Foundations of Bass Fishing Course Curriculum

Kaysville Ponds Fishing Report

A comprehensive lesson plan for learning the foundations of bass fishing. It includes the strongest and most practical bass fishing tools, and information I have come across.


By the end of this course you will have a solid foundation to continue to grow into a better fisherman every time you go on the water. This course will enable you to find places to catch bass, and avoid frustrations. Plus, tricks and tips to catch bass as quickly and easily as possible. You will recognize the best times and baits to catch bass on the water and find new places to explore. Get started out with the right equipment and lures to use that truly do work.

When learning a new skill it is common for people to jump ahead of themselves and attempt to learn very complicated and advanced stuff before mastering the basics. Why? Because we are impatient and lack the foresight to take baby steps towards an end goal. Do yourself a favor and LEARN THE FOUNDATIONS FIRST. This will prevent you from picking up any bad habits, and will help attain the level of skill you want more quickly and effectively.

The goal of this course is to be easily approachable for complete beginners, and also provide value for more experienced fisherman. Get ready to improve your bass fishing!


Getting Set Up Right For Bass Fishing

Rods & Reels

Fishing Line

Essential Tackle

Lures/Baits Basics

Operating & Managing Gear

Tackle Transportation

Adding Line to Reels

Best Knots

Spinning Equipment

Baitcasting Gear

Baits & Techniques

Softplastic Worms

Softplastic Craws



Bladed Baits

Top Water (New Section)

Rigging & Fishing Softplastics (New Section)

Carolina Rig (New)

Drop Shot Rig (New)

Texas Rig (New)

Wacky Rig (New)

Working Baits Properly (New)

Hooking & Handling Bass

Detecting Bites

Fighting Fish

Fish Care & Conservation

Finding Bass Fishing Spots

Locating Waters w/ Bass

Structure & Bass

Contours Bass Relate To

Bass Feeding Behaviors

Season by Season

Weather Conditions

Choosing the Best Baits

Overcoming Tough Fishing

Tricks to Overcome Skunks

Reasons your not Catching Bass


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Fishing Mantua Reservoir Largemouth Bass

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Discover how to perfectly match the color of your lure to what bass are wired to eat so you can catch the monsters!

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