you do a great job explaing things and it has saved me time, money and unnecessary frustration figuring it out on my own. Thanks!
    I’m crazy about kayak fishing and also bought a new 20′ fishing pontoon last year and I’m looking forward to lots of adventures on the water. Keep it up!
    Lane Barker S Ogden/ St George.

  2. Hey JB, I am new to your site but have been trying to learn bass fishing for a couple of years now. I am a weekend warrior, and I just don’t get to have the time on the water like most bass fishermen do. Just the little bit of info that I have gained from your site has taken me to what I feel is the next level.

    My little brother and I fish a lot together. He definitely seems to have more experience than I for he has fished his lifetime. Needless, to say he kicks my butt a lot, but with your knowledge that you have provided I have been able to go out with a whole new outlook on the sport. You have really opened my eyes and answered many of the questions I have had and have searched for throughout the internet with no avail.

    For one my new favorite bait color is green pumpkin purple flake who knew color selection could be as easy as looking at the bottom pff….wasted all this time. I have always been a watermelon guy in our clear lakes and thought green pumpkin is just for cloudy days.

    Just recently, after the weather let up from a cold front. Well, I got my gear and left the house with a new confidence. I called my brother and told him I was going fishing he stated, “you aren’t gonna catch anything”. I told him yes I am and I would keep him posted. I took the new tactics and strategies that you provided in your site and just hammered em’ or Kraked em’ like you like to say. 🙂 I ended up catching 7 bass from the shore a personal best from the what used to be zero fish after a cold front. Needless, to say my brother was shocked that a rookie like me could have such results. Ha ha! Thanks, JB, for being so honest to bad there isn’t more fisherman like you.

    1. I love it! Thanks for the great feedback. Nothing better than breaking the mainstream and slaying em anyway. Stay Stoked!

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